Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Manual Orders

UPDATED: 28 April 2017

From May 1-July 31, starter parties orders of $550 or more must be submitted manually (or "offline").

The Consultant Guide (still available on the CBC) has a whole section on how to complete a manual order. Still, I get lots of questions about it, so I thought this post would be a good one to add to the site. In a nutshell, you need to provide PartyLite with:
  1. A Party Order Summary of what the guests ordered (totaling $550 or more).
  2. A Party Order Form providing details of the show, host benefits taken, and payment methods used. (If there is a host involved, you can use a bonus hostess voucher number; if you collected orders, you are not eligible for the bonus voucher.)
  3. Payment information
You can fax or post in the individual order forms with the credit card information on it, but I type the credit card information on a single piece of paper. I include the card type, numbers, name, expiration date, and amount due.

When you're done, you fax the pages in to PartyLite (02 9678 9077). There are apps available to fax things in - I haven't found a free version yet, but if you find one, please add it to the comments here. You can always mail it if you don't have access to a fax machine.

NOTE: If any of the credit cards decline, head office will contact you and/or your leader to remedy.
IMPORTANT: For specials, the deadline for faxing and posting orders is close of business (5:00 Sydney time) on the last weekday of the month.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things to do with a New Consultant:

Congratulations! You’ve met someone and offered them the PartyLite opportunity and they want to join up. What next? Here is a list of things you need to do to get her (or him) off to a great start.

NOTE: This is standard operating procedure for the Rainbows – talk to your Unit Leader to see if your processes are different.

1.  Complete a New Consultant Agreement (get Section 1 and 3 out of the way and let details in Section 2 wait until the Starter Show is complete and the six or more bookings are organised).

2.  Call your Unit Leader to arrange the kit issue (which may be able to occur before the Starter Show, depending on availability). If it cannot be issued before the Starter Show, the Unit Leader will:
  • Send her the current Reflections, and
  • Send her a copy of the Start with Success workbook.
3.  Set a Starter Show date
  • Her target is $550 in sales or more. Details on how to handle a smaller show are in the Consultant Guide. All promotions require a $550 or higher Starter Show.
  • She will not receive the normal host benefits for a Starter Show.
  • Product Credit: She will receive 1:1 product credit for every dollar in compensatable sales over $550. For example, if her starter show has compensatable sales of $620, she will get $620-$550=$70 in product credit.
  • Bonus Hostess Voucher: She is eligible for the $50 Bonus Hostess Voucher (because her Starter Show will reach the $400+ in sales).
  • Hostess Specials: She is eligible for the Hostess Specials (because her Starter Show will reach the $400+ in sales and she will have more than the one required booking).
  • Discounted Products: She would not want to take advantage of the 30% Discounted Products because she gets a better benefit as a Consultant (40% Discounted Products).
  • You will not receive the normal compensation for a Starter Show. You will building your business by building your own downline. Ask your leader for details.  
4.  Help her organise 6 shows to get her business started.
  • Use the Start with Success workbook to guide her in setting up these shows.
  • Let her know that she will be paid for these shows. Based on a $500 show average in Australia, she will earn about $840 in commission from these shows.
  • The Starter Show cannot be processed until she has identified on her New Consultant Agreement the name, phone number and date for at least six shows.
5.  Arrange for her to observe 2 shows in training. I recommend that one be a show of yours and one be a show of your Unit Leader.

6.  Set a date for both of you to attend New Consultant Training (NCT) with your Unit Leader. At the NCT, the Unit Leader will set up weekly 15 minute coaching calls for her first 10 weeks as a Consultant.

7.  Give her the dates for the next three Unit Meetings.

8.  Show her how to subscribe to the http://www.rainbowsandcandles.com/ website.

9. Her best course of action before NCT is to study the catalogue and work through the Start with Success workbook.

Things she will need that PartyLite does not provide in the Starter Kit:
  • Trolley or Suitcase
  • Bubble wrap
  • Pens
  • Calculator
  • Lighter
  • Stamp/labels for literature
  • Business cards (you can use your Live by Candlelight Cards)
Definition: Compensatable Sales: The total dollar amount of retail show orders (guest purchases) submitted and accepted at the PartyLite head office, not including shipping and handling, tax (if shown separately), hostess purchases, 30% discounted host purchases, hostess specials or other hostess offers.

Sponsoring a new Consultant is a great thing. Make her feel welcome. Make her feel involved. Give her the tools for success. That's your job as her sponsor. If you print and use this list as a checklist, you will have a happy, well trained, and successful new Consultant. Congratulations!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 Steps to Increasing Your Guests Per Show

Hi. One thing we can really work on with our hostess coaching is improving guest attendance. It's simple to measure; we can easily see how many guests on average we have per show. Once you know what your average guests per show is, how can you improve the number?

Do you even know what the target is?

Any PartyLite consultant should be able to tell you that the target is 10 guests. That's a standard part of 10-3-2 training. So how do you fill up 10 chairs?

It's All About Hostess Coaching
  1. Do you share your goal of 10 guests per show with your hosts? You should. That's really step one. It's also the only goal I really share with my hosts. I figure the 3 bookings and the 2 leads at each show are my responsibility, but the 10 guests... well, she really has to be the one to achieve that. But she's not alone. Let her know the target. If it's less that's okay, if it's more that's okay, but the target is 10.
  2. Give her a Hostess Envelope and run through the sections. Ask her to use it to keep track of who she's invited.
  3. Walk her through how to develop a FRANK list. If she only invites friends or only invites neighbours, the chances of getting 10 guests is reduced. If she involves all 5 areas, she is much more likely to achieve the target.
  4. Provide her with enough invitations/reminder cards and offer to provide more if she needs them. (I provide 20 to start.)
  5. Write an email invitation for her. She can modify it if she wants, but it's a good way to support her.
  6. Do not encourage her to use Facebook to get people excited about the party.
  7. Do encourage her to call and personally invite her guests.
  8. Ask her if she enjoyed the show she went to and find out what she liked. Suggest that she share that information with people as she invites them because a PartyLite show is fun, relaxing, and not a hard sales event. People like that.
  9. Call her two days before the show to remind her to send reminders.
  10. Encourage her to ask for her guests to bring a friend. You might offer to give a free candle to every person who brings a friend your host doesn't know. (Of course, give one to the friend, too.)
So there you go... 10 ideas on how to improve your guest attendance. Last month we had an average on only 5.9 guests per show but a guest average spend of $88.72. Imagine if you could improve your guest average by 1, you would have $88.00 more in sales at every show. If you can get to an average of 10, you'd have an $880 show average. That's working smarter!

Do you have any tips to add to my list? Feel free to comment here. I love your input!