Interested in becoming a consultant? Here's a quick overview of the options you have for starting your PartyLite Journey: Wendy's Join the Party Overview.

New Consultant Training -There are FOUR fantastic videos that you have access to on the Consultant Business Centre (CBC) in the Training Academy. These should be your first point of call as they cover Bookings, Host Coaching, The Basic Party, and Sponsoring.

Here is some further training you will need to do. I recorded these videos because I am traveling overseas for a few weeks and want all our new consultants to have access to everything I can think of. If you combine these videos with a long chat with your sponsor... you'll be off to a great start.

Introduction to Wendy

New Consultant Further Training Checklist (Part 1 of 2)

New Consultant Further Training Checklist (Part 2 of 2)

To complement that training, I have produced these videos for you to look back on as you do your first 6 parties.... There are heaps of tips and tricks.

Replacement Order Forms - A quick tutorial on how to fill them out. 

Leadership Training - In my team, our aspiring leaders are in a group called the Cocoon Club. I have created a training series for aspiring leaders that covers the eight sections of the Future Leader Guide. In making these presentations, I've decided that the Future Leader Guide is actually a Leader Guide. 

Cocoon Club Launch Webinar

Cocoon Club - The One Hour Workday Daily Action Plan

Cocoon Club – Power Booking

Cocoon Club – Host Care Calls

Cocoon Club – Holding Parties

Cocoon Club – Sponsoring

Cocoon Club – Coaching

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