Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's My Business

At training this week, Janelle asked us to write down what excited us about the business. My answer came to me instantly. I love being my own boss. I love not being responsible to report to anyone but myself. I love not having to work to anyone else's schedule. I love not giving employee reviews. I love not getting reviewed. I love not being involved in the politics of the workspace. If politics exist at PartyLite, I surely love not being a part of them. I love reporting to me.

My expectations are high and the responsibility is actually huge, but I like my boss.

Another thing I love about my business is that I'm responsible for quality control. PartyLite significantly supports me here (product guarantee, reliable deliveries, great looking brochures, and great offers), but I completely control the perceived customer experience. Even if PartyLite or Australia Post let me down (which does happen from time to time) I alone am responsible for the customer experience. By owning it, I can make it right. In fact, fixing a problem usually results in a stronger client relationship. By not passing the buck, I get my client's respect and I get their loyalty... especially when I call them a few days after I've fixed it to see if they're happy!

It's all about me!

You see... the difference between a corporate role and running my own company is me. I am really important to this business. Almost more important than the candles. I'm selling me. And you are selling you. The more you like what you do, the more you do it consistently, the more you give of yourself to your customers... well, if you're good, you are creating value.

If that seems arrogant, change your perspective. Because your clients, your future hosts, the people you are going to sponsor are watching you. Be proud of what you do. Be confident that it is you they are investing in. Because the products don't really sell themselves. You are a big part of it all. And that's not arrogance... that's confidence. That's working for yourself. It's your business!

FYI, this article is what gave me a boost in my thinking and inspired me to write this to you.