Friday, November 28, 2008

What Do I Bring to Candle Parties?

Reprinted from Friday, May 18, 2007
(Updated lists, of course!)
Hello. I've just finished getting ready for a party tonight. I bring all of the stuff with me to work and go straight to the party from work. You might want to use this as a checklist.
Things I Always Bring:
Diary, Pens, Guest Gifts*, Host Gift*, Door Prize, Scissors, Spare Votives (12), Spare Tealights (12), Change, Scent Pots, Velour Cloth
*Optional to provide guest and host gifts - I do - some don't - it is completely up to you. I have a $5 limit and a personal rule that it must be PL products.
Literature I Always Bring (Labeled where appropriate):
Order Forms, Door Prize Slips, Guest Specials, Host Specials, Catalogs, Discover PL Brochures (4), Consultant Agreement, Brite Start Brochure, Live By Candlelight Cards, Show Cards
Products I Always Bring:
Used Pillar (I light it first when I arrive), New Pillar, Flat as a Pancake Pillar (to prove the point), Square Pillar, Square Votive, Taper, Unwind Linen Spray and a nice handkerchief, empty Reed Diffuser, Mirror, Peglight, Snuffer
Example of a Perfect 10:
  1. Something to Wow Them (e.g. Global Fusion Hurricane)
  2. A Hostess Special (if I have one)
  3. A Starter Pack Item
  4. The Garden Whimsy Tealight Trio
  5. An Aroma Melt Warmer
  6. A Votive Holder (usually the Iced Crystal Trio)
  7. A Sconce (and I try very hard to put it up somewhere before people arrive)
  8. Quad Prism Pedestal (shows versatility and is beautiful)
  9. Savannah Sunrise (only one, I bring it in the box for the extra globe to save space)
  10. Thai Inspiration Pillar Sleeve
A nice arrangement is important. At every show, I explain that I couldn't possibly bring the entire catalogue, so I don't try. I bring enought to share the quality of the products and to demonstrate how to take care of different candles. I rotate my products to make every show different, and I guarantee every product they purchase. If they buy it from the catalogue without seeing in in person, and it isn't what they thought it would be, I'll exchange it to make sure they are 100% happy.

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