Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Host a Home Show

Here are some simple tips and alternatives for hosting a show at your house.
  • Have a show regularly - I suggest once a month. Set the date one month ahead of time.
  • Keep track of who you invite - Put a piece of paper into your purse to keep track of who you've invited. As you invite people, add their name and phone number to this list.
  • Invite people - Write out or print 30 invitations and have them in your purse. Give these invitations out liberally to people you meet/run into in the course of your daily routines. Make more if you need to. Keep track of who you give these to on your list.
  • Invite more people - Promote the home show at your other shows. "I live in [suburb name] and I'll be hosting a show on the 23rd. You are all welcome to come and to bring a friend. Please let me know if you'd like a card with the details." Keep track of who takes one on your list.
  • Invite even more people - Make the home show a part of your client calls "I'm calling to see how you are enjoying the products you bought and to let you know that I'm hosting a show on the 23rd for people who can't make it to a show this month." Send reminder cards to people who respond well and keep track of interested clients on your list.
  • Outside orders - Take orders over the course of the month and add them to the show.
  • Remind people - One day before the show, call (and/or email and/or SMS) to remind everyone on your list about the show. Remind them to bring friends. Note if they are planning to come. Calling will give you the best results.
  • Reason to come - Let people know that you usually only bring 10 items to a show, but when they come to your home, they can see everything you have.
  • Reason to come - Hold a raffle for anyone who orders and give the winner $50 in free products or a $50 GC. (Buy the GC out of the product credit you earn from the show. You can have as many winners as you want based on the sales at the show.)
  • Make it beautiful - Plan time to clean up the house and to set up displays.
  • Follow-up - Contact people who you thought would come, but who didn't. Tell them you're sorry they couldn't make it and ask if they want to add anything to the order.
  • Follow-up - Contact those who did and let them know that the order has been placed and should arrive in the next three weeks. Let them know you will contact them when the products arrive to orgainse delivery or pickup.
Show Option - start at a specific time
  • Introductions are really important since guests are not likely to know each other.
  • USE THE CARDS at the show. Promote the hostess benefits. Promote the business opportunity. Promote the specials and promotions.
Open House Option - suggest 2 hour window only
  • Invite couples. Ask your partner and/or a friend to help host.
  • Let conversations occur naturally but as you move from group to group, direct conversations to candles - ask people what they like. Offer candle advice (3-5-7, Snip, Snuff, Hug, Show it Off) to people as you chat with them. Ask if they want to buy now or host a show and get it for free.
The key is to promote your home show to lots of people. You have to keep a list of who you've invited and I highly recommend that you call each person the day before to remind them and to let them know that they can bring a friend.

Benefits to your business

If you do this regularly (monthly or at least quarterly), you will become a better hostess coach. You will be able to articulate the benefit of inviting people personally, sending reminder cards, and doing follow-up calls.

Another benefit is that you will always have a reason to talk to people about your candle business.

And of course, you will increase your commissions. You will promote the host benefits and get more shows. Even if people don't buy immediately, you are promoting your business.

No matter how many people come, be professional. Network well. Enjoy the event.

Do you have other ideas for home shows? Please share them with us.

Make it a great day! WLC.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Building a Network

If you are in your Brite Start period (or if you're thinking about starting up again), you should read the latest blog from Seth Godin. It's worth reading. Why? Because the circles he refers to are exactly the circles (i.e. networks) we need to build.

You simply must build a network away from your initial FRANK list to make this business work.

I liken it to growing a tree.
"Plant a seed, grow a strong root system, feed your tree well, and watch the new branches grow, the leaves sprout, and the trunk get stronger and stronger every year."

Make it a great day! WLC.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekly Goals

Our specials and our profit plan emphasize monthly plans and end of month deadlines. As a result, I think we slack off a bit at the beginning of each month because we think we have heaps of time left.... I know I do.

So starting now, I'm setting weekly goals and work to weekly and even daily plans.

Next week my goals are to do 2-3 shows, to hold 2-3 information appointments, to contact 10 consultants on my team, to keep track of my business income and expenditures, and to contact all my clients who took delivery of their items this week.

You can see that these goals now enable me to make a to do list. I think it'll drive my business forward more than monthly goals.

What are your weekly goals? Don't have any? Well, maybe that's goal #1. Get to it....