Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Persistence is the Key to Success

Seth Godin (a hero of mine) recently wrote, "Consistently showing up on the radar of the right audience is more highly prized than reaching the masses, once then done."

He inspired this post.


When you start your candle business, you go out and tell lots of people about your new adventure and you ask them for help in getting started.

Some consultants start with a bang and then get stuck. Where to next? What do I do?

And if it's all seeming too hard, they might... just... let... it... go....

Persistence is a word that comes up a lot in my Unit Meetings, New Consultant Training, and Weekly Coaching calls.

Here are some hints on how to persist.
  1. If you didn't do this when you started, do it now. Seriously, write down a big long list of people who you are going to tell about your business and contact them on the phone or in person to tell them about it.
  2. Use the Connect 25 strategy every week after you start. (I'll write a blog about that strategy soon, but ask your Leader if you don't know what it is.)
  3. Ask each person in #1 and #2 if they would like to receive your monthly email update on specials. (I just assume you have signed up for Candle Connection - the easiest, simplest, and cheapest way to touch every one of your clients on a monthly basis.)
  4. Add every contact who says yes to receiving your monthly email update into your customer database on the CBC (not just guests at shows... everyone you meet who wants it). Include, at a minimum, the email address and phone number. (Including the home address if you have it will really help your host when she makes deliveries later.)
  5. Have a special book of lists where you write down people in categories. Want some examples? People who collect elephants, love blue, don't have school age children, told you they'd love to  be a consultant someday... just not now, love Mystery Boxes, want to buy the GloLites (but only on sale), don't like to have parties (but love to order), book a party every time there is a 30% hostess credit offered.... There are lots of lists.
  6. Read the specials each month when you get them and use your lists to make a new list of people who you know would want a personal call to highlight them. (For example, if their favourite colour is purple, this month we have 3 beautiful pieces in purple that are only $10 each.)
  7. Read the specials each month when you get them and use the CBC to look up every client who bought those products in the past. Print those lists and contact those people to let them know that those items are on sale.
  8. Each week (at least), look at your order tracking online and call the hosts who received their orders. After each show, call every guest and thank them for coming. Tell them you have placed the order and can't wait for them to get their stuff. Ask them how they are doing with the unpacking, bagging, and pick-ups/delivery. Give her advice.
  9. After your host has delivered all the guest orders, contact each guest to make sure she is 100% happy with what she got. (Buy more ROF forms in your next consultant order.)
  10. Wear your PartyLite Pin everyday.
  11. Read a book on successful network marketing. (Don't just buy it, read it.)
  12. Re-read a chapter of your Consultant Guide each month.
I could go on. There are so many ways to persist. One of the best ways is to always attend your Unit Meetings. Always.

So what is pushy? Calling someone without a reason. Not taking no for an answer (of course you need to learn how to overcome objections, and how to offer alternatives, but you also need to take no for an answer). Calling the same people over and over again without a targeted, relevant message (friends and family will start to avoid you if you don't have a specific reason for approaching them again). Sending people email they didn't ask for. All of these are pushy. None of them feel right. Rarely do they work.

You have the power. It's your business. It's not just about shows. You need to give yourself customer service jobs to do to make it grow. That's what the list above is all about. Growing your business. Making it worth your while. Making it something you enjoy AND something you benefit from.

Keep spreading the light.