Monday, October 25, 2010


We've had quite a few backorders over the last 30 days or so.

The extent of this backorder issue is uncommon. PartyLite will occasionally run out of stock, but we manage our inventories closely, and the delay is not usually as long as the one we've been experiencing. I've made some inquiries and learned that the problem has been exacerbated by the huge amount of imports due to the high Aussie dollar. Apparently the clearance docks at customs are chock-o-block and that has been holding up our containers.

Not an excuse, but a reason I thought worth sharing.

Most of the hard work getting the backordered stock out was completed last week. You should check with your hosts and make sure they are informed and happy.

Six Ideas to Finish October Strong

You have six days to go and you want more sales this month. So how can that be done? Here are some ideas.
  1. Host a home show.
  2. Take the catalogue around to a few people each day and take outside orders
  3. Focus on the 2 guest promotions
    1. Tealights – 3 boxes for $33. Only this month.
    2. Illuminescents Porcelain Fragrance Warmers– great present idea! Only $45. Only this month.
  4. Call your FRANK list
  5. Follow up on people who you’ve talked to or shown a catalogue to – let them know that you’re putting in an order
  6. Buy $165 in tealights yourself – that’s 15 boxes of tealights and you get 15% more for free. I calculate that with your 22% commission payment, these boxes only cost you $7.83 each. Bonus and they are even cheaper. :)

You’ve got nothing to lose. No matter what your results, it will be great practice, super for networking, and could get you some great results.

Get out there!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PartyLite Reward Card

This October, PartyLite Australia introduced a Reward Card for customers. The idea is called a "bridging" promotion. Why? The promotion will help us bridge the gap that could occur between Christmas and the new catalogue launch. In other words, it will help us get sales in January.

(Another bridging promotion we will have is the discontinued stock list. When PartyLite retires fragrances and products, it gives our clients a deadline to buy. Deadlines are gold.)

So, yesterday, Leaders received the pdf version of the Reward Card brochure showing the free products people can get when they use their Reward Card. I printed the brochure in colour, lamintated page one by itself, and laminated pages 2-3 back to back, and 4-5 back to back. I took it to my show last night.

Check the CBC (it's not there yet) or ask your leader for a pdf copy of the brochure so that you can use it NOW. You'll get a good copy in Reflections later, and we can buy them on Consultant orders ($2 for 5), but using it last night made all the difference.
Now that my clients can see what they could get for free, several of them are seriously thinking about booking a party in January. I always tell them that I'll do the show if they want me to do all of the work, but I give them the opportunity to collect orders, too. (Idea: write an article for/letter to your clients with ideas about how to collect $400 in orders.)

Seeing is Believing

PartyLite always gives us an opportunity to earn things for free so that we can promote our business better. This month's sales promotion, for the Espresso Twist products, is exactly that - an opportunity worth striving for. The Espresso Twist set is part of the reward program and I think it will be so impressive in real life that people will book parties. Set your goal for October to submit at least three $550 shows so you have part of that set!

Happy selling!