Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4 - Like a Tortoise

The best thing about working for myself as a candle lady is that I do have time to do things.

Like go to the post office.

Today I posted 4 packs to hosts. This afternoon I called each one to ask if she would like to have some order forms for outside orders. It was a gentle reminder about her show, a nice reminder about the Magic Tealight promotion and the $550 target, and a non-pushy reason to make contact.

I also posted out the tickets to the 3 confirmed ladies who are accompanying me to the Experience the Difference night.

I am not working at my normal speed yet... I'm more the tortoise than the hare. But that's ok. We all know that the tortoise finishes eventually. He takes one step at a time and gets to the finish line. So these little things I'm doing now are my steps toward my goals. It really is just a matter of changing the inertia.

I am excited about Leader Summit this weekend in Melbourne. I'm sure seeing the new catalogue and being surrounded by other leaders will ignite my fuse again. The hare finishes the race too, you know. :)

Ah-deeb-a-deeb-a-deeb-a, that's all folks! WLC.

Wendy Lloyd Curley - PartyLite Senior Unit Leader
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