Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1 - Clean and To Do

Happy New Year. I've decided to blog a little bit each day this month to let you know what I've done for my business. To be honest, I'm also doing it to monitor myself. You know how, when you are in an ethical dilemma, you are told to consider what you would do if your parents were watching. Or to consider what the headline would be if an article was written about what you've done. Well... I'm going to write the article myself. Let's see if I'm proud of the headlines.

January 1 - I gave myself only two tasks today. First, to clean up my office. I think I've done a pretty good job on that one. Second, to write a to do list. I've done that with small tasks, but I think here is a good place to document what I want to achieve this month.
  1. Complete my 2009 tax preparation and submit to accountant
  2. Finalise my public speaking brochure and develop a marketing plan for that
  3. Practice or play my guitar 1 hour per day
  4. Exercise 3 times per week and find a yoga class nearby
  5. Keep my office clean
  6. Confirm 15 people to attend the Experience the Difference event on February 1
  7. Book February completely (I only have 11 days to do shows in February, so I need to get them filled)
  8. Schedule 2 latte appointments each week
  9. Attend Leader Summit in Melbourne (January 8-10)
  10. Make 50 client calls each week (use the discontinued list to develop a list of who to call)
  11. Help each of the Rainbows to establish her 4 month business plan before month end
  12. Host a fantastic Unit Meeting on Wednesday, January 27th
  13. Celebrate my 21st wedding anniversary
  14. Use my Outlook Calendar to achieve more
  15. Host the first monthly Rainbow Bonus Earners lunch on Monday, January 18th

Cool. So that's the big list. I'll use it to guide me in my activities each day and at the end of each week, I'll check it to see if I'm on track or not. You'll get to watch my progress on this blog. Hopefully this will inspire you to set your own goals and to do the activities necessary to achieve them.

One last thing.... As I was cleaning my office this afternoon, I came across a very good quote. Thought I'd share it:
The seeker goes to the mountain top and asks the learned one:
"Where does wisdom come from?"
"Good judgment."
"Where does good judgment come from?"
"Where does experience come from?"
"Bad judgment."
                           ~ Old Sufi Story, Dr Pierre Mornell, Psychiatrist and Author

Wendy Lloyd Curley - Expert in Profitable Party Planning
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