Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Six Show Trial

Hello. At the Annual Conference earlier this month, I listened intently as successful people shared their successful activities with everyone. Words are so important. I'd like to share the words I found most exhilarating.

"Our Free Six Show Trial"

WOW! Those words are powerful to me. They capture the element of no monetary investment and they overcome feelings of long-term commitment by limiting the effort to six shows.

"If you've been looking for an opportunity to make some extra money, but
don't know if the party plan business is for you, just try our free six show
trial. Host a show where I present, and organise 6 shows for yourself. If you
find you don't like the business after the six shows, simply let me know and
I'll work with you to transition your customers to another consultant. Whether
you stay or go, you get to keep the starter kit. Watch what I do today. It's
fun, easy, and free to start with our six show trial."

And that's all there is to it. Using this introduction, I actually see multiple people nodding at the prospect. Those are my leads. I then do the show, learn more about them, and as I take their order, I invite them to meet me for an information appointment later.

At the information appointment I read the 10 Reasons to Discover PartyLite brochure to them. Yes, literally. I read it to them. I also bring a New Consultant Agreement with me and hand it to them once I get to the back cover. It's the first step listed, so I offer for them to sign it.

"Why not?"

That's what I've heard from a few people I've talked to. Now I that feels good.

Be confident. Be proud. Be generous. Be strong. You simply need to be consistent and persistent. You can do it!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Paraffin Wax

Did you see the article about paraffin wax in the Thursday Telegraph? I actually had a client call me on Thursday morning to tell me about it. I didn't panic. I hope you didn't either.

Be in the know and you will be able to handle customer questions, concerns, and challenges. I implore you not to argue with clients. Inform them. Here is some official information I have just received from PartyLite. I encourage you to read it thoroughly and make sure you understand it. You don't need to know the science. You need to know the right words if questions come up.
We had a few queries about the article in "The Telegraph" which stated the following:

"Burning candles made from paraffin wax –– the most common kind used to infuse rooms with romantic ambiance, warmth, light, and fragrance –– is an unrecognized source of exposure to indoor air pollution, including the known human carcinogens, scientists are reporting. Levels can build up in closed rooms, and be reduced by ventilation, they indicated. The researchers say said that that candles made from bee's wax or soy, although more expensive, apparently are healthier. "

Toxins are emitted from all burning things. Paraffin and soy release almost exactly the same ingredients in the same amount when burned. The amount of toxins released by a candle are far below any level that is a concern to health. A study conducted on behalf of all the candle associations in the world demonstrated that fact. The summary of the report can be found at:

My presentation (and my candle burning habits) will change very little as a result of the article. I hope you will call me if you are uncomfortable in addressing this issue so you can develop your own words with truth and confidence.

Happy (and healthy) burning! WLC.

Once You Get On a Roll....

Wow. I've just been making some calls to invite clients to our upcoming Decorate Celebrate Illuminate night (I'm calling it our Customer Appreciation Night). What a pleasure it's been.

It's interesting, isn't it? The feeling of inviting someone to an event where it's all about them has made these calls easy. I feel like I'm giving back a small bit to people who have given me so much.

I'm calling to invite you to the launch of our supplemental summer/holiday catalogue. It's an opportunity for you to see all of the new product ranges. We're offering champagne on arrival and we'll have some fantastic raffle prizes to raise money for Children's Hospital Foundations Australia. No formal presentations, just tables of beautiful products and an opportunity to see them all live and in person. Would you like me to send you some tickets for you and a friend?

The response is quite good. Much, much better than I've ever gotten with my emails and post. Even written invitations didn't get as good a response as I'm getting now.

And you know what? I'm enjoying making the calls. I've developed a pattern and have a process so I know who I've called and what my action is. It's working!

I have hundreds of clients, so this will take me awhile. I want to have all of these calls done by next Wednesday and then I'll prepare my reminder SMS for the day before the event and the day of.

I hope I've inspired you. Call me if you want to know my process - it's working a treat. :) WLC.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Invitation

Hello my fellow consultants. I would like to invite you to view and subscribe to another website I publish: Profitable Party Plan. After over four years in party plan and with all of the research I do on this business, I've decided to share some general information about how to actually make money in the party plan industry.

Whether you call it Direct Marketing, Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing, or Party Plan, I think our industry has a haphazard reputation and I'd like to do something about it.

So please have a look at the site (it's pretty new) and if you're interested in viewing the content as I add it, I suggest you subscribe to that site, too.

Here's my tagline for that site:

Wendy Lloyd Curley is an Expert in Profitable Party Planning

Friday, August 14, 2009

How to be a Unit Leader in 2 Months

Want to be a Unit Leader? Are you impatient? Me too. So here is an easy formula to get you there fast.
  1. Hold 8+ shows this month (you now have 8 immediate leads and 80 guests who might be leads)

  2. Invite all leads to information appointments this month (using the new 10 Reasons to Discover PartyLite brochure - invite your hosts to meet with you before their shows)

  3. Submit 2 starter shows this month

  4. Participate in Start With Success Training with your new Consultants and your Leader (train all starters to be active and to sponsor one person per month)

  5. Hold 8+ shows next month (you now have another 8 immediate leads and 80 guests who might be leads)

  6. Invite all leads to information appointments next month (using the new 10 Reasons to Discover PartyLite brochure - invite all of your hosts to meet with you before their shows)

  7. Submit 2 starter shows next month

  8. Assist both of your new consultants from Month 1 in submitting (at least) one starter show

  9. Participate in Start With Success Training with your new Consultants and your Leader (train all starters to be active and to sponsor one person per month)
Desired result in month 2:
  • You achieve $2800+ in sales.

  • You have 4 personally sponsored consultants.

  • You have 6 active consultants ($900+ in sales, 4 of whom must be qualified, i.e. $2000+ in total sales).
Official result: you are promoted to Unit Leader on the 1st of the next month!

Want my help to get there? Set up a weekly coaching call.

Why the Tree?

The tree represents your business. The roots represent your strength, your support, your effort, your discipline. The trunk represents your income. The branches and leaves represent your downline. Plant a seed, grow a strong root system, feed your tree well, and watch the new branches grow, the leaves sprout, and the trunk get stronger and stronger every year.

With consistency, persistence, and discipline, we can all be RVPs!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Add it up!

Vietnam! Have you looked at the website for the hotel we'll be staying in? Go on. Have a look. There's music on the site, so if you're in an office, you might turn down the volume.

Some of you are looking at the website and saying, "I wish I could go, but I won't get there." And with an attitude like that, you're right.

So change your attitude. :)

Take Some Action

I've been making calls for our September 1st Decorate, Celebrate, Illuminate product launch at Parramatta RSL. Some are very excited - I'm sending them tickets. Most people I call cannot come, but they want to see the new catalogue. For VIPs, I'm posting them out liberally, and for other clients I'm suggesting that they host a show so I can send them a hostess pack with both catalogues. I'm also inviting them to my own home show later this month. (If they insist, I'm sending them a catalogue, too, but you can bet that I'm keeping track of them and will follow up in a week or two to get either a show or an order.)

But here's the cool thing. I'm also taking orders.

"I've been meaning to call you" or, "I was thinking about you the other day" are words I've heard from lots of clients. Thank goodness I called them!

But none of them needed $150 worth. What was I to do?

One solution: Three clients all needed tealights in one suburb, so you know what I did? I submitted the $174 order and gave the product credit to one lucky lady who will be receiving the delivery. That's my way of paying her for calling the other two and arranging pickup.

Another solution: I'll put in an order myself and deliver the items over a fortnight. Some people might come to me to pick up the orders. Regardless, I'll give great customer service and hopefully get some good face to face time with clients I wouldn't have gotten to see otherwise. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

The best part is that I've got happy clients. The second best part is that I get double points for Vietnam in August, so I've just gotten another 348 points. Yippee! It all adds up!

I think I'll go make more calls.... Tạm biệt! ("Bye for now!")

Monday, August 10, 2009

Conference Reflections

You can click on these pictures to see them in bigger sizes. Then hit your "back" button to return to the article.

Every year that I attend PartyLite's Annual Conference, I am inspired by the stories from my peers and amazed by the generosity of the company. Not particularly for the free products that we receive (though bringing home over $400 of products from the new catalogue will help my business a lot), but for the information and inspiration that they shower upon us. I don't usually take many notes, I prefer to listen closely and let it all sink in. Here are a few things I remember very clearly because they were so powerful that I wrote them down.

1. Eliana had five show tips for us as we launch the supplementary catalogue with the everyday: (1) keep it simple (perfect 10), (2) use three placemat settings, (3) display in simple groups representing about $150 in product each, (4) show off our product versatility wherever possible, and (5) use your display to emphasise the hostess benefits.

2. Dracy took it one step further. Offer our beautiful products at full price. Offer each setting to future hosts who want to collect the whole table for free by hosting 3-4 shows. And offer impatient people (who want it all now) the opportunity to do a six show trial and get the whole table full for free. That was a WOW for me and I'm going to say something like that at every show.

3. Duplication is the key to succeeding grandly in this business. If you sponsor 1 person this month, and if she and you both sponsor one person in September, and if the four of you sponsor one person in October, and if the eight of you sponsor one in November, and if the 16 of you sponsor one person in December, and if the 32 of you sponsor one person in January, and if the 64 of you sponsor one person in February.... Well, you can see the power of duplication. Not only would you have an impressive downline, you would be a Unit Leader, you would be earning your personal commission and 6 % of what your downline sells, and surely 5 of your personal sponsors would have qualified in their first business month, so you would have lots of points to go to Vietnam. You would indeed be succeeding grandly.

I read my Reflections from cover to cover last night. You should get it early this week. Janelle has written some great training inside. The back cover has an article by Debbie Phoenix that all of us should read several times. Debbie is an inspiration. I am so happy that she shares her ideas and her knowledge so freely with everyone.

The Rainbows Unit has plenty to be proud of. Eliana gave us some regional recognition that, to be honest, surprised and delighted me. We had the highest regional sales and the highest regional sponsoring of all the Units under Eliana. We even beat Eliana's Unit, Ignite, which is the first time that has ever happened. I am so proud of the Rainbows and so happy that our successes have been recognised. There are beautiful awards filling up my new office. And plenty more to come, I'm sure!

Each year, the Butterfly Ceremony is a special tradition for new Unit Leaders. I was honoured to escort Nicole to the stage and to light her Unit Leader candle. It would make me incredibly proud to do the same for every member of the Rainbows. Leadership with PartyLite can make you as happy, proud, and financially independent as I am... and more.

Our guest speaker, Lisa McInnis-Smith, was an absolute show-stealer. Her messages to us were ones we can and will take into our daily lives as women, wives, mothers, employees, and PartyLite Consultants. If she sold DVDs of her presentations, I'd buy them to share with you all. I sincerely hope that you get to see her one day. Everyone could use a little Lisa!

So I'm back on the ground and putting my nose to the grindstone. August has brought me a new catalogue, double points for Vietnam, cool candle weather, and a heap of new words and ideas for shows. I'm going to make that call everyday and grow my business. If RVP is the place to be, I want to be there. And if I have to put a date on it, why not make it there within 12 months? Well there, I've done it. I've put it in writing. I know where I'm going. Who's coming with me? :)