Friday, April 27, 2012

The Joy List

We have just launched a new 3-month promotion to support new people becoming Independent PartyLite Consultants. Instead of booking 6 shows to start, a new consultant can start with 2 firm dates. With free training for new consultants, we can teach new consultants how to turn those first 2 shows into a reliable income stream.

A few years ago, my friend Angela and I learned about a list of all the benefits you get when you start a PartyLite business. We call it The Joy List. Here is the letter we created. Feel free to adapt it to your business.

The Joy List
"Find what brings you Joy and go there." 

You deserve the freedom to have...
  • Quality time and a career that you love and enjoy!
  • Flexible working hours
  • Quality family time
  • Time for you and your passions
  • No deliveries
Starting your own business as an Independent PartyLite Consultant is simple! With no costs at all (simply host a Starter Show with $550 in sales) and by investing about 10 hours a week of your time you will receive:
  1. A selection of PartyLite current best selling products worth over $600 in your Starter Kit
  2. An immediate income (start at 22% of all your sales) as soon as you join
  3. A comprehensive training guide and on-going support from your Leader from day one
  4. Literature, stationery and a fragrance set free to compliment your business
  5. Monthly unit meetings that are fun, informal and encouraging
  6. Gifts worth $112.50 when you hold six shows in your first three weeks of business, Sponsor in your first month you will receive another $73.50 of gifting.
  7. Products, gift certificates & commission of approx $3,000 when you are a bonus earner* in each of the first three months of your PartyLite business
  8. Consultant discounts on every product in the catalogue (40% off everything)
  9. A subscription to Reflections, PartyLite’s monthly Consultant magazine
  10. Access to Candle Connection, PartyLite’s monthly E-newsletter for all your clients
  11. Free $50 hostess gift vouchers in your first month of business
  12. Direct online access to PartyLite’s internal website (CBC) for news, updates and events
  13. Online ordering and credit card processing (offline still available if you prefer)
  14. Direct access to your own personal sales information and client management database
  15. An invitation every year to the PartyLite Annual Conference (Aug 2-4, 2012, Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour)
  16. An opportunity to receive a free vacation (Hayman Island in May, New York in June for PartyLites’ 10 years in Australia!)
  17. Your own personal business coach… me!
  18. PartyLite is about enjoyment. You run your business and invest the time that suits you and your family. There is no pressure, you simply choose how much you want to earn and your Leader will support you to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself and your business.
  19. On top of that, you get paid weekly 22% profit of all your Sales from your shows and independent orders. Bonus earners* get 28% profit.
And finally, you work when you want to work. Family and personal time comes first. And that's the way it should be!
  • How much difference would an extra $100 a week make to your life?
  • How much difference would an extra $1,000 a month make to your life?
  • Does your job pay enough for you to live the life you want?