Thursday, March 27, 2008

Earth Hour

Need something to talk about when you call your customers? This week, why not tell them that Earth Hour is a great time to burn their candles. Then gently remind them that when they need more, they should contact you. You can slip in a little comment about hosts being able to earn $225 in free product in April.

Next week, you can call different people and ask them if they used their PartyLite candles during Earth Hour. If they did, great. If they didn't, tell them it's not too late, they can do their own Earth hour every night.

There's always a reason to call a customer. It's just plain old great customer service. Ask them if they have any questions about the latest Candle Connection email. If they didn't receive it, verify their email address. If they haven't read it, give them the highlights. If they did read it, but don't need anything right now, just wish them happy burning and call the next person. Before you hang up, remind them that you love referrals.

Smile when you call. Believe in great customer service. Have your diary there just in case some magic happens. It will.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sponsoring New Consultants

Did you know that Sponsoring is the most important part of my business?

As a Unit Leader, it is important for me to offer the opportunity to everyone I meet at a show. Everyone. That's how I grow my business and that's the only way I will achieve my PartyLite goals.

I thought I might share my approach with you because you, too, should offer the opportunity to everyone you meet at a show. Not because leadership is for you - though it may be, but because everyone deserves to have the same PartyLite opportunities and benefits we do.

A Few Weeks Before the Show

Let the host know that she can turn the show into a starter show if she wants to. If she asks for more info, give it to her or ask me to help. If she says no, plan the show as normal.

At the Show
  • Personal Commercial - Perhaps the most important part of your presentation is the part about how you started and why you continue to be involved with PartyLite.
  • Show Cards - $100 a Night, 2 Nights a Week, Fun, Easy, Free. Have you memorised that card? Whether you use cards or not, do you mention that during every presentation you do?
  • Taking Orders - I meet each guest and write down her order. While I'm writing, I ask each one what they do for a living. I ask each one if they would like to meet with me to review the PartyLite opportunity. If they say no, I move on. If they say yes, I give them a Discover PartyLite brochure and tell them I'll call them the next day to answer their questions and set up a time for coffee.
  • Show Summary - At the end of a show, I add up the total compensatable sales and multiply that number by 20% for the host credit. You do, too. But I also multiply it by 28% to show her (and any guests still present) how much I will make. I thank them all for helping my business. I remind the host (lightly, no pressure) that this could be her Starter Show.
After the Show

I follow-up on three areas after each show.
  • Sales - I send the host the Order Summary via email and thank her for the show.
  • Bookings - I post a hostess pack to my future hosts and thank them for booking. (I let them know that their show can be their Starter Show.)
  • Leads - I call each person I gave a Discover PartyLite brochure to and ask them if I can meet with them to answer their questions.
And that's it. I don't try to sponsor people who have not been to a show. I have heard from other Leaders over the years that it doesn't really work, so I don't advertise or cold call.

Helping Hand

Sponsoring is important to me, and it should be a part of your program, too. As your Leader, I'm here to help. So feel free to introduce your leads to me. I'd love to go to a Sponsoring appointment with you. Just ask.

I hope my hints inspire you a bit. Let me know what you think.