Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Brochure: PartyLite Featured In...

Hi. If you click on the image to the right you will be able to download the brochure created for us by Jan (click download, then print, you can change settings to eliminate the header and footer if you want - or use scissors like I did). I am going to print this, laminate it, and bring it to my shows to brag about our great publicity.

Happy burning! Yay Jan! WLC.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How to Win Customers for Life

Hi. I received this email from fellow Rainbow, Shell. There's really nothing I need to add - this is gold. One RMC point for you Shell!

Just a note re: the importance of customer care calls. We talked about it on Wednesday – but WOW, did I get a kick up the butt last night to make more of them.

September last year, customer bought Reed Diffuser from show.

November I did a customer care call and she said she was not happy with it as she couldn’t smell it. We worked out it was next to an open window. Customer moved RD and was very happy with performance.

Anyway, I saw her at a show last night – she said she loved it, raved to others how long it lasted, how I helped her work out the placement of it (ie, away from open window), and how she wanted to buy a refill.

She later said to me how much she appreciated that customer care call last year, because she was dissatisfied with the RD before my call. She said she came to show last night, because I had given her a call to check if products are OK.

I don’t make enough time available for these customer care calls – how vital they are for our businesses – how many customers do we have who may be disgruntled and a simple call can change everything for them (and us).

I have asked this customer for a show several times, but at the end of last night, she is now booking her own show.

Building rapport through customer care calls builds our businesses and our reputations as “The Candle Lady”.


Well said. Congratulations!

Success stories in May... yes... already!

Hi. The May specials are already having an amazing impact on the Rainbows. Here are a few excerpts from the emails I've gotten this weekend.
  • "WOW is what I have to say about the guest promotion had four customers jump at the offer and sales went to 856.25 and now have 3 more parties to go at the moment for May"

  • "I managed to put together a show myself without leaving home over the weekend for $777.45."


These ladies simply got behind the 7 for $77 guest special. They made calls. They got excited. They sent out email and they made that call to follow up!

As a result, here it is on Monday morning and we already have over $10,000 in sales. You know we can do it - let's be record breakers!

May Sales End on May 29th

Please don't forget that for bonusing and activity qualification, the month ends on the last business day of the month. So this month will end at midnight on Friday, May 29th. Any shows submitted after that will count for June.

One Page Flyer for the Extra Specials

You can click the flyer above and download the full size flyer, created by fellow Rainbow, Jan, for the additional items listed on the CBC. Thanks to Jan and Michelle for making this flyer. I used it this weekend and it was very successful.

Happy Burning!