Friday, April 25, 2008

Smart Advice

I'm a letter writer. When I get great service, get bad service, hear something positive, want to make a change, or feel like my opinion will be helpful, I write a letter. Or an email. But I really consider them both to be the same as far as quality writing is concerned.

Emails should be well written, using complete words, not shorthand. They should be carefully constructed, re-read before sending to ensure you really are saying what you mean to say. Text messages should be used sparingly. I wouldn't confirm a show via text message; I'd call the host and have a chat. When I do send a text message, I always include my "WLC" at the end; who am I to think that they'll have my phone number in their phone. I do this even for my husband. Overkill? Maybe. Good practice, definitely.

In an email, if you ask yourself the question, "Will this person misunderstand my tone?", chances are that they will and that a phone call will probably be more appropriate.
Hi, it's Wendy here, I have written an email here that I'm about to send and just wanted you to know that everything is moving along smoothly. All of the details are in the email. Let me know if you have any questions; I'm happy to help.
The way we react to customer complaints is very important. You might think it's the American in me that has ingrained the belief that the customer is always right. Maybe it is. But I believe it so strongly that I want everyone on my team to know it and believe it, too. PartyLite supports that philosophy very well. They have systems and procedures that they follow, of course, and they really do have the customer in mind throughout.

But WE are the mouthpiece to the client. We are the cold face. We must be the ones who respect our clients and assure them that they are our first priority.

What if they complain?

Now we're getting to the point of this post. (Took me awhile, didn't it?) I just read a great article about this very topic. I will share it with you rather than recreate it. Here's a link.

What do you think? Do you have any examples of complaints that you handled well? Or not well? How might you do things differently next time?

Think first. Then react with the customer in mind.

Supporting you! WLC.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy, Independent Wendy

Every now and then I read an article and think to myself, "I HAVE to share that with the Rainbows!" Today, I read one of those articles.

Now, I know PartyLite isn't a career choice for everyone. Some of you happily fit PartyLite into your lives around other careers, from health care to fast moving consumer goods to head of your household, and everything in between. But for me, I've made PartyLite my career choice because it offers me exactly what I need in terms of flexibility.
  • I can meet with people during the day without "taking time off of work." People like the kitchen remodeling man who came by this morning to do a final measure. Alan had to take a hour off work; I just had to get out of bed. :)
  • I take every single holiday I want to. My friends and I want to go camping, so we've scheduled it for April 20-22. I didn't have to ask anyone for Monday and Tuesday off, I just took 'em. Oh, and I'm going to Thailand, Italy, and possibly to the US of A. Not asking anyone - just doing it.
  • I work out when the sun's out. I walk the bay, or around Chiswick, or I go to Curves. But I don't get up in the dark to do it "before work." And I don't have to leave work in a rush at 5:00 to get home, workout, and then cook dinner. Nope. I just eat brekky and then go for a walk. Nice.
  • I shop during the week. There is nothing better than doing your grocery shopping while everyone else is at work. Seriously, this is awesome. I also don't have to wonder about the mail or the bank being open, because I can get there whenever I want.
  • I sing in 3 bands, go to weddings, parties, dinners, and Swans games, see lots of live music, and generally try to live every day exactly the way I want to. Candles, music and wine. I throw a little marketing in the mix and I'm a happy chappy. :)

Do I work hard? Well, I do make my phone calls and I do place my orders quickly, and I do mail out packs almost every day. I don't deliver often, but this week I have one delivery to make. I think about you guys and I try to give you the support you need without being intrusive. Truth is that I like all of you, so that part of my job is easy. In fact, it's all easy. I don't think I work hard at all, but I do work.

Here is the article that started my thinking about all of this: From Solo to Employed. I sure do love my job. Hope you do, too! WLC.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Develop Your Personal Brand

I can't help myself. I have to share this article with you guys: Develop Your Personal Brand. It is succinct and right on target. I love it.

In fact, I love the Flying Solo website and have been a subscriber for years. Once a week they send me a little note which encourages me to keep pushing. Since we all work for ourselves in this PartyLite business, it is important to network with each other at Unit Meetings and Conferences, to keep improving through training, and to keep motivated. I find that this site helps with all three.

Supporting You!

Rainbow WOW News!

PartyLite has been sharing some WOW news on the CBC, and I thought you'd all want to know about the WOW news right here in our team.

First Month Brite Start Achievers!

Congratulations to Judi and Sandra who not only achieved Brite Start Month 1, but who also bonused in their first full business month. Congratulations ladies. You have set goals and achieved them.

Earth Hour Success

Judi deserves some special recognition. She had a Saturday show blow out on Friday. She knew that she wanted to bonus and she quickly put together a recovery plan. She held her own Earth Hour party at her place. It was a fun night, she got $550 in sales and her friends all got to experience a beautiful candlelight night. I bet they come back for more! Good on ya, Judi.

The photo here is of Britta's house during Earth Hour. Thanks for sharing, Britta.


I don't really like to brag, but... I DID IT! I earned the trip to Thailand. Sales-wise it was simple, I just do my 8-10 shows a month and it all falls into place. And sponsoring wise, it was easy, too. I just got into the habit of offering this great opportunity to everyone I meet and look what happened. Noelene, Britta, Judi, and Sandra all started and all qualified in their first business months. You can't do anything alone, and I really thank all of you for your support and encouragement.

You want to know who I thank the most though? It's Angela. She never gave up on me, even when I did. I think she's wonderful. I'm glad she is going to Thailand, too.


April is going to be a huge month guys. If you don't already have six or more shows in your diary, you're crazy. Just organise your diary, know when you are available, and get on the phone.

"Hi, it's [insert your name], the candle lady. We met at [hostess's name] house last [month, week, Feb, whatever]. [Chat and make sure it's a good time.] I'm just calling to see if you got everything and it all is up to your expectations. Are you burning your candles? [Now chit chat about how beautiful they are and how good they smell.] Hey, I should also let you know that PartyLite is celebrating its 35th birthday and we are offering our April hosts 35% product credit for a successful show. With a booking voucher, that equates to over $190 in free products for shows over $400. I do have some dates available in April if you are interested. Do you like weekdays or weekends?

If they end up saying no, let them know that you love referrals, so if they want to do a joint show with a friend or some other arrangement, that you would love to book it in. Remind them that April is the month where they will get the most benefit.

I've got my power hour scheduled for tonight. Now I'm off to practice my guitar and then to the gym. I love PartyLite. Make it a great day!