Monday, September 20, 2010

Frankly Speaking

Your FRANK list will eventually be the strong,
solid tree trunk as your business branches out.
Howdy! Today I had a latte appointment with a prospective new consultant and I shared with her my suggested approach for starting her business. I thought it would probably be a good thing to share with all y'all. :)

This business is not about cold calling. It is about network marketing. The first step is to network with your network. In a nutshell, your FRANK list is a VIP list. They will get your business started if you give them some information, ask them for help, and get them excited about your new business.

The FRANK List

Take the time to write out a really good list of your friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, and people you know through your kids (alternatively, people you know who have kids). Don't just include women in your FRANK list, this list should include everyone.

The Phone

Call each and every person on your FRANK list to share the news about your candle business with PartyLite. Use the scripts in the Power Hour section of your consultant guide to you get started.

The Offer

Invite each and every woman on your FRANK list to host a show.

The Referral

If they do host a show, they will effectively be referring their network (their FRANK list) to meet you in person. If they don't want to host one themselves, ask them if they know anyone who might be interested in hosting a show and ask for a personal introduction.

The No-Strings-Attached Invitation

Invite anyone who does not have a show to an open house at your home.

The open house will be a casual opportunity for your FRANK list (men and women) to see the products, look through the catalogue, smell the fragrances, and learn more about your business. Clean and declutter your house. Put out your kit in beautiful displays throughout your home. Turn out a few lights and light the candles. Turn on some nice relaxing music. Have simple refreshments. Put catalogues and fragrance samples on your dining room table and encourage people to sit and browse for a few minutes.

You have three goals for an open house:
  1. Make people in your network aware of your business selling platinum quality PartyLite products.
  2. Make people in your network aware of the benefits of hosting a show.
  3. Give people in your network an opportunity to place an order and experience PartyLite themselves.

Ask for Advice

Ask each and every person on your FRANK list to give you a piece of advice about how to grow your new business.

Offer Platinum, Personal Service

Let each and every person on your FRANK list know that you would be happy to take their orders any time, happy to give them gift ideas for special events, happy to assist in candle requirements for special events (e.g. weddings, charity dinners, birthday parties).