Thursday, June 15, 2017

What you need to know about the PartyLite Conference

SUMMARY: Conference 2017 is July 20-July 22. Registration is online on the Consultant Business Centre. It is THE best event of the year for your business. 

We Love to Party!
Here are some the things you need to know about conference.... Everything else you'll learn at our Unit Meetings.... So come to those and get excited!  

Conference Registration
Conference registrations are open, and if you're already a consultant, I’d like you to make the commitment now.

DON'T register if you're not sure you will go. There is a $100 administrative fee for cancellations and only conference attendees get the free products. So, once you do register, put it in your diary and make it a priority.  

Conference Accommodation

There are heaps of options for accommodation near the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. I strongly suggest sharing a room with someone to save money. Personally, I'm staying at the Lodge in Southbank. The best place to talk about what other people are doing is at a Unit Meeting or on Facebook. The highest cost (if you arrive on Wednesday night) would be four nights of accommodation at about $150 per person. You can definitely be more thrifty than that.

Conference Air Travel
Conference Registration opens at 12:00 on the Thursday afternoon and the conference starts at about 1:45.  I will be organising a brunch meeting at 10:30 on Thursday morning for all of the future Nirvana group. I will be arriving on the Wednesday so that I'm fresh and ready on Thursday. If you need to travel on Thursday, please take a very early flight. There are heaps of sales as the date gets closer. I usually get flights for less than $200. (Note: I NEVER fly JetStar.)
The gala dinner on Saturday ends after 11:00 and it is usually a late night, so plan your flights out according to your sleeping requirements.  I wouldn't leave until after 2:00 on Sunday – no rushing for me.

You should definitely share taxis or shuttles getting to and from the Exhibition Centre. You won’t need a car.

Conference FOOD
Breakfasts: Hotel breakfasts or cafes might be a good solution for you. Personally, I eat breakfast in my room most mornings.  As always, Vanessa and I will organise some early morning walks and Adrian can run the Run Club.

Thursday: Light snacks are served on Thursday evening, sometimes it's enough, sometimes it isn't. So if we need to, we might eat a pizza or something after the meet and greet.

Friday morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea are provided. We will be free to go out to dinner. Each Unit might come up with a plan. Cost of dinner is usually less than $50 and the restaurants in the past have been BYO (so I bring a bottle of wine from home).

Saturday, other than breakfast, all food is included: morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and the gala dinner.

Conference SHOP
You are under no obligation to participate in conference shop, but there are usually some great bargains to be had – exclusive to conference attendees. I buy door prize items and small host gifts. You can also do personal shopping, gift purchases, and stock up on wax (usually discontinued fragrances).

Total Cost
All in all, with flights, accommodation, registration, breakfasts, 2 dinners, beverages, and conference shop, I suppose I spend about $1000-$1200. That's $300 a day. I get back motivation, inspiration, education, friendships, training, stories, free products (worth about $500!), pride in our company, and incentives to achieve even more in my business. Your return on investment is FANTASTIC.

OK – I hope I’ve given you lots of reasons to ask more questions, get planning, and get your registration in! You will absolutely LOVE conference. Once you go, it’ll be something you’ll tell other people they shouldn’t miss. I guarantee it!