Friday, March 6, 2009

Eliana's March Challenge!

Hi Rainbows. We've been challenged! As you know, I love a challenge! This is one I think we can all sink our teeth into. The picture is of the trophy Eliana is offering. She also wrote this note to the leaders in her region, Ignite (that's our region):

It’s time to have some fun again... This time it’s not laughing at me but something that you can treasure for time to come.

Create some magic into you and your team. Our region goal is to sponsor 30 new consultants into March...and I will publish and award the following:

You can be part of the Stars of Champions... Be an exclusive member of this special newsletter to be published with your name and photo. There are several ways to get your name mentioned in the newsletter.

  • 1st leader in top sponsoring
  • 1st unit in top sponsoring
  • 1st consultant in top sponsoring
  • 2nd leader in top sponsoring
  • 2nd unit in top sponsoring
  • 2nd consultant in top sponsoring
  • 3rd leader in top sponsoring
  • 3rd unit in top sponsoring
  • 3rd consultant in top sponsoring

There are three very special awards to be handed out and your name could be on any one of them for being in first position.

Encourage your team to sponsor and be part of this special moment to be the stars of Champions for 2009.

This is a once of a life time achievement for our Region... Go for it and let me put your name amongst the stars....Remember we must do the 30 sponsors...


Let's keep the Rainbows on top. A little competition is always great. We have a fabulous March Sponsoring Promotion to help get us there. And, as always, I'm available to all of you for coaching or latte appointments.

If each of us sponsored just one person, did just one starter show, we'd cover the challenge for the whole region! Come on! Go for it! WLC.

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