Monday, March 2, 2009

Ideas to Book More Shows

From the Wednesday 25 February 2009 Rainbows Unit Meeting

Bookings Presentation – Training by Shell, Notes by Dianne

  1. You can talk to the person better if you have a reference point, ie, you have done a mail out (e.g. Shell sent out a birth announcement for the new Baby Elephant). This is a memory jogger for the person and it gives you the opportunity to lead into talking about having a Show. (WLC Note: Candle Connection is another great reference point.)
  2. Shell added incentive for herself by photocopying a $100 note and having it by the phone when she was making calls – every booking she got earns her about $100!
  3. Cancelled bookings – call them! By committing to a booking in the first place their Hostess received benefits – now they can keep up their end of the bargain.
  4. FRANK List – revisit, revise – add new people (Shell’s son started school this year which gives her new people to add to the list). Same for when your kids start playing a new sport – new families you meet there.
  5. Don’t overdo the asking at the Show – Shell found that she was asking all the time, starting to sound a bit desperate.
  6. Be casual – both in your presentation (but professional!) and in how you approach people. Make it part of the conversation.
  7. Bookings at Shows – Ask them to choose something they would really like if money wasn’t a problem, then tell them they can get it for free! (WLC Note: Read Kim Wood's article in this month's Reflections about Hostess Stacking. Great ideas!)
  8. Existing groups – these are groups that have had a few Shows already. You don’t have to use the cards, talk more about the products.
  9. Take your Hostess Pack with you to your Shows – Shell puts a catalogue, pretty pen, tealight, enviro bag, invites, Hostess and Guest Specials (laminated if you like) etc into a gift bag and tells the guests that they can take it with them tonight when they book their own Show.
  10. Tell the guests that we don’t just sell candles. Also, words matter; we are all about "home décor," not "accessories." (WLC Note: Top Tip! I've changed this one word all weekend and what a great effect it has had!)
  11. When talking to people out and about, or to your friends, tell them we’re about home décor – candles, candle holders, pieces that stand alone unlit (Global Fusion Hurricane for example).
  12. Enlarge pictures of a few key products to actual size (e.g. the Sahara Sands Lamp, page 42), laminate them and take them to Shows so guests can see the products in proportion. Have a tape measure with you as well to help guide guests.
  13. Offer a booking special – Shell is offering a Mini Barrel with Shade for a limited time. The Hostess will receive it at their Show.
  14. Have a monthly kit – tell your customers that your display will be different every month, that way they are not seeing the same old same old.
  15. Have a script when you’re calling to get Show bookings – this helps to keep on track and be concise. Ask are they happy with the products.
  16. Use monthly promotions from Head Office – monthly specials for Hostesses and Guests, special promotions etc.

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