Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Non-Pushy Reasons for Calling

When I started writing this article, I thought specifically of you because I know you are always looking for ways to call people without coming across as being pushy.

And that's how easy it is....

Every time you make a call, you need a reason to be calling. Mary Christensen says that the magic word is "BECAUSE."

I thought of YOU because....

You see, pushy sales people call to talk about themselves. We aren't pushy. We provide Platinum Customer Service. So when we call our clients, it's to help THEM. As individuals. Always. Every time.

Here are a few great reasons to call your clients.
  1. Her delivery has been shipped.
  2. The host has received the goods and you want to see if she received everything in good order and is happy.
  3. An item has been listed on backorder and you want her to know what the process is (contact the host and the affected client).
  4. His Candle Connection email bounced and you want to make sure he gets it in the future.
  5. The monthly guest specials have just been released. Is she attending a show this month? If so, great. If not, she is welcome to place and order through you to take advantage of the specials.
  6. When she does need more candles, she obviously can host another show OR she can simply call you to order more.
  7. She ordered a reed diffuser in 2008 and she might not know we have refills now.
  8. Let a past host know that if any of their guests want to order more, she can add it all to her order and have it shipped straight to her.
  9. Make sure you let every client you have know that orders of $150 or more are shipping for free and earn 15% product credit for whoever sends in the order. If you forget to say that at a show, call them to tell them. If you remember to say it at the show, call them to remind them.
  10. Let her know you have been thinking about her - tell her why.

Here's a challenge for you. Make 10 calls. Don't ask for anything. Just give. Give feedback, give information, give a compliment, give advice. Call for a reason and practice using the word, "because." Then tell me the results and how you feel. I can't wait to hear!

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