Monday, May 17, 2010

Find Your PartyLite Mojo!

Hi. I'm blatantly getting a lot of this post from an email I just received from Evelyn Ayerst-Pettitt, PartyLite Australia's Sales Events Manager. She gets writing credit. I'll just edit. :)

But before I do that... I am proud to tell you that right now we have a record number of Rainbows registered to come to conference. Congratulations to all of us who have made the decision to register and go. Get those flights organised, and we'll make sure everyone has a roommate at our next Unit Meeting.

Okay, the countdown is on ... can you believe it? We have only 72 more sleeps until our National Conference, the 'not-to-be-missed' event on every PartyLite Consultant's calendar.

There are only 6 weeks left to register (deadline: June 30), and we have already reached 60% capacity for National Conference. More registration forms are coming in, so, if you have not as yet registered, I encourage you to not delay, register today! (You can get a registration form from me.)

Are you still undecided about attending this year? Let's take a few moments to consider the benefits of attending National Conference. National Conference is the opportunity to:
  • Re-energise your business
  • Discover powerful sales and booking techniques
  • See (touch, smell) new products from our Everyday Volume 2 Catalogue
  • Network - meet, connect and share stories and tips with Consultants from across Australia
  • Hear first-hand the destination of our exciting Incentive Trip for 2011 and learn what you need to do to go
  • Cash In! Collect your Cash In! coupons, if applicable, and go into the draw to win some amazing prizes
  • Be a part of history as PartyLite Australia proudly presents a cheque to the Children's Hospital Foundation Australia
  • Become inspired from key field, staff and a very special external speaker, Terry Hawkins
  • Celebrate and be recognised for your achievements and those of your PartyLite family
  • Applaud the recipients of our extraordinary annual awards at own Awards Evening & Gala Dinner, including the most coveted award, The Spirit of Mabel Baker.
  • Receive 'free stuff' - product giveaways
  • Bag a bargain or two by visiting Conference Shop
  • Participate in 'Scent' Sale Auction and win some fabulous new product

It doesn't matter if you are an active consultant, striving to bonus every month, if you are brand new to PartyLite, or if your candle business has stagnated and needs a jump-start, conference is a great place to find your PartyLite mojo. Some consultants just come for the free products. Some come for the recognition. Some come for the break from their everyday life. Some come to see friends from last year. Some come just to take advantage of conference shop. Some come to absorb as much training as they can.

Whatever it is for you... you should come.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Print the PartyLite Consultant Guide

When I began my PartyLite business, we received a paper copy of the Consultant Guide. Over the first month that I was in business, I read it from cover to cover. To this day, I refer to it often: for information, for ideas, and for inspiration.

We probably asked PartyLite to provide this guide to us on a disk so that we wouldn't waste paper. However, I contend that the paper version of the guide is read, used, and important to the growth and development of our consultants, new and experienced.

For my Unit, I'm going to look into the cost of printing the guide myself, but it seems to me that the $30 investment to buy the printed guide from PartyLite is money very well spent. As I've said in previous posts, if any new Rainbow buys the guide and qualifies in her first business month, I'll reimburse the $30.

We've improved our New Consultant Training tremendously over the last five years, and I think we need to reintroduce the printed consultant guide into the starter kit to make it even better.

What do you think? Can I start a movement?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love Thy Neighbour

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Eliana's Unit Meeting. I thought I would share the words used by one of the Ignite consultants, Laura. Laura did a successful letter box drop in her neighbourhood. She stapled a nicely printed card to the front of a catalogue. Here is what it said:
I am excited to introduce myself as your new local PartyLite Consultant!

Have a look through this fabulous new catalogue and give me a call or e-mail and we'll set a time for your own showing!

All you need is a couple of hours, a few friends to relax with and you will earn great benefits to..

Decorate your home,
Celebrate your life and
Illuminate your spirit
She, of course, included her contact details at the bottom.

I absolutely love the boldness of her first line: "...your new local PartyLite Consultant." How brilliant is that?

Letterbox drops to your neighbours are not always successful. You really need to stand out from the crowd. A note like this might be the difference between getting your catalogue noticed and getting it filed in the recycle bin.

Do you have a success story from a letterbox drop. What works? What doesn't? Leave a comment and share so we can all be better neighbours. :)

Make it a great day! WLC.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How to Achieve Bonus in May

Sell $2799 in a month, earn $615. (22%)

Sell $2800 in a month, earn $784. (28%)

That's $169 in BONUS MONEY!

It's that easy.

The key to bonusing each month is to book shows. With PartyLite’s 8th birthday being celebrated this month, it will be very lucrative for guests and hosts alike. So what you need to do is entice the hosts to book their shows this month. With at least 6 shows, you should bonus. If that is your target, you really should book 8 shows so that you won’t be disappointed by cancellations or postponements. Here are my hints:
  1. Have your diary with you at all times. At our April Regional Meeting we were ultra inspired by the pocket sized diary used by our top sales person, Colleen.
  2. Make that Call! Call your hosts and guests from April to make sure they are happy.
  3. Give away $50 bonus vouchers to everyone you meet with a expiration date of May 31.
  4. Book your own show and invite people as you run into them.
  5. Revisit your FRANK list and make sure everyone on it knows that you’ve started this business.
  6. Offer people the opportunity to get over $130 in free products just for hosting a show (based on a $400 show).
  7. Take outside orders.
  8. Find one networking opportunity each week in May (see this article for suggestions on how to network).
  9. Ask everyone for referrals.
  10. Treat it like a business – not a burden. Your attitude needs to be positive, passionate, and professional.
Need some personal inspiration? Take advantage of your leader and make an appointment for a free coaching session.

Get out there! WLC.