Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Personal Websites Have Arrived!

Right now, the leader team is experimenting with the personal websites. You can see mine at www.wendythecandlelady.partylite.com.au.

So, now that I have a website, what will I do with it? Here are some hints and tips for you.

  1. Add the web address to my email signature.
  2. Suggest to my clients that they save my website in their favourites so they can easily contact me to reorder or to book a party.
  3. Include a link to it in my thank you emails to guests.
  4. Send the link to hosts so they can share our online catalogue and guest specials with their friends and collect some outside orders.
  5. Send it to potential consultants so they can see the marketing support that PartyLite provides and so they can read my story.
  6. Add it to my  business cards the next time I have them printed.
  7. Update my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts with the new site address.
  8. Include a link to it when I make candle related updates on Facebook.

The benefits of using the personal website instead of the company website are incredible. When we  to send out the PartyLite website, we are sending the client away from our personal business and potentially losing them to another consultant. Of course, if the client already knows you, they will probably find you, but if they are a new person to PartyLite or a new contact you've made, you want to keep them in your sights.

The biggest benefit to having your own website is in networking away from the party arena. When you meet new people and they have not experienced you or PartyLite, you want to be able to give them information about your business, get them excited, and ensure that they contact YOU for more details. Having your own page is so much better than making them look you up.

The second benefit to having your own website is that, you can bet your bottom dollar, we will eventually have online ordering like they do in the US. Your clients will be able to order from your site and you will get the commission. You want your clients to get used to finding you online now. Tease them with what the future holds....

When the sites are released to consultants (estimated to be in January 2013), read the instructions clearly, enroll ASAP, update your details, add your picture, and keep it up to date. Then launch it with a big fan fare. (It's a great reason to call people.)

Practice getting people to your site now and you will be learning marketing skills that will work very well for growing your business as PartyLite continues to expand our online capabilities.