Friday, June 19, 2009

Is This Business Really Just All About Numbers?

"It's a numbers game."
That's what many people will tell you about the party plan business. Even I have said this at Unit Meetings, to my husband, or at a training session.

But it's wrong.

This business is all about relationships. It's all about being human. It's about touching a person and making a difference in her life. It might not be a monumental difference, though sometimes it is, but simply teaching someone who doesn't light candles to light the candles she already has... well, that is a real a breakthrough.

Mass marketing is all about numbers, and party plan is definitely not about mass marketing. PartyLite is no exception.

So why do people (even me) sometimes say it's a numbers game? Well, one customer won't make this into a business. To be successful, you need to develop long-lasting relationships with a lot of people. Some will become your favourite customers. Some will decide to become consultants themselves. Some will call you when they tell friends about PartyLite because they are excited to help you. Some will write you emails when they get Candle Connection just to say hi.

Some will order once and never be heard from again. Why? Because you don't have a relationship with them. You didn't connect.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Emails, facebook, and websites don't form relationships. They are simply a one way form of communication and they are probably not even close to the first priority of your clients. Use them as talking points only.
  • Clients don't get action items. Always (always) be the person getting back to them. Unless they ask you not to contact them, it is your responsibility to get back to them. Successful sales people never leave a conversation without taking an action item.
  • Be personal, but don't take "no" personally. In fact, turn it around in your mind. "No" simply means that they are happy with their current situation. So, if a client doesn't want to have a party or to order the June specials, that means she is happy now. It doesn't mean you shouldn't ask her again in July.
Instead of thinking about this business as a "numbers game," think of it as a way to meet more and more people. You are asking people who you connect with to introduce you to their FRANK list. That list is sacred and important. Treat every client individually, professionally, with kindness, and as a person, not a number, and your business is sure to grow.

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  1. Wendy, you are such an Inspiration! thank you! I look forward to your emails in my in box.