Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Matters Now - A Free E-Book

Hi. I have just spent a half an hour reading a free e-book. Hint: Don't print it. Read it. My analysis: about 5 of the pages were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, about 70 were great, and about 5 I skimmed and let go.

Personal development comes from investing some time in reading, learning, doing new things, and sharing ideas.

I'm sharing this. What Matters Now. WLC.

Wendy Lloyd Curley - Expert in Profitable Party Planning

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2010 Unit Meeting Dates and a Surprise!

Hi Rainbows! Here are our Unit Meeting Dates. All Unit Meetings will take place at my home or via Skype. The Regional Meetings will be somewhere in Sydney. (I can't wait for these! We can bring guests. Lots of training and celebrations. Sort of like a mini conference.) The surprise is that PartyLite has let us know when conference is, too, so you can add that to your calendar already. And of course, there is the trip to Vietnam....

January Unit Meeting: Wednesday 27th 
February Unit Meeting: Wednesday 24th
March Unit Meeting: Wednesday 31st
April Regional Meeting: Tuesday 27th
May Unit Meeting: Wednesday 26th
  ~   Vietnam! Thursday, 27th May-Tuesday, 1st June
June Unit Meeting: Wednesday 23rd
July Unit Meeting: Wednesday 21st
  ~   Conference! Thursday 29th July-Saturday, 31st July
August Unit Meeting: Wednesday 25th
September Unit Meeting: Wednesday 22nd
October Regional Meeting: Tuesday 26th
November/December Unit Meeting: Wednesday 1st
December Celebration: Wednesday 15th

Still to come are dates for the training workshops. I'll add them in another update as soon as I have them (link added April 2010). Cheers! WLC.

Wendy Lloyd Curley - Expert in Profitable Party Planning

Friday, November 13, 2009

Magic Tealight Promotion Clarification

UPDATE: The promotion cutoff has been modified to be Sunday, January 31st. I've changed the information below to match that.

Hello Aussie PartyLite people. I just wanted to clarify the very specific cut off dates and times for the Magic Tealight promotion.
  • The month end for January is midnight on Friday, January 29th. Shows submitted before midnight will count in January and will be eligible for the promotion.
  • The cutoff for the promotion is midnight on Sunday, January 31st. 
  • Any shows submitted after that date WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE for the Magic Tealight promotion.

Please ensure you collect all payments at the shows and coach your hosts and guests appropriately to ensure everyone is happy when the bell tolls midnight. If you have a show on Sunday, January 31st - be strong and be organised!

Happy selling! WLC.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wrap it Up!

What's Wendy Say?

This is the third in a series about what I say for the different cards.

This card reminds me to cover three things with you. The first one is that candles make great presents. And I think it's important to remember that men enjoy candles too. Women enjoy candle parties, but men love candles. :) So as you flip through the catalogue, think about upcoming events like housewarmings, birthdays, showers, BBQs, Christmas, christenings, and the like. I bet you can find something unique, special, and long lasting that they'll love.

Second, I like to make sure I always cover our product guarantee. PartyLite offers a 90 day guarantee on everything. Even if you just change your mind. If anything is broken, damaged, or defective, please call me and I'll get a new one to you right away. If you select something and when it arrives, you decide that it's just not right, call me and I'll exchange it for something that you prefer. Or I'll even give you your money back. I want you to be 100% happy. So please contact me if that's not the case. Just remember, we have 90 days.

And third, I'd like to cover my ordering process. I take orders tonight, I take payments tonight, and I'll put the show into our online system tomorrow. Then in 2-3 weeks, the order will be delivered to your host. She then gets to open up the boxes, look at all of the cool things that you've ordered, and pick out what she wants... just kidding! But she does divide up the order and then you can organise pick up or delivery from her.

So that's the "Wrap it Up" card. Any questions? OK... who's next?

Series Recap

$100 a Night, 2 Nights a Week, Fun, Easy and Free
$100 Shopping Spree Plus More 
Wrap It Up!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Three to get ready...

One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready...
Three to get ready...
Three to get ready...

I'm in the middle of listening to a book review on another website and I had to push pause, open up another tab and post this message to you. The man responsible for these thoughts is Gary Ryan Blair. I've been participating in his 100 Day Challenge for 32 days now. It's an amazing program. Here's the WOW I just heard (paraphrasing):
Most of us spend our time getting ready to do something. Preparing. Training. Practicing. Dreaming. Considering. Wishing.

Just do it.

The purpose of setting up goals is to accomplish them.
So now, go back to the post I wrote yesterday and ask yourself what you've done in the past 24 hours to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

It's unbelievable how easy it really is....

FYI - the book review is worth your time. It's about 60 minutes. It's in American accents. It's promoting a program you can't sign up for now (though I hope he runs it again). And it's still absolutely worth you listening....

I'm going to do a spell check and then get back to the rest of the review.... And four to GO! WLC.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What Will You Achieve in November?

OK candle consultants, it's November! At the end of this month, which statements do you want to be true?
  1. I submited enough to be active.
  2. I called my clients from October and made sure they were happy.
  3. I bonused.
  4. I hosted a home show for over $550.
  5. I took November off.
  6. I took my PartyLite business seriously and it changed my outcomes for the better.
  7. I attended the Rainbows and Sparklers Unit Meeting at Ange's on Wednesday, November 25th.
  8. I did what I usually do and I got the results I expected.
  9. I sold more this month than I've ever sold in a month before.
  10. I made $1000 to buy presents for my family for Christmas.
  11. I brought three people to Wendy's Monday Info Nights and two of them booked starter shows.
Me? I will achieve 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, and 11.

How do I know I will achieve them? Why aren't I saying that I'll try to achieve them? After all, it's only November 2, so how could I possibly know that I will achieve them?

Do you believe I'll achieve them?

I bet you do. I bet you believe in me. You know that I set goals and then work to achieve them.

If I were to miss my goals, I could have plenty of excuses on the ready for not achieving them. I'm going on a week long vacation that is taking 2 weekends out of my available November dates. I have 2 gigs on Saturday nights. I have housework and shopping and rehearsals and practice and workouts and new consultant training and Copper's physical therapy (my dog who is rehabilitating from being hit by a car in late August) and, and, and....

But I choose to plan around those things. To know that they will be happening. To work my PartyLite business into my life.

You have a busy life, too. So pick a few statements from my list above and make them fit into your life this month. Or make up your own. You will do it if you set the goal and then do it. Just don't try to do it. Make it happen.

Advertisement: Please visit my revamped website about profitable party planning. With the content there, next year I'm publishing an e-book about how to run a profitable party plan business. I'd love your input and feedback as I publish articles.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Host a Home Show

Here are some simple tips and alternatives for hosting a show at your house.
  • Have a show regularly - I suggest once a month. Set the date one month ahead of time.
  • Keep track of who you invite - Put a piece of paper into your purse to keep track of who you've invited. As you invite people, add their name and phone number to this list.
  • Invite people - Write out or print 30 invitations and have them in your purse. Give these invitations out liberally to people you meet/run into in the course of your daily routines. Make more if you need to. Keep track of who you give these to on your list.
  • Invite more people - Promote the home show at your other shows. "I live in [suburb name] and I'll be hosting a show on the 23rd. You are all welcome to come and to bring a friend. Please let me know if you'd like a card with the details." Keep track of who takes one on your list.
  • Invite even more people - Make the home show a part of your client calls "I'm calling to see how you are enjoying the products you bought and to let you know that I'm hosting a show on the 23rd for people who can't make it to a show this month." Send reminder cards to people who respond well and keep track of interested clients on your list.
  • Outside orders - Take orders over the course of the month and add them to the show.
  • Remind people - One day before the show, call (and/or email and/or SMS) to remind everyone on your list about the show. Remind them to bring friends. Note if they are planning to come. Calling will give you the best results.
  • Reason to come - Let people know that you usually only bring 10 items to a show, but when they come to your home, they can see everything you have.
  • Reason to come - Hold a raffle for anyone who orders and give the winner $50 in free products or a $50 GC. (Buy the GC out of the product credit you earn from the show. You can have as many winners as you want based on the sales at the show.)
  • Make it beautiful - Plan time to clean up the house and to set up displays.
  • Follow-up - Contact people who you thought would come, but who didn't. Tell them you're sorry they couldn't make it and ask if they want to add anything to the order.
  • Follow-up - Contact those who did and let them know that the order has been placed and should arrive in the next three weeks. Let them know you will contact them when the products arrive to orgainse delivery or pickup.
Show Option - start at a specific time
  • Introductions are really important since guests are not likely to know each other.
  • USE THE CARDS at the show. Promote the hostess benefits. Promote the business opportunity. Promote the specials and promotions.
Open House Option - suggest 2 hour window only
  • Invite couples. Ask your partner and/or a friend to help host.
  • Let conversations occur naturally but as you move from group to group, direct conversations to candles - ask people what they like. Offer candle advice (3-5-7, Snip, Snuff, Hug, Show it Off) to people as you chat with them. Ask if they want to buy now or host a show and get it for free.
The key is to promote your home show to lots of people. You have to keep a list of who you've invited and I highly recommend that you call each person the day before to remind them and to let them know that they can bring a friend.

Benefits to your business

If you do this regularly (monthly or at least quarterly), you will become a better hostess coach. You will be able to articulate the benefit of inviting people personally, sending reminder cards, and doing follow-up calls.

Another benefit is that you will always have a reason to talk to people about your candle business.

And of course, you will increase your commissions. You will promote the host benefits and get more shows. Even if people don't buy immediately, you are promoting your business.

No matter how many people come, be professional. Network well. Enjoy the event.

Do you have other ideas for home shows? Please share them with us.

Make it a great day! WLC.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Building a Network

If you are in your Brite Start period (or if you're thinking about starting up again), you should read the latest blog from Seth Godin. It's worth reading. Why? Because the circles he refers to are exactly the circles (i.e. networks) we need to build.

You simply must build a network away from your initial FRANK list to make this business work.

I liken it to growing a tree.
"Plant a seed, grow a strong root system, feed your tree well, and watch the new branches grow, the leaves sprout, and the trunk get stronger and stronger every year."

Make it a great day! WLC.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekly Goals

Our specials and our profit plan emphasize monthly plans and end of month deadlines. As a result, I think we slack off a bit at the beginning of each month because we think we have heaps of time left.... I know I do.

So starting now, I'm setting weekly goals and work to weekly and even daily plans.

Next week my goals are to do 2-3 shows, to hold 2-3 information appointments, to contact 10 consultants on my team, to keep track of my business income and expenditures, and to contact all my clients who took delivery of their items this week.

You can see that these goals now enable me to make a to do list. I think it'll drive my business forward more than monthly goals.

What are your weekly goals? Don't have any? Well, maybe that's goal #1. Get to it....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Six Show Trial

Hello. At the Annual Conference earlier this month, I listened intently as successful people shared their successful activities with everyone. Words are so important. I'd like to share the words I found most exhilarating.

"Our Free Six Show Trial"

WOW! Those words are powerful to me. They capture the element of no monetary investment and they overcome feelings of long-term commitment by limiting the effort to six shows.

"If you've been looking for an opportunity to make some extra money, but
don't know if the party plan business is for you, just try our free six show
trial. Host a show where I present, and organise 6 shows for yourself. If you
find you don't like the business after the six shows, simply let me know and
I'll work with you to transition your customers to another consultant. Whether
you stay or go, you get to keep the starter kit. Watch what I do today. It's
fun, easy, and free to start with our six show trial."

And that's all there is to it. Using this introduction, I actually see multiple people nodding at the prospect. Those are my leads. I then do the show, learn more about them, and as I take their order, I invite them to meet me for an information appointment later.

At the information appointment I read the 10 Reasons to Discover PartyLite brochure to them. Yes, literally. I read it to them. I also bring a New Consultant Agreement with me and hand it to them once I get to the back cover. It's the first step listed, so I offer for them to sign it.

"Why not?"

That's what I've heard from a few people I've talked to. Now I that feels good.

Be confident. Be proud. Be generous. Be strong. You simply need to be consistent and persistent. You can do it!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Paraffin Wax

Did you see the article about paraffin wax in the Thursday Telegraph? I actually had a client call me on Thursday morning to tell me about it. I didn't panic. I hope you didn't either.

Be in the know and you will be able to handle customer questions, concerns, and challenges. I implore you not to argue with clients. Inform them. Here is some official information I have just received from PartyLite. I encourage you to read it thoroughly and make sure you understand it. You don't need to know the science. You need to know the right words if questions come up.
We had a few queries about the article in "The Telegraph" which stated the following:

"Burning candles made from paraffin wax –– the most common kind used to infuse rooms with romantic ambiance, warmth, light, and fragrance –– is an unrecognized source of exposure to indoor air pollution, including the known human carcinogens, scientists are reporting. Levels can build up in closed rooms, and be reduced by ventilation, they indicated. The researchers say said that that candles made from bee's wax or soy, although more expensive, apparently are healthier. "

Toxins are emitted from all burning things. Paraffin and soy release almost exactly the same ingredients in the same amount when burned. The amount of toxins released by a candle are far below any level that is a concern to health. A study conducted on behalf of all the candle associations in the world demonstrated that fact. The summary of the report can be found at:

My presentation (and my candle burning habits) will change very little as a result of the article. I hope you will call me if you are uncomfortable in addressing this issue so you can develop your own words with truth and confidence.

Happy (and healthy) burning! WLC.

Once You Get On a Roll....

Wow. I've just been making some calls to invite clients to our upcoming Decorate Celebrate Illuminate night (I'm calling it our Customer Appreciation Night). What a pleasure it's been.

It's interesting, isn't it? The feeling of inviting someone to an event where it's all about them has made these calls easy. I feel like I'm giving back a small bit to people who have given me so much.

I'm calling to invite you to the launch of our supplemental summer/holiday catalogue. It's an opportunity for you to see all of the new product ranges. We're offering champagne on arrival and we'll have some fantastic raffle prizes to raise money for Children's Hospital Foundations Australia. No formal presentations, just tables of beautiful products and an opportunity to see them all live and in person. Would you like me to send you some tickets for you and a friend?

The response is quite good. Much, much better than I've ever gotten with my emails and post. Even written invitations didn't get as good a response as I'm getting now.

And you know what? I'm enjoying making the calls. I've developed a pattern and have a process so I know who I've called and what my action is. It's working!

I have hundreds of clients, so this will take me awhile. I want to have all of these calls done by next Wednesday and then I'll prepare my reminder SMS for the day before the event and the day of.

I hope I've inspired you. Call me if you want to know my process - it's working a treat. :) WLC.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Invitation

Hello my fellow consultants. I would like to invite you to view and subscribe to another website I publish: Profitable Party Plan. After over four years in party plan and with all of the research I do on this business, I've decided to share some general information about how to actually make money in the party plan industry.

Whether you call it Direct Marketing, Direct Selling, Multi-Level Marketing, or Party Plan, I think our industry has a haphazard reputation and I'd like to do something about it.

So please have a look at the site (it's pretty new) and if you're interested in viewing the content as I add it, I suggest you subscribe to that site, too.

Here's my tagline for that site:

Wendy Lloyd Curley is an Expert in Profitable Party Planning

Friday, August 14, 2009

How to be a Unit Leader in 2 Months

Want to be a Unit Leader? Are you impatient? Me too. So here is an easy formula to get you there fast.
  1. Hold 8+ shows this month (you now have 8 immediate leads and 80 guests who might be leads)

  2. Invite all leads to information appointments this month (using the new 10 Reasons to Discover PartyLite brochure - invite your hosts to meet with you before their shows)

  3. Submit 2 starter shows this month

  4. Participate in Start With Success Training with your new Consultants and your Leader (train all starters to be active and to sponsor one person per month)

  5. Hold 8+ shows next month (you now have another 8 immediate leads and 80 guests who might be leads)

  6. Invite all leads to information appointments next month (using the new 10 Reasons to Discover PartyLite brochure - invite all of your hosts to meet with you before their shows)

  7. Submit 2 starter shows next month

  8. Assist both of your new consultants from Month 1 in submitting (at least) one starter show

  9. Participate in Start With Success Training with your new Consultants and your Leader (train all starters to be active and to sponsor one person per month)
Desired result in month 2:
  • You achieve $2800+ in sales.

  • You have 4 personally sponsored consultants.

  • You have 6 active consultants ($900+ in sales, 4 of whom must be qualified, i.e. $2000+ in total sales).
Official result: you are promoted to Unit Leader on the 1st of the next month!

Want my help to get there? Set up a weekly coaching call.

Why the Tree?

The tree represents your business. The roots represent your strength, your support, your effort, your discipline. The trunk represents your income. The branches and leaves represent your downline. Plant a seed, grow a strong root system, feed your tree well, and watch the new branches grow, the leaves sprout, and the trunk get stronger and stronger every year.

With consistency, persistence, and discipline, we can all be RVPs!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Add it up!

Vietnam! Have you looked at the website for the hotel we'll be staying in? Go on. Have a look. There's music on the site, so if you're in an office, you might turn down the volume.

Some of you are looking at the website and saying, "I wish I could go, but I won't get there." And with an attitude like that, you're right.

So change your attitude. :)

Take Some Action

I've been making calls for our September 1st Decorate, Celebrate, Illuminate product launch at Parramatta RSL. Some are very excited - I'm sending them tickets. Most people I call cannot come, but they want to see the new catalogue. For VIPs, I'm posting them out liberally, and for other clients I'm suggesting that they host a show so I can send them a hostess pack with both catalogues. I'm also inviting them to my own home show later this month. (If they insist, I'm sending them a catalogue, too, but you can bet that I'm keeping track of them and will follow up in a week or two to get either a show or an order.)

But here's the cool thing. I'm also taking orders.

"I've been meaning to call you" or, "I was thinking about you the other day" are words I've heard from lots of clients. Thank goodness I called them!

But none of them needed $150 worth. What was I to do?

One solution: Three clients all needed tealights in one suburb, so you know what I did? I submitted the $174 order and gave the product credit to one lucky lady who will be receiving the delivery. That's my way of paying her for calling the other two and arranging pickup.

Another solution: I'll put in an order myself and deliver the items over a fortnight. Some people might come to me to pick up the orders. Regardless, I'll give great customer service and hopefully get some good face to face time with clients I wouldn't have gotten to see otherwise. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

The best part is that I've got happy clients. The second best part is that I get double points for Vietnam in August, so I've just gotten another 348 points. Yippee! It all adds up!

I think I'll go make more calls.... Tạm biệt! ("Bye for now!")

Monday, August 10, 2009

Conference Reflections

You can click on these pictures to see them in bigger sizes. Then hit your "back" button to return to the article.

Every year that I attend PartyLite's Annual Conference, I am inspired by the stories from my peers and amazed by the generosity of the company. Not particularly for the free products that we receive (though bringing home over $400 of products from the new catalogue will help my business a lot), but for the information and inspiration that they shower upon us. I don't usually take many notes, I prefer to listen closely and let it all sink in. Here are a few things I remember very clearly because they were so powerful that I wrote them down.

1. Eliana had five show tips for us as we launch the supplementary catalogue with the everyday: (1) keep it simple (perfect 10), (2) use three placemat settings, (3) display in simple groups representing about $150 in product each, (4) show off our product versatility wherever possible, and (5) use your display to emphasise the hostess benefits.

2. Dracy took it one step further. Offer our beautiful products at full price. Offer each setting to future hosts who want to collect the whole table for free by hosting 3-4 shows. And offer impatient people (who want it all now) the opportunity to do a six show trial and get the whole table full for free. That was a WOW for me and I'm going to say something like that at every show.

3. Duplication is the key to succeeding grandly in this business. If you sponsor 1 person this month, and if she and you both sponsor one person in September, and if the four of you sponsor one person in October, and if the eight of you sponsor one in November, and if the 16 of you sponsor one person in December, and if the 32 of you sponsor one person in January, and if the 64 of you sponsor one person in February.... Well, you can see the power of duplication. Not only would you have an impressive downline, you would be a Unit Leader, you would be earning your personal commission and 6 % of what your downline sells, and surely 5 of your personal sponsors would have qualified in their first business month, so you would have lots of points to go to Vietnam. You would indeed be succeeding grandly.

I read my Reflections from cover to cover last night. You should get it early this week. Janelle has written some great training inside. The back cover has an article by Debbie Phoenix that all of us should read several times. Debbie is an inspiration. I am so happy that she shares her ideas and her knowledge so freely with everyone.

The Rainbows Unit has plenty to be proud of. Eliana gave us some regional recognition that, to be honest, surprised and delighted me. We had the highest regional sales and the highest regional sponsoring of all the Units under Eliana. We even beat Eliana's Unit, Ignite, which is the first time that has ever happened. I am so proud of the Rainbows and so happy that our successes have been recognised. There are beautiful awards filling up my new office. And plenty more to come, I'm sure!

Each year, the Butterfly Ceremony is a special tradition for new Unit Leaders. I was honoured to escort Nicole to the stage and to light her Unit Leader candle. It would make me incredibly proud to do the same for every member of the Rainbows. Leadership with PartyLite can make you as happy, proud, and financially independent as I am... and more.

Our guest speaker, Lisa McInnis-Smith, was an absolute show-stealer. Her messages to us were ones we can and will take into our daily lives as women, wives, mothers, employees, and PartyLite Consultants. If she sold DVDs of her presentations, I'd buy them to share with you all. I sincerely hope that you get to see her one day. Everyone could use a little Lisa!

So I'm back on the ground and putting my nose to the grindstone. August has brought me a new catalogue, double points for Vietnam, cool candle weather, and a heap of new words and ideas for shows. I'm going to make that call everyday and grow my business. If RVP is the place to be, I want to be there. And if I have to put a date on it, why not make it there within 12 months? Well there, I've done it. I've put it in writing. I know where I'm going. Who's coming with me? :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letter to New Consultants

Congratulations on booking your starter show! I’m looking forward to coming to your starter show on [date] at [time]. You are joining a fantastic team of consultants, selling a respected range of products, with a company that offers unlimited income opportunity, exceptional rewards and recognition, and unparalleled support. PartyLite is a great business.

Just a reminder about some of the benefits of being a PartyLite consultant:

  1. Unlimited income opportunity
  2. No cost to join – just host a $550 or higher starter show
  3. Paid on-the-job training at your first six shows
  4. Free new consultant training (NCT)
  5. No deliveries
  6. Online ordering and reporting
  7. Monthly training and support meetings
  8. No boss – you’re in charge
  9. Great support - your sponsor and your unit leader are available to train, coach, and reward you
  10. Great product discounts

How to prepare for your starter show:

Schedule NCT with your sponsor and your unit leader. (You should do NCT as soon as you can after scheduling your starter show.)

Organise your show planner. Make up a calendar for the month of your starter show and next month. Make sure to block out family time, training dates, and other commitments first. Then highlight the days you are available to work.

Treat your starter show like a grand opening. Make a list of all the people you want to come. Call each person on that list and let them know you are sending them an invitation. Share with them how important it is to you for them to be there. Ask them if they know someone you don’t know who should be invited. Write out some blank invitations and keep them in your purse to hand out when you see people. Restock when you need to (your leader can provide you with more invitations).

  • Do call first to make it personal
  • Do follow-up with an invitation via post
  • Do follow-up with an invitation via email
  • Do not use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace – these are not personal
Collect RSVPs and keep a list of who’s coming.

  • Offer presents to people who bring guests (one for them and one for the guest)
  • Encourage “party crashers” (extra guests)

If people can’t make it.

  • Invite them to come over, browse the catalogue, and pre-order. Use the one on one time to share your excitement about starting and to ask for their referrals.
  • Let them know that you want to set up at least 6 training shows. Invite them to host a show themselves. Tell them that most hosts receive at least $150 in free products.
  • Invite them to your follow-up launch. I strongly recommend you set up another show on a different day of the week a couple of weeks after your starter show.

Don’t over cater! Candle shows are social, fun, and informative. Depending on the time of the show, your guests might just like a drink and a light snack. Most of the time, coffee, tea, and a plate of biscuits is all that is needed. Or maybe a bottle of wine with some cheese and crackers. It doesn’t need to be extravagant... the candles will be.

Ask a friend to help you host the party. Part of your training is to watch me do the show. A friend who can get drinks, answer the door, or get food out of the oven for you will be very helpful.

Call your sponsor or your leader whenever you have questions – we’re here to help!

My biggest hint: First call people to invite them. Then send the invitation.
Please do come to our unit meeting on [date and time]. It’s at [location]. For NCT, please let me know if you can do [small selection of dates and times] [include location].

Welcome to the team! WLC.

Make that call (again)

Here it is Tuesday morning. You were diligent over the weekend and called ten clients. Only three of them answered the phone. The rest you left messages for. Did the messages sound something like, "Just calling to see how you are enjoying your candles. Please call me if you need anything." Or maybe you got one of those cool (annoying) phone recordings that will leave your callback number if you wait until after the beep. Surely the person you called will phone you back if they are interested....

The cold hard truth is that you need to call those seven people back.

My husband taught me a very valuable lesson about a month ago. It's been really liberating for me. He told me that a good salesperson always takes the action to get back to the customer.

  • Sorry I missed you today. I am calling you to see how you are enjoying your candles. I'll call you back later in the week.
  • I'm so proud of you for lighting them and enjoying them. I'll call you next month with our specials and to see if you need any more.
  • Sure, I'll pop a catalogue into the mail for you today. I'll call you on the weekend.
  • Please read the information in this sponsoring pack. I'll call you tomorrow to answer any questions you may have.

I'll call you. I'll call you. I'll call you. I'll call you.

It's simply not their job to call us back. And that's why they don't.

Some of you are reading this and thinking that you will feel like a stalker. That if you have called someone 4 times and they haven't called you back then it indicates that they don't want anything. But that's simply not true.

You are a sales person. Our calls are easy. You are calling people you've met. People who've spent money with you. People who are either burning their candles and loving them, burning their candles and disappointed in something, people who gave candles away as a gift, or people who haven't opened the boxes yet.

My inspiration for this article was another brilliant post from Seth Godin. The little shovel is our phone calls. The bigger shovel is when we sponsor people.

So, this week, go back to your list and make that call (again).

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Celebrating Success

Note: This site was down this morning. I'm not sure what happened, but I've corrected it (I hope).

I wanted to share this photograph with you. From left to right it is Angela, me, Eliana, and Nicole. We were at last month's Sydney Business Development Training hosted by Janelle. We were celebrating my friend Nicole's promotion to Unit Leader and my promotion to Senior Unit Leader. Angela (in case you don't know) is my best friend, upline, and she sponsored me. And Eliana is our friend, mentor, upline, and PartyLite Australia's Business Development Manager for NSW and ACT.

We make a great team! Thanks for being a part of it with us. Feel free to join us in leadership; this is the best job in the world. :)

Happy burning! WLC.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PartyLite USA

Hi. Occasionally I have a look at the PartyLite USA website. There are some really neat features that the PartyLite USA consultants have access to. Things like their own personal websites that fit in with the overall PartyLite brand image. I hope we get those someday.

I also know that there is some online training available in the US. The PartyLite Australia leader team has been briefed on this training and we hope it will be customised to our market and launched to us in the next few months. I expect we'll have a few surprises released at our conference training. Fingers crossed!

There are also some really neat online modules that cover the PartyLite USA opportunity. Unfortunately they are not tailored to the Aussie market, but they still pack a powerful punch. If you are looking for some inspiration about why PartyLite is still the right path for you, or if you are looking for some support as you discuss the incredible PartyLite opportunity with others, this website (http://usolc.partylite.com/Stage/Opportunity/) might have some things on it that you like. Click around on it and watch a few videos. They are all short and sweet.

Happy burning! WLC.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Do You Love Your PartyLite Business?

Would you be happy to shout about it from the rooftops?

I know I would. In fact, I do. And I thought you might be interested to see what other candle ladies are saying about their experience with PartyLite.

Jan Joined us in March and has this to say:
I am so excited about where I am now! I didn’t realise how much I needed this change in my life, but after being in the same job area for 36 years it is a breath of fresh air. I was aware this direction was totally outside my comfort zone but now I am so glad I rose to the challenge, finding myself in a far better place.

I cannot believe it is not that long ago I started. I am proud of myself for forging ahead, appreciative of the confidence others have in me helping me take each step as it comes. I will continue to learn about the business and about myself as a person and about my hidden abilities now blossoming!

I am enjoying the journey, meeting such lovely people along the way in both PartyLite and at my shows. At last I so enjoy going to work and I look forward to building a ‘bright’ future in the wonderful world of candles.

Jan W 6/7/09
What is is about this business that has made you a better person? Do you have a similar story to tell? Why not write to me and I'll publish your story, too. Let's start a wave! WLC.

Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Sell Our Amazing July Specials

At our Unit Meeting several really good questions came up.


What fragrances are in the three holiday mini barrel jar sets? The Answer:

  • Holiday 07 (Item 26) Iced Snowberries, Frosted Pines, Glowing Embers
  • Holiday 08 (Item #27) Sparkling Amber, Black Orchid, Mistletoe Kisses

A few of you asked me if I would share my little Tea For Two brochure with you. Hopefully I've figured out how to attach it here well enough for you. You can make your own or just use the Tea For Two coupons.


We discussed essential oils. I have followed up with Eliana on this and she reports back:

I have spoken to the office and they stated that we don’t mention essential oils for any of our Wellbeing or Fresh Home. It’s stated they are exclusive oils in the catalogue.

So please use the words "exclusive oils" in all instances.


How impressive is 30% host credit? Maybe not as impressive as our hosts getting an average of $230 in free products! Yes, the Rainbows have a $600 show average, so on average our hosts will get $600 x 30% PLUS the $50 hostess voucher.

Hi, it's Wendy the Candle Lady calling. On average my hosts will get $230 in free PartyLite products just for hosting a show in July. I have a couple of dates left, should we get the girls together for our Christmas in July specials?

Ok, now it's time for me to MAKE THAT CALL for real. See you later. Happy burning! WLC.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Win Long Term Clients by Doing Simple Things


I collect email addresses from more than half of my clients. Diligently, I add that information to my client database on the CBC. Candle Connection has been good for my business. It's a great talking point. I know it works.

But I've been missing out on a golden opportunity. Using that email address one time at the beginning to establish a better relationship with my clients from the start. Many of you may already do this. For me - it feels silly that it's taken me so long to think of it.

The email is below for your perusal. I will send it to every new client I add to my database. I'll customise it each time, of course, but I thought you might want to see it, and maybe comment if you have suggestions. If this is successful, and if I'm really diligent, I might actually see if sending snail mail equivalents to people who don't use email is worthwhile. I might test that on a few people this month....

Here's to your success! Cheers and happy burning, WLC.

Hello. Thank you very much for coming to XXXXX’s candle party. I wanted to send you this email so that you have my email and phone contact details as well as some important information.

The order will be delivered to XXXXX directly and she will contact you to organize pick-up or delivery. I processed the order today, so it should be delivered to her in 2-3 weeks. Please contact me immediately if there are any problems with your order as I do want you to be 100% satisfied. Remember that we have a 90 day limit on returns or exchanges.

Candle Care
If you have any trouble with your candles or forget any of the tips I gave you, feel free to contact me. I love to help.

How to Reorder
When you need more candles or if you decide you want more things you can call me to order. I take a lot of orders over the phone. If you collect $150 in orders I’ll give you a 15% more in free products. If you collect $400 in orders, I’ll give you 20% more. Of course, having a party yourself is the most fun, best value, and I do the work instead of you. When you host a $400+ show, not only do you get the 20% more for free, but you also get a $50 voucher. On average my hosts get over $150 in free products at every show.

How to Become an Independent PartyLite Consultant
If you want to know anything at all about my business or how you might be able to start your own, please just let me know. I’d love to share what I know with you. This business is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It could be for you, too. There’s no harm in asking questions. Let me buy you a coffee and let’s have a chat.

Candle Connection
To keep you informed, I will send you a monthly email called Candle Connection. This email comes out every 28th of the month and it includes links to all our new specials and promotions. When you get it, if you see something you like, please give me a call! If you change email addresses, just send me a note and I’ll update your address.

Thanks for letting me be your candle lady! Happy burning!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Is This Business Really Just All About Numbers?

"It's a numbers game."
That's what many people will tell you about the party plan business. Even I have said this at Unit Meetings, to my husband, or at a training session.

But it's wrong.

This business is all about relationships. It's all about being human. It's about touching a person and making a difference in her life. It might not be a monumental difference, though sometimes it is, but simply teaching someone who doesn't light candles to light the candles she already has... well, that is a real a breakthrough.

Mass marketing is all about numbers, and party plan is definitely not about mass marketing. PartyLite is no exception.

So why do people (even me) sometimes say it's a numbers game? Well, one customer won't make this into a business. To be successful, you need to develop long-lasting relationships with a lot of people. Some will become your favourite customers. Some will decide to become consultants themselves. Some will call you when they tell friends about PartyLite because they are excited to help you. Some will write you emails when they get Candle Connection just to say hi.

Some will order once and never be heard from again. Why? Because you don't have a relationship with them. You didn't connect.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Emails, facebook, and websites don't form relationships. They are simply a one way form of communication and they are probably not even close to the first priority of your clients. Use them as talking points only.
  • Clients don't get action items. Always (always) be the person getting back to them. Unless they ask you not to contact them, it is your responsibility to get back to them. Successful sales people never leave a conversation without taking an action item.
  • Be personal, but don't take "no" personally. In fact, turn it around in your mind. "No" simply means that they are happy with their current situation. So, if a client doesn't want to have a party or to order the June specials, that means she is happy now. It doesn't mean you shouldn't ask her again in July.
Instead of thinking about this business as a "numbers game," think of it as a way to meet more and more people. You are asking people who you connect with to introduce you to their FRANK list. That list is sacred and important. Treat every client individually, professionally, with kindness, and as a person, not a number, and your business is sure to grow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Goes Around...

Hello! In May, I earned $4,347.50. Yay for me, but why am I telling you this?

Fulfilling a Promise

You might remember that in March and April, when I knew I needed shows in May because of my travels, I promised to give 10 percent of my earnings to the McGrath Foundation. Since my friend Lisa passed away, I have been a big supporter of any organisation that benefits people and families affected with breast cancer or any group that works to get us closer to a cure. I figured I could do a good thing and fill up my calendar.

So I am exposing my income to you and the world, so that I can shout from the rooftops that I have sent the McGrath Foundation a donation for $434.75. I've never donated that much to a single organisation at one time. It feels great!

Food For Thought

For those who think PartyLite is only a hobby, I have news for you: you can and will make lots of money at PartyLite if you follow your leader. It might not happen overnight, but it can happen quickly. Over time, if you just keep your store open, your business will grow if you simply follow your leader. Do shows, make calls, offer the opportunity, and give great customer service and you will build yourself a great little business.

Imagine what $1,000 a month would do for you. Now imagine what $4,000 a month would do for you. What about $10,000 a month? The best part is that there is no limit. The other best part is that you don't have to give up anything else to do this. Your family can remain a priority. Your other job can remain a priority. Spending time with your friends can remain a priority. Do PartyLite when you want to.

Be Unselfish!

This is not about me, and growing your own business is not all about you. It's all about unselfishly sharing our great products, our incredible hostess benefits, and our unlimited, flexible, free, fun, amazing consultant opportunity. Give it all away with passion. Share all of what you already have.

Now is always the time to talk about the business opportunity. Always aim to bring a guest to your Unit Meeting and let them see the camaraderie, the training, the rewards, the recognition, and the benefits of being with PartyLite!

And when you can, give a little. 'Cause what goes around....

Happy Burning! WLC.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Last August at Conference, Angela and I were in the audience at our Gala Dinner when they announced that the incentive trip destination was going to be Hawaii. I'd already made up my mind to go. It didn't matter where we were going or when. I was going to go. The moment that Hawaii was announced, I started singing, "We're going to Hawaii! We're going to Hawaii!..." It wasn't a question... it was a statement.

The picture to the right is Angela and me in our Mustang Convertible on our day trip around the island of Oahu. What a great day. What a great holiday.

There is nothing I would love more than to have you come with me to our next destination.

On August 8, 2009 we will find out where and when our next incentive trip is. The points required, the way to earn points, and the terms and conditions will all be revealed. But you don't have to wait until the announcement to prepare. You just have to build your business.

Do YOU want to go?

If you do, my strongest recommendation is for you to build your business now. Have a strong June, book for a strong July, then pack August and September with bookings. We don't know what the contest dates or requirements will be, but it really doesn't matter. You'll be better placed for the incentive trip if you simply build your business now.

Practice sponsoring now. You will certainly have to sponsor in order to earn the trip, so give it a go now and see how easy it is once you start. Simply offer the opportunity at every show. The seeds you plant now may be the ones that bloom for you later. Inspire others to start their own PartyLite business.

Basically, I'm telling each and every one of you that I guarantee that you can achieve this. If any other business you've been in offered you a free overseas trip just for doing your job, you'd do it. So if you want to go.... just do it.

Dream it. Believe it. You will achieve it!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Brochure: PartyLite Featured In...

Hi. If you click on the image to the right you will be able to download the brochure created for us by Jan (click download, then print, you can change settings to eliminate the header and footer if you want - or use scissors like I did). I am going to print this, laminate it, and bring it to my shows to brag about our great publicity.

Happy burning! Yay Jan! WLC.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How to Win Customers for Life

Hi. I received this email from fellow Rainbow, Shell. There's really nothing I need to add - this is gold. One RMC point for you Shell!

Just a note re: the importance of customer care calls. We talked about it on Wednesday – but WOW, did I get a kick up the butt last night to make more of them.

September last year, customer bought Reed Diffuser from show.

November I did a customer care call and she said she was not happy with it as she couldn’t smell it. We worked out it was next to an open window. Customer moved RD and was very happy with performance.

Anyway, I saw her at a show last night – she said she loved it, raved to others how long it lasted, how I helped her work out the placement of it (ie, away from open window), and how she wanted to buy a refill.

She later said to me how much she appreciated that customer care call last year, because she was dissatisfied with the RD before my call. She said she came to show last night, because I had given her a call to check if products are OK.

I don’t make enough time available for these customer care calls – how vital they are for our businesses – how many customers do we have who may be disgruntled and a simple call can change everything for them (and us).

I have asked this customer for a show several times, but at the end of last night, she is now booking her own show.

Building rapport through customer care calls builds our businesses and our reputations as “The Candle Lady”.


Well said. Congratulations!

Success stories in May... yes... already!

Hi. The May specials are already having an amazing impact on the Rainbows. Here are a few excerpts from the emails I've gotten this weekend.
  • "WOW is what I have to say about the guest promotion had four customers jump at the offer and sales went to 856.25 and now have 3 more parties to go at the moment for May"

  • "I managed to put together a show myself without leaving home over the weekend for $777.45."


These ladies simply got behind the 7 for $77 guest special. They made calls. They got excited. They sent out email and they made that call to follow up!

As a result, here it is on Monday morning and we already have over $10,000 in sales. You know we can do it - let's be record breakers!

May Sales End on May 29th

Please don't forget that for bonusing and activity qualification, the month ends on the last business day of the month. So this month will end at midnight on Friday, May 29th. Any shows submitted after that will count for June.

One Page Flyer for the Extra Specials

You can click the flyer above and download the full size flyer, created by fellow Rainbow, Jan, for the additional items listed on the CBC. Thanks to Jan and Michelle for making this flyer. I used it this weekend and it was very successful.

Happy Burning!

Friday, April 24, 2009

CBC Outage Next Week

On Wednesday May 6, 2009 there will be an outage lasting from 7 am until 5 pm.

Have a good last weekend in April. What a month! Remember: to get the 3-5-7 Wax promotion you need to have your $550 April shows in by midnight on the 30th of April.

That's all I've got. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Need Some Bookings?

You can probably tell from my results in Reflections that I consistently have 8-12 shows in my monthly diary. Getting bookings with that sort of a show schedule is pretty easy. But what if you don't have as many shows as you need and you want to get some more? Well, here are my top booking hints:

1. Always, always have your diary with you. Even if you simply carry around one page with this month and next month filled in, it is really important to be able to show your potential hosts your schedule. Have a pencil with you! No one should be scared to pencil in an appointment. It's much easier to reschedule a penciled in appointment than to book a show later.

2. Always, always have your booking voucher book with you. My personal goal is to give away one entire book every month. I give them away at shows, I include them in hostess packs, I give them to nice people I meet. I mail them to people who booked last year and who didn't end up having the party.

3. Answer the question, “What do you do?” with a happy compilation of what you do. If you don't mention that you're a candle lady, how will they know? If you come across as negative about it, how interested will they be? If you are happy, up-beat, and proud of it, your good vibes will be felt! Here are some examples. Do you say something different and have you found it to be effective? Please share your answer with us here as a comment.

  • I’m a full time mom and I sell candles at home shows twice a week.
  • I’m a nurse by day and a PartyLite Consultant by night.
  • I sell the best candles in the world.
  • I give away candles.

4. Give interesting people a tealight and tell them you want to know what they think. Get their number so you can call them to ask. This takes practice. You simply have to follow up to get it to pay off. Be confident about the quality that you are representing and be genuine in your desire to hear what they think.

5. Book your own show and invite people to it. If they can’t make it, give them a $50 voucher to host their own. I do this all the time. At least 6 times per year. Last Thursday, I got 2 bookings and I sold over $400 worth of candles while catching up with people I truly like. What a great way to spend an evening.

6. Definitely register for Candle Connection. Make it a priority to get your client email addresses so they can see what our specials are each month. If you didn’t get the email address at the show, what a great reason to give them a call.

7. Get on the phone and make customer service calls. This is the number one way to keep up with your clients. Emails don't do it. SMSs don't do it. Wishing they'd call you is a pipe dream. Just pick up the phone and call. There is no bad time. Always ask them if it's a good time to talk. Actually, I don't ask that - I ask if it's a bad time. If they say no, I keep my pitch short and sweet and get straight to the point. (Great. I'm calling you because...) If they say it is a bad time, I ask what time I should call them back. There are heaps of reasons to call your clients. Confirm their email address, point out the hostess specials, tell them about some guest specials, tell them you are putting in an order and thought they might need a top up by now, invite them to a Unit Meeting so they can learn more about the business, follow-up because they were interested in booking a show. Don't be afraid to ask for referrals on these calls.

8. Simplify your shows. Make them fun for you to do, easy for hosts to host, and fun for guests to attend. If it all looks to hard, then it probably is.

9. Don’t get stressed when people say no. In fact, give them an opportunity to say no. Don't make them feel guilted into having a show. Make them feel comfortable. If they say no, thank them. Here's a cold, hard fact: You should feel absolutely fantastic if you get 2 YES responses out of 10 calls. And once more, you should feel absolutely great about the 8 NO answers because they represent you giving great customer service. If you are only getting 1 YES out of 10 calls, then you just need to practice more. If you are getting 3 YES out of 10 calls, you need to train us all on how you get those results!

10. Follow up bookings you do get with great hostess coaching. Hostess coaching is so important. You are the pep team for your hostess. You need her to feel motivated and happy even as she gets rejections from her group of friends. Make sure everyone feels like this is a social event with a great product and that it will be fun. Remind your host of that. Keep her interested in you and your business. Make sure she knows you care about the outcome as much as she does.

One last suggestion... unless it is really a burden (e.g. heaps of kilometres away), don't cancel a show because of a small turnout. The host might call to say that she thinks she should cancel because she only has 3-4 people coming. I have found this to be a great opportunity and usually results in a short show with great sales and great relationships.

OK - I'd better get to the phone now.... Happy burning!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ten Things You Need to Know About Starter Shows

There are really only three criteria for a show to be turned into a starter show. The first one is $550 in sales (though there are alternatives if a starter show does not reach that amount). The second is six (6) initial bookings. The third is a signed New Consultant Agreement.

Once the new consultant has achieved these three criteria, she is ready to go. If she hasn't already done it, she should sign up for New Consultant Training ASAP (within 10 days of her Starter Show).

Here are ten things you need to know about/do for Starter Shows.
  1. You need to send in the Starter Show forms via mail or fax. Starter Shows cannot be done online.
  2. You need to use a Show Order Form and tick the Starter Show box.
  3. The hostess credit is calculated differently. Take the compensatable sales and subtract $550. The amount remaining is the earned product credit. Then add the $50 bonus voucher. (Basically this means that for a starter show, she will get 50% off all purchases. Starter Shows should generally not use the 30% off option because that won't get her the best bang for her buck.)
  4. The hostess is eligible to purchase the Hostess Specials.
  5. You need to send in credit card information. You can either fax in the Guest Order Forms OR you can rewrite/retype the credit card information out and mail/fax it in on one page. I retype them to improve legibility.
  6. You need to keep an eye out on the Show Order Status to make sure the mail/fax is received. You also need to make sure that the order is being processed. PartyLite will not process the show if any of the credit cards doesn't work. They will call you if there is a problem. Call them back right away to deal with it quickly.
  7. If it hasn't already been issued (sometimes your Unit Leader can arrange a Starter Kit to be pre-issued), the Starter Kit will be sent out to the new Consultant right away - usually within 24 hours of processing the paperwork. If it has been issued, please note that on your fax cover page.
  8. Any Starter bonus products will generally be sent out with the guest orders.
  9. You need to provide your new Consultant with a list of guest orders. For a Starter Show, I usually leave one copy of the guest order forms with the host.
  10. You will not be paid the 22% profit on any Starter Show. The Compensatable Sales will count toward your total sales for the month. If you achieve bonus, you will be paid the 6% bonus on the Starter Show Compensatable sales.
Why aren't you paid for Starter Shows? Starter Shows are an investment in your business. By bringing new Consultants into the business PartyLite and you are growing your potential revenue base, so PartyLite and you both contribute to the cost of bringing on the new Consultant.

All of these details are in your Consultant Guide. I just wanted to point them out since we have so many people sponsoring these days. Good on you! Happy burning! WLC.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why Do I Have All the Answers?

Hi. First of all, I want to laugh at the audacity of that thought: that I have all the answers. I'm learning. Everyday. Just like you.

But seriously, many of you have commented that I'm so smart or so quick with an answer or that I know what to say.

Thank you for saying that. It's completely due to two things I've learned along the way.

Look it up

When I would do my homework when I was little, I used to ask my mom how to spell words. Her response was always the same, "Look it up." I remember asking her how I could possibly look it up if I didn't know how it was spelled, but she would just smile and say, "Look it up."

She was teaching me to be independent. As a result, I'm pretty self-sufficient. I don't often need to ask people how to do things, where to find things, or what things mean. If I don't know, I look it up. Google is a great source, but I use dictionaries, thesauruses, online encyclopedias, books I've read and, get ready for it, the PartyLite Consultant Guide, almost everyday. Seriously.

Just Do It

What a simple concept, but you've heard it since you were little. Practice makes perfect. The Beatles weren't born great musicians. Bill Gates wasn't born a computer wiz. Jamie Oliver doesn't have magical cooking capabilities. Wendy Lloyd Curley was not born knowing how to conduct the perfect PartyLite show. (I do like the idea of being compared to the Beatles, Bill Gates, and Jamie Oliver, however, and since it's my blog, I will do just that.) :)

This Nike tag line is so valid. Just do it!

The Moral

I often say that I "make it up." That's not really true. I just do it. I just push through and learn from my mistakes and look up the answers when I don't know them. My confidence increases after every experience - even if those experiences weren't perfect.

There's no such thing as the perfect gig for the Beatles. There's no such thing as the perfect code for Microsoft (how many patches can there be?). Jamie adds and dilutes and tastes his way until his concoctions are tasty. For me, there's never a perfect show, just a great practice session for the next one.

This article was inspired by a quote I just read from a site I subscribe to: "Great managers insist that their employees “Think”, and instead of giving them an answer, they give them the tools to find many answers."

You aren't my employees. I'm not your manager. But the tools are all here.

So get out there! Look it up. Just do it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You Only Have 14 Days!

Do you know anyone who might be interested in earning some extra money with no cash outlay, no boss, no deliveries, no cold calls, no inventory, and free training?

OK, you have 14 days to go before the awesome $1000 Starter Kit goes away forever! How about making up some flyers and passing them out to people tomorrow to let them know about this last chance offer. How about calling each of your hosts and letting them know aboutthe $1000 Starter Kit available in March only? How about contacting people who you thought were interesting and letting them know about the $1000 Starter Kit. How about calling 5 people a day and asking them if they know anyone who would be interested in earning some extra money with no cash outlay, no boss, no deliveries, no cold calls, no inventory, and free training? What other ideas do you have to get people interested in this amazing Starter Kit and this amazing business?

If you were in charge of your own company (and you are) and if you had a $1000 Starter Kit available (and you do) plus a free Essentials Hurricane for the $550 show with 2+ bookings (which you have) and 14 days to attract a person to this business, organise a Starter Show, and make it happen - could you do it????

Of course you could!

What ideas do you have? What are you doing to excite your clients about this offer? Please share your ideas by commenting here!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Non-Pushy Reasons for Calling

When I started writing this article, I thought specifically of you because I know you are always looking for ways to call people without coming across as being pushy.

And that's how easy it is....

Every time you make a call, you need a reason to be calling. Mary Christensen says that the magic word is "BECAUSE."

I thought of YOU because....

You see, pushy sales people call to talk about themselves. We aren't pushy. We provide Platinum Customer Service. So when we call our clients, it's to help THEM. As individuals. Always. Every time.

Here are a few great reasons to call your clients.
  1. Her delivery has been shipped.
  2. The host has received the goods and you want to see if she received everything in good order and is happy.
  3. An item has been listed on backorder and you want her to know what the process is (contact the host and the affected client).
  4. His Candle Connection email bounced and you want to make sure he gets it in the future.
  5. The monthly guest specials have just been released. Is she attending a show this month? If so, great. If not, she is welcome to place and order through you to take advantage of the specials.
  6. When she does need more candles, she obviously can host another show OR she can simply call you to order more.
  7. She ordered a reed diffuser in 2008 and she might not know we have refills now.
  8. Let a past host know that if any of their guests want to order more, she can add it all to her order and have it shipped straight to her.
  9. Make sure you let every client you have know that orders of $150 or more are shipping for free and earn 15% product credit for whoever sends in the order. If you forget to say that at a show, call them to tell them. If you remember to say it at the show, call them to remind them.
  10. Let her know you have been thinking about her - tell her why.

Here's a challenge for you. Make 10 calls. Don't ask for anything. Just give. Give feedback, give information, give a compliment, give advice. Call for a reason and practice using the word, "because." Then tell me the results and how you feel. I can't wait to hear!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lessons from Butterflies

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could, and it could go no further. So the man decided to help the butterfly.

He took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and small, shrivelled wings. The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would contract in time.

Neither happened!

In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shrivelled wings. It never was able to fly.

What the man, in his kindness and haste, did not understand was that this was natures’s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon. The restricting cocoon and the struggle required was necessary for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening to be able to fly.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. If we went through our lives without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been. We could never fly!

Eliana's March Challenge!

Hi Rainbows. We've been challenged! As you know, I love a challenge! This is one I think we can all sink our teeth into. The picture is of the trophy Eliana is offering. She also wrote this note to the leaders in her region, Ignite (that's our region):

It’s time to have some fun again... This time it’s not laughing at me but something that you can treasure for time to come.

Create some magic into you and your team. Our region goal is to sponsor 30 new consultants into March...and I will publish and award the following:

You can be part of the Stars of Champions... Be an exclusive member of this special newsletter to be published with your name and photo. There are several ways to get your name mentioned in the newsletter.

  • 1st leader in top sponsoring
  • 1st unit in top sponsoring
  • 1st consultant in top sponsoring
  • 2nd leader in top sponsoring
  • 2nd unit in top sponsoring
  • 2nd consultant in top sponsoring
  • 3rd leader in top sponsoring
  • 3rd unit in top sponsoring
  • 3rd consultant in top sponsoring

There are three very special awards to be handed out and your name could be on any one of them for being in first position.

Encourage your team to sponsor and be part of this special moment to be the stars of Champions for 2009.

This is a once of a life time achievement for our Region... Go for it and let me put your name amongst the stars....Remember we must do the 30 sponsors...


Let's keep the Rainbows on top. A little competition is always great. We have a fabulous March Sponsoring Promotion to help get us there. And, as always, I'm available to all of you for coaching or latte appointments.

If each of us sponsored just one person, did just one starter show, we'd cover the challenge for the whole region! Come on! Go for it! WLC.

Monday, March 2, 2009

PartyLite National Conference 2009

Hello Rainbows. It is time. Time to get excited about Conference 2009!

Here are a few handy hints to keep you on track.
  1. Put it into your diary. August 6-9. Plan around the dates. Don't accept shows. Don't accept invitations. Do put in your leave forms at you other jobs. Do organise for other people to care for your little ones (and your significant others).
  2. Send in your registration now. You don't pay now and you will owe nothing at all if you need to cancel as long as you cancel in writing to Head Office by Monday July 6.
  3. Tell me you're coming. Email Wendy.
  4. Book a room. Find one (or two) roommates. Rooms are for two, but for a $45 fee you can add a third person. Don't have a roommate yet? That's OK, I will distribute a list of who's coming and who they are rooming with via email and those without roommates can buddy up.
  5. Buy your flights. There are sales all the time. I suggest you buy your tickets now to get the best fares (I'm getting mine tonight).

Here's the inside scoop:

  • Thursday - Arrive in time for registration. Go to afternoon session. Go to room and get dressed up for the Meet & Greet Party - Hooray for Hollywood! Fancy dress - we'll discuss costume ideas at future Unit Meetings! I suggest you bring some munchies to the hotel in case you're hungry - there's never enough finger food to be "dinner."
  • Friday - Eat breakfast and then go to the sessions all day. We have dinner together on Friday night with everyone under Eliana. Everyone chips in for that meal.
  • Saturday - Eat breakfast and then go to the sessions all day. Award night - time to dress up! A fab dinner is provided.
  • Sunday - Pack up all your free stuff (easier said than done), check out and go home!
Can your family come? Sure, but don't make plans to be with them much. It's full on work and play! I'm going out a day early so I can relax a bit and enjoy the spa at the hotel - there's no real time to yourself once the Conference starts. You'll love it!

Who Signed the Star?

The people listed below signed the gold star to say that they want to go to conference. Please update me and I'll keep this list current!
  1. Judy A
  2. Kylie B
  3. Di H
  4. Shell B
  5. Leanne M
  6. Libby G
  7. Sandra B
  8. Lorelei H
  9. Natasha K
  10. Michelle C
  11. Jacqueline A
  12. Nicole B (rooming with WLC)
  13. WLC (rooming with Nicole B)

Ideas to Book More Shows

From the Wednesday 25 February 2009 Rainbows Unit Meeting

Bookings Presentation – Training by Shell, Notes by Dianne

  1. You can talk to the person better if you have a reference point, ie, you have done a mail out (e.g. Shell sent out a birth announcement for the new Baby Elephant). This is a memory jogger for the person and it gives you the opportunity to lead into talking about having a Show. (WLC Note: Candle Connection is another great reference point.)
  2. Shell added incentive for herself by photocopying a $100 note and having it by the phone when she was making calls – every booking she got earns her about $100!
  3. Cancelled bookings – call them! By committing to a booking in the first place their Hostess received benefits – now they can keep up their end of the bargain.
  4. FRANK List – revisit, revise – add new people (Shell’s son started school this year which gives her new people to add to the list). Same for when your kids start playing a new sport – new families you meet there.
  5. Don’t overdo the asking at the Show – Shell found that she was asking all the time, starting to sound a bit desperate.
  6. Be casual – both in your presentation (but professional!) and in how you approach people. Make it part of the conversation.
  7. Bookings at Shows – Ask them to choose something they would really like if money wasn’t a problem, then tell them they can get it for free! (WLC Note: Read Kim Wood's article in this month's Reflections about Hostess Stacking. Great ideas!)
  8. Existing groups – these are groups that have had a few Shows already. You don’t have to use the cards, talk more about the products.
  9. Take your Hostess Pack with you to your Shows – Shell puts a catalogue, pretty pen, tealight, enviro bag, invites, Hostess and Guest Specials (laminated if you like) etc into a gift bag and tells the guests that they can take it with them tonight when they book their own Show.
  10. Tell the guests that we don’t just sell candles. Also, words matter; we are all about "home décor," not "accessories." (WLC Note: Top Tip! I've changed this one word all weekend and what a great effect it has had!)
  11. When talking to people out and about, or to your friends, tell them we’re about home décor – candles, candle holders, pieces that stand alone unlit (Global Fusion Hurricane for example).
  12. Enlarge pictures of a few key products to actual size (e.g. the Sahara Sands Lamp, page 42), laminate them and take them to Shows so guests can see the products in proportion. Have a tape measure with you as well to help guide guests.
  13. Offer a booking special – Shell is offering a Mini Barrel with Shade for a limited time. The Hostess will receive it at their Show.
  14. Have a monthly kit – tell your customers that your display will be different every month, that way they are not seeing the same old same old.
  15. Have a script when you’re calling to get Show bookings – this helps to keep on track and be concise. Ask are they happy with the products.
  16. Use monthly promotions from Head Office – monthly specials for Hostesses and Guests, special promotions etc.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 2009 Unit Meeting Recap

Hi. We had a wonderful Unit Meeting last night. I'm energised by the discussions and training we had. Here is a list of topics we covered. If you want any details, please call me.

  • Introduced Rainbows Leadership Team - Wendy, Sandra, Shell, and Nicole

  • Recognised Sandra on her Promotion to Team Leader

  • Trained on PartyLite Professionalism

  • Trained on and Discussed How to Get Bookings (Great training and great discussion!)

  • Looked at three beautiful placemat displays (Wow!)

  • Introduced the Rainbows Membership Cards (Lorelei has already filled 2 cards!)

  • Recognition for Starter Shows, Bonus Achievers, Active Consultants, High Show Averages - the PartyLite Zippo lighter went first!

  • The raffle! Iced Crystal Trio, Votive Sampler, Kindness Angel, and Linear Lites Pillar/Votive Holder - lucky (and generous) winners all around
Did you miss us? We missed you! Come next month! Here are the next three dates for your calendar:

  • Wednesday - March 25 - Unit Meeting @ Five Dock
  • Wednesday - April 8 - Business Development Training with Janelle @ Hills Lodge Boutique Hotel in Castle Hill. Here is a link to a map.
  • Wednesday - April 29 - Unit Meeting

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do You Know What the CHFA Does?

From the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia website:

Funds raised nationally through Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia are divided equally between the five partners and directed into the areas of most need in each hospital.

Each of our hospital partners utilise donations to transform competent care into extraordinary care. The focus is on the provision of excellence in each hospital key area - whether that be through funding ground-breaking research projects leading to childhood disease cures, or by engaging the brightest medical science minds that Australia has to offer to constantly improve upon treatments, or by purchasing state-of-the-art equipment that provides faster, more thorough diagnoses for our sick children.
Read your Reflections and look at the CHFA website and be aware of what they do; your knowledge will make you look really smart and caring in front of your guests. That has to be a good thing. :) WLC.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raising Money for Charities

With the Victorian Fires and the Queensland flooding, lots of you are asking me about fundraisers. PartyLite Australia’s official fundraising is done for the CHFA. Officially, PartyLite encourages us to do all we can to support that charity at our shows. Any additional fundraising is done and funded by the Consultants themselves.

I do heaps of fundraisers. You can do it a variety of ways (or combinations therein):

  • Sell raffle tickets to guests and raffle off the hostess benefits. Donate the raffle ticket earnings to the charity. (No cost to you.)
  • Donate cash to the value of the product credit earned. I keep the product credit for myself. (You can only use the GCs for product so are giving up your 40% discount.)
  • Donate an item to a mystery raffle. (Cost of item.)
  • Pre-purchase some raffle prizes with your own cash and then make up gift baskets to be raffled off. Take the product credit to pay yourself back for the expense. (Pre-pay for gifts but you get it back – you give up your 40% discount – also you are guessing at the dollar amount of the product credit)
  • Offer to donate some of your commission to support the fundraiser (Suggest you make it a percentage of sales to encourage people to buy big).
  • Offer a 10% cash donation for all outside orders brought to the show (decide if you be giving that from your commission and replacing it with product credit or just giving it from your commission)

Those are just a few ideas. Make sure to balance your giving with your income. Only give what you intend to give. Most often I give them the product credit in cash, take the product credit for myself, and give up my 40% discount when I use the GCs. I have lots of gift certificates from sponsoring people and I do use those for nice raffle prizes which I’m happy to donate.

FYI, I have decided to donate 10% of my profits in May to Susan G Komen for the Cure. Why May? Because I will be out of town all but 8 days and I want those 8 days to be filled with bookings. Why Susan? Because that cause is important to me. Why 10%, because I thought that would be a good number.

It’s all up to you. Be creative, but don’t give up everything. Make it worth your while. WLC.

P.S. You might have read on the CBC that PartyLite has made a substantial donation to the Red Cross on behalf of all Consultants. Yay!