Friday, January 16, 2009

The Consultant Locator Does Work!

Hi. Whether you are new or not, we could all use some leads. Basically there are two criteria for the new online consultant locator. First, you must be registered. This is easy to do and really smart. Second, you must bonus. Now, you don't have to bonus every month (though that is a good target), the system checks each month and if you did bonus, and you are registered, then your name goes into the pool for that month. Easy.

I registered right away and I bonused in December. So in January, when it's my turn, my name comes up.

So far, I've gotten two new contacts and turned them into two new clients from the online consultant locator. They have both ordered, and one has booked a show. (By the way, I also scored a professional speaking engagement at the National EA PA Congress to be held in Sydney this coming May. If any of you are Executive Assistants or Personal Assistants in your other jobs, you should come to the conference just to see me. :) Maybe you could be part of the presentation!)

So... do two things:
  1. Opt In for the Ooline Consultant Locator on the CBC
  2. Bonus
Happy Selling! WLC.

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