Friday, November 28, 2008

What Do I Bring to Candle Parties?

Reprinted from Friday, May 18, 2007
(Updated lists, of course!)
Hello. I've just finished getting ready for a party tonight. I bring all of the stuff with me to work and go straight to the party from work. You might want to use this as a checklist.
Things I Always Bring:
Diary, Pens, Guest Gifts*, Host Gift*, Door Prize, Scissors, Spare Votives (12), Spare Tealights (12), Change, Scent Pots, Velour Cloth
*Optional to provide guest and host gifts - I do - some don't - it is completely up to you. I have a $5 limit and a personal rule that it must be PL products.
Literature I Always Bring (Labeled where appropriate):
Order Forms, Door Prize Slips, Guest Specials, Host Specials, Catalogs, Discover PL Brochures (4), Consultant Agreement, Brite Start Brochure, Live By Candlelight Cards, Show Cards
Products I Always Bring:
Used Pillar (I light it first when I arrive), New Pillar, Flat as a Pancake Pillar (to prove the point), Square Pillar, Square Votive, Taper, Unwind Linen Spray and a nice handkerchief, empty Reed Diffuser, Mirror, Peglight, Snuffer
Example of a Perfect 10:
  1. Something to Wow Them (e.g. Global Fusion Hurricane)
  2. A Hostess Special (if I have one)
  3. A Starter Pack Item
  4. The Garden Whimsy Tealight Trio
  5. An Aroma Melt Warmer
  6. A Votive Holder (usually the Iced Crystal Trio)
  7. A Sconce (and I try very hard to put it up somewhere before people arrive)
  8. Quad Prism Pedestal (shows versatility and is beautiful)
  9. Savannah Sunrise (only one, I bring it in the box for the extra globe to save space)
  10. Thai Inspiration Pillar Sleeve
A nice arrangement is important. At every show, I explain that I couldn't possibly bring the entire catalogue, so I don't try. I bring enought to share the quality of the products and to demonstrate how to take care of different candles. I rotate my products to make every show different, and I guarantee every product they purchase. If they buy it from the catalogue without seeing in in person, and it isn't what they thought it would be, I'll exchange it to make sure they are 100% happy.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kindness Angels

When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley’s rim...

cheering you on...
praying for you...
pulling for you...
intervening on your behalf...

and waiting with open arms at the Valley’s end.

Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you . . .
Or come in and carry you out.

Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-inlaw, sisters, sisters-in-law, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins and extended family, all bless our life!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Get Over $500 For Every New Sponsor

As part of my ongoing personal development, I have subscribed to Mary Christensen's Monday Mentor. I get a fortnightly email from Mary with some great tips and hints for developing my network marketing business. It's a paid subscription, and I'm not allowed to forward it to you; you have to subscribe for yourself if you want it.

In the most recent issue, Mary asked a question that I thought I'd share with you.

What if I offered to give you $500 for every person you sponsor?

Would you be more inclined to promote the business opportunity if I were to give you $500 for every Consultant you bring to PartyLite? Well, you might be interested to know that if you make Sponsoring a priority, you'll probably get more than $500 per person over a year.

Follow my logic:

  1. Say the average Consultant does 2 shows per month.
  2. We know average show sales are $500. (Rainbows average is over $600.)
  3. Therefore, the average annual sales per Consultant is $12,000.
  4. PartyLite Profit for Unit Leaders is 6%.
  5. 6% of $12,000 is $720

There's no secret to how much I make as your Unit Leader. On top of my personal profit and bonus, as a Unit Leader I make 6% of our total Unit Sales. You can do the math. Just think about what that means to my income as I sponsor more and more people. I guarantee I've earned more than $500 per person I've sponsored. That's why sponsoring is a priority for me.

The best part about Sponsoring is that while it helps build my business, it also starts someone else on the path. Whether they are involved to make a few extra dollars, to be more socially active, to develop confidence, or to change their career path... I know PartyLite gives everyone involved the opportunity to grow and shine.

You have to admit, it's a pretty cool business. With good training and support, and with you leading by example, the people you sponsor will be making money for themselves from the beginning and over time, you will reap the rewards, too.

  • PartyLite wins - because the word gets out about PartyLite products
  • The new Consultant wins - because she makes money from the beginning
  • You win - because you grow your team

Go for it! If you want coaching, just let me know. That's how I earn my 6%. :) WLC.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great Videos About the PartyLite Opportunity

Hi. I was just googling around the www and found a site I think you'll like. It is a US PartyLite site with videos about the PartyLite business opportunity. You have to put up with accents like mine, a little bit of sappy American charm (did I say sappy?), and US prices (don't get jealous), but overall, the messages are fantastic.

For me, it took a minute for each video to load, but after that, it worked pretty well.

Here's a link: PartyLite Opportunity Videos.

P.S. In some of the videos, check out how big the US conference is. Amazing. I like ours better, but I know we will grow. Could you imagine filling up an arena???

Hostess Packs

Hostess coaching is an important part of your business. One element in that process is the hostess pack.

What do you send you a hostess who has booked a show?

Here's what I send:
  • A letter from me with hints and tips for a great show. This letter is signed and also includes the day, date, and time for her show.
  • A copy of the guest specials
  • A copy of the host specials
  • 20 postcard invitations
  • 3 order forms
  • 1 set of catalogues
  • 1 Discover PartyLite brochure. I use the brochure as a folder with everything else inside.
I do not use the hostess envelope provided by PartyLite; my letter says everything the hostess envelope says about how to have a successful show. I have found that the personal letter with my writing on it, combined with my phone calls to follow-up on the hostess pack, is effective. I do think the hostess envelope might be just as effective, but I encourage you to personalise it for each hostess before sending it.

There is a lot more to hostess coaching than this, but this is what I include in a hostess pack.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rainbows vs Ignite: Rawhide!

Hello Rainbows. I know not all of our readers are Rainbows, so please excuse this Unit specific communique.

We have been challenged.

Last night, at the Leader meeting, it was like an old western showdown. Eliana and I stared each other down, circled each other with our hands just near our holsters, and slowly watched the sweat drip from each others foreheads as the dry, dusty air swirled around us. I got the first round off with a little bit of recognition from Jenny. Yes, the Rainbows had once again beaten the mighty Ignite.

But could we do it a third time?

Eliana smiled with confidence; sure that her Unit was capable of reincarnating its former glory. Cocky, even. She started rattling off statistics about how much they had sold last November.

I countered.

She then changed direction and came after our sponsoring record. Claiming that her precious Ignite would beat us there, too. Little does she know that we've been plotting. We've been training. We've been practicing. We've been looking for interesting people to join our tribe. Our team. Our lifestyle.

The whole room watched as the challenges and one-upmanship continued.

We turned away from each other and took our paces. Now, we're standing in the middle of a dusty road with our backs to each other, separated by 10 paces, in a town filled with candle lovers. With our hands itching to pull out the big guns so when we turn around to shoot, we'll see who ends up on top.

Who will win?

In the end, we'll both win. In fact, we'll all win. But man I love a challenge. Never call me yellow.

Rawhide! Go get 'em!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Inactive? Get off the couch!


Inactive Consultants are a natural part of a business. Circumstances come up where you simply don't do shows and your business starts to dwindle. After a few months, you notice that your Reflections stops coming in the mail. Maybe you try to log into the CBC to order some candles, but you can't log in.

It's OK. You're still a Consultant. You just need to kick start your business again to re-activate.

What Happens When I'm "Inactive"?

When you are inactive:
  • You do not receive Reflections.
  • You cannot log into the Consultant Business Centre (our consultant website).
  • You do not receive regular emails from your leader (because your name moves to an inactive list).
  • You cannot place Consultant orders (unless you contact your leader and inform her/me that you are re-activating and need to restock catalogues and wax for your shows.
If you hold or host a show while you are inactive, you need to know two things:
  1. the show must reach $500 in sales, and
  2. the show must be submitted by mail or fax.
If the show doesn't reach $500 in sales, you need to collect outside orders to bring it up to the $500 level. Wendy special: If you cannot get it to the $500 level, contact me, and either your Sponsor or I will put the order in for you as a dovetail. You'll get the hostess benefits and 40% of the profit.

Once you submit that $500 show, you will be active in the system again for another 3 months. You will not be an "active" Consultant for promotions unless you submit $900 in a business month, but you will be active in the system.

Restarting your Business

If you decide to restart your business, you should go back and do all of the things you did to start in the first place. Go to your FRANK list and your client list and organise 6 shows in 2 weeks. Use the $50 booking vouchers to entice people. Host your own show. Have your calendar in order, and be ready to take more bookings at every show you do.

You are also welcome to attend a New Consultant Training to brush up on your skills, to reset your goals, and to reinvigorate your drive.

The most important part is to remember that it's your business. Sometimes that means playing the boss and giving yourself some basic jobs to get back on track.

I'm happy to help. Just call. WLC.