Thursday, November 22, 2007

General Catch-Up

Hello. It's time for an update. Please take a minute to digest (and respond to) the following.



That's all I can say. (You know it's not. I can say lots more.)

But "Wow" captures it pretty well. Here we are, not even at the end of November yet, and our team has sold over $31,000. We've made over $6800 in commissions already. Well over that, in fact, because five of us have bonused already, too.


While you're here, please subscribe to this blog.

We have a Unit Meeting on Wednesday, November 28. RSVP for it now (or at least by midnight Monday) and you'll get a present when you walk in the door. Please don't forget to invite prospective consultants to come to our Unit Meetings.

New Consultant Training is available every Monday night. You should mention this at your shows - it's a good sponsoring seed. Any show can be turned into a Starter Show - your hosts are your best prospects for new consultants. A more formal curriculum will be introduced in 2008, but our Rainbow/Sparkler program is already running smoothly. We have received excellent feedback from the training received so far.

I'm going to send you the electronic versions right now. We'll talk a lot about the soon-to-be discontinued items at the Unit Meeting. You should be able to get some good sales in December and January from them.

Ange and I are really excited about our upcoming holiday party. We're going to do a nice raffle and some end of year recognition. If you've got one, please do bring your partner - we want to thank him for his support, too. RSVP by December 14.

Have you set your goals for 2008 yet? Think about them. What do you want to achieve?
  • Health - Are you fit and healthy? Make the changes you want to make. Eat well and exercise. Make it a habit.
  • Quality Time - Are you working too much? Do you have enough spare time just for you? Do you need more time with your partner, kids, friends, and/or family? Do you have a hobby you want to pursue, but you don't have the time to do it? What's holding you back?
  • Wealth - Why do you want/need more money? Take a minute to think about what you want the money for. Is it to pay off credit card debt? Is it to buy clothes/shoes? Is it for a holiday? Is it to remodel your kitchen? Do you need new furniture? Is it to cover a higher mortgage because of those darn interest rate increases?
I think all of the current Rainbows have a job besides PartyLite. That's great. Maybe PartyLite fits into your schedule as it is. You work 5-10 extra hours per week and get an extra $1000 per month.

There is an option that could change your life even more. Here's a scenario: Do three shows per week. You'll only work 15 hours a week and you'll make over $20,000 per year. Is that enough? Well, if you want more money than that, join me as a Unit Leader. There is no limit to how much you can make. My personal goal is to make $8500 per month by August 2008.

If you're an active consultant and are interested in leadership, just let me know. We can develop a sponsorship program just for you.

It might take time to get to where I am, but with a goal and a plan, it's within reach.

Let me know what you think about this.... Bye for now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Great ideas!

After you put in a show online, print the Show Order Summary. Check back on the CBC to see when the order ships and call your host to let them know that it should arrive soon. Call the host a couple of days later to confirm receipt and to ask about deliveries to guests.

Take notes about each of these steps on the Show Order Summary.

Then, the week after, call each of the guests to ask them how they are doing, to check if they've gotten their order, to ask them if they are burning the candles, to see if they've even unpacked the items, to see if the person they gave a gift to was happy.
  • If they haven't gotten their order yet, let them know that the host has it!
  • If they need assistance or a replacement order, fix the issue immediately.
  • If they booked a show, confirm the date. Ask if they need anything else to get ready.
  • If they are looking forward to the next party, confirm the dates you booked with others.
  • If they are burning their candles, make sure they know they can call you for more.
  • If they aren't, remind them that the candles look and smell best when they are lit!
  • If they are happy and don't want anything else, thank them for their order, tell them that you are just a phone call away, and let them know you'll keep in touch.
Take notes about all of this on the Show Order Summary. All of the contact information is right there.

There's no need to be pushy. Just let them know that you have a busy calendar and if they want to book a show in the future, it's best to put it into your calendar sooner rather than later.

If they tell you that they don't want to have one now, but they say that they do (or might) want to have one in a few months time - WRITE THAT DOWN. Send them a confirmation email saying that you'll be in touch to schedule the future show. Then go add that follow-up action to your to do list.
Follow up is what this business takes.
Does it take long? No. Will it build your business? Yes. Will you make more money? Guaranteed!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Writing this article might be a form of procrastination, but I thought that I'd spend a minute sharing my experience with you.

I am a procrastinator.

I know I need to make calls, mail things, order some catalogs and buy my 2008 planner. (Though, honestly, I already bought one; I've just misplaced it.)

How do I deal with my procrastination? I write out detailed to do lists and then I do them. So, now that I've written the list above, I'm going to post this entry and get to it.

I could type more, but I'm just wasting time really.

Do you procrastinate?

Candle Posts from WendEmail

These are older posts I've done on another site (now dedicated to personal stuff) that you might have already read. I just wanted to get them onto this site as a full record.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Drips
The Peglight

When people have candlabras, I find they are rarely used. If they don’t have a taper candlabra, I describe a typical taper candlabra – over in the corner, dusty, cheap bent or crooked candles from the heat, possibly cobwebs/dust, probably newspaper underneath to catch the drips. Just as an example (because I don't have a candlabra), the picture to the right shows a peglight next to a drippy candlestick.

Peglights resuscitate the candlabra and probably move it out of the corner!

I pull out a peglight, share the above, and when I light it in the host’s candelabra – or in my taper holder (pointing out light, scent, colour, and no drips - they don’t have to worry about a ceiling fan or a light breeze going through the room), they buy multiples (at $15.95 each, but I remind them that they will last forever), they buy votives, and burn more candles (so they buy more later). Brilliant. Probably works at every other show. I sell 3-5 peglights at a time. And the peglight is tiny, so it fits in my bag no matter what.

Please feel free to share your ideas here. Just comment....

Thursday, October 25, 2007
The Psychology of Candlescapes

It is my pleasure to provide this article which has been contributed by the FABULOUS Lynn McCabe. Lynn presented on the Psychology of Candles at our September Unit Meeting and we loved every word. In case you missed it, here is the information in prose. Please take a few minutes to soak it all in. See if you can use some of it as you work your PartyLite magic at shows.

The Psychology of Candlescapes
by Lynn McCabe

The wonder and enchantment of a candlelit room, and the delicious experience of different textures on our skin, resonates deep within our psyche to produce feelings of peace and well being. The psychological mechanisms that create these feelings have been unlocked by researchers, and identified as beauty, touch, fragrance, colour, ritual, symbolism and scarcity (to name but a few). PartyLite offers not only beautiful products, but also the cues to trigger these mechanisms to create a wonderful psychological experience for our customers. The field of psychology is therefore a rich source of information about why we love our products, and useful factoids that can be applied to the selling of our candles. Here are a few examples:

1. Beauty

Beauty has a physical effect on us. It lifts our mood, it offers a lovely distraction from mundane thoughts and ruminations, and it motivates us to not only beautify our life, but to live it differently.

Research support: Research has found that people in ‘lovely’ environments rate their life satisfaction as significantly higher, and behave in a more socially pleasing ways, than those in ‘ordinary or drab’ environments. This is one of the reasons why money was invested in beautifying housing commission (council housing) estates in Britain. Beautiful surrounds have significant social consequences.

We treat beautiful people differently. For example, in the court system, attractive people have been found to be significantly more likely to receive lesser sentences than unattractive people. Beauty therefore appears to have a value that is hardwired into our thoughts and behaviours.

Studies of Gorillas in captivity have shown that these animals will forsake food rewards in favour of ‘visual beauty’ rewards such as a better view from a window.

Product application: All our beautiful accessories.

2. Touch

Psychologists agree that touch is essential for well being.

Research support: Orphaned babies who are touched are more like to survive and thrive.

Rats are licked by their mothers when born. In one experiment the newborn rats were taken from their mothers so they couldn’t be licked. They were then either left untouched or softly brushed by a human. The rats that were left untouched failed to thrive while those brushed by humans thrived. This demonstrates that the actual act of touching is essential to rats’ well being.

Harlow conducted an experiment where he took baby monkeys from their mothers and offered them surrogate ‘wire mothers’. The one surrogate was wire with a bottle of milk attached. The other had no milk but the wire was covered in soft terry toweling fabric. It was found that the babies clung to the soft fabric mothers in preference to the wire mothers offering milk. In other words, they chose the comfort of touch over food. Touch is therefore a must have, not a nice to have as once thought.

Product application: Massage oil, foot lotion, and other body products.

3. Fragrance & colour and their effect on mood

Both fragrance and colour have been found to induce either positive or negative moods.

Research support: Human memory is made up of a network of codes. Every experience is coded by fragrance, mood and colour (to name a few factors). That is why you can smell a familiar fragrance and suddenly feel you have been transported back in time to the memory which was first coded with that fragrance. Likewise, negative moods are treacherous because once you start feeling sad, every sad experience is cued in memory which can lead to an exacerbation of the original sad feeling!

Similarly colour has been found to be linked to early memories and may trigger the positive or negative memories they are associated with.

In addition, colour has been found to affect mood, motivation and levels of stimulation. This is to do with many factors but light reflection is one. Brightness stimulates positive mood, and some colours are perceived as warm (while others as bleak). Such effects have been identified in disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder where people in countries where there are long, dark, winters, literally suffer depression from the lack of light and colour stimulation of their brains.

Product application: Positive moods can be induced by (1) warm flame light (all candles), (2) exquisite fragrances (wax, body products, linen spray, room spray, reed diffusers, etc.), and (3) rich and varied colours (wax and accessories such as the Moroccan Spice Lantern, etc.).

4. Ritual and symbolism

While we are sophisticated creatures there is a primitive core of our brain that likes routine and ritual. There is safety and assurance in this which is why symbols that represent the well being of a particular ritual are so powerful. The human brain is very efficient and can learn to affect physical change with just a single cue. For example, when we go for a massage, we do not need to have the complete massage to start feeling relaxed. Just the sound of the music, or the smell of the massage oil, cues the body to be relaxed, long before the massage begins.

Research support: Ritual - Babies thrive on routine. Rituals associated with processing grief in certain religions have been found to produce better psychological outcomes than no rituals.

Research support: Symbols - Single, representative cues can be enough to cause a chain of physiological effects. For example, hypnotists can give a single word cue to get people into a deeply relaxed state. Also, alcoholics start the physical changes that produce cravings when shown a mere symbol of drinking, such as a logo of an alcoholic beverage, or the sight of a bar mat, or the people they have previously drunk with.

Product application: The symbols from the well being range are an obvious shortcut to relaxation. Looking at one of the symbols tells the body the relaxing/revitalizing ritual is about to begin, and the individual’s physiology may change before the melt has even liquefied!

The act of lighting candles, and releasing lovely fragrances, can be a ritual of relaxation.

5. Scarcity

From our primitive beginnings, humans have learned to desire and value things more highly when they are in short supply.

Research support: People have been found to more highly desire products that are not easily accessible which is why marketers successfully use words like “exclusive, rare, and limited”.

Product application: All specials, all limited offers, the seasonal catalogues, labour intensive/hand crafted/exclusive products e.g., striated candles, Global Fusion range, Elegance Hurricane, lead crystal, etc.


The way candlescapes help us decorate, celebrate, and illuminate is therefore no longer a mystery. They trigger a complicated series of intertwined, psychological mechanisms that give us a sense of joy, enchantment and well being. So, it is not a question of why, but rather… why wouldn’t people want to buy PartyLite!!

Friday, October 12, 2007
October in PartyLite - Just My Thoughts.....

What Am I Thinking?

This is my third October as a PartyLite consultant. The opportunity is right in front of me. November has always been my biggest month and this year I'm committed to ensuring my business grows.

Sales is not a problem. Our candles sell themselves. In fact, my guest average is getting higher and I really don't feel like I'm doing anything different.

Bookings is where I have excelled in the last few months. I have consistently gotten 1-3 bookings at every show. My calendar has never been so organised. Until two months ago, I had always said I do 4-5 shows per month and I always had. Then, when I made the commitment to do eight, guess what happened? I'm doing 8+ every month.

Goals = Action = Results

It really is that simple. I've set goals and then do something to achieve them, and guess what? I bonus. I get the sales rewards. I get the bookings for the next month. And I feel good.


Here are the areas I want to work on:

Sponsor new consultants!

Help new consultants to achieve BriteStart! All three months!

Keep track of my finances properly!

Deposit all cash!

I have an action plan for all of these.

Next week Ange and I are hosting an Information Session and are advertising it in the local paper. We're also letting our consultants bring their potential consultants to the session.

BriteStart is so important. My plan is to try a buddy system within my Unit to see if I can get new consultants the support they need to get going. I also want to ensure that each Consultant in my Unit sets up their new Consultants to succeed, so we'll do a little bit of training at our next Unit meeting.

I just downloaded a trial version of MYOB and I'm inputting my income and expenses into it. This is important now that I am a Unit Leader. I don't think Consultants need to have that sort of system, but I do plan on making enough money to pay taxes and I want to really be able to track it right. My goal is six figures of income, so it is important to start right.

As I started putting the financial information into they system, I noticed that the cash I receive from customers is generally only getting into my bank account 50% of the time. Sure I might be spending it on important things, like groceries and petrol, but I think I should deposit it first and then keep good track of what I am spending it on. I'm sure the pub has gotten a hefty chunk. :) Oh, and the Indian and Thai restaurants in Five Dock, too. So Rule #1 is to deposit all cash.

What Are You Thinking?

I hope you are thinking that you have some weaknesses, too and that you want to put together a plan to overcome them. If you need help, I'm happy to assist. Not in developing the list of weaknesses - that's your job - but in assisting you in developing a plan - I can help there.

Last Thoughts

PartyLite isn't about being as active as anyone else, or as organised as anyone else, or as dedicated as anyone else - it is personal. No one can tell you what your goals are. Only you can do that. The only thing I ask is that you don't give up unless you've tried to do that. Unless you've tried to set goals, create action, and get results.

It took me two years to get where I am. I persisted. I burned candles all along the way. And one day... I decided to take it further. You might have a different path. Or you might want to come on my journey. I promise it will be fun.

See what happens when I just sit down and type. Hope it gives you some food for thought. Bye for now.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
The Most Important Thing: Customer Service

Dealing with your clients in a friendly, ethical, honest, and consistent manner is critical to your success as a consultant. Know what their rights are. Give them everything they're entitled to. Work with integrity. When things do go wrong, surprise them with your speedy response time, your approachable demeanour, and your positive attitude.

Here are a few areas to focus on:

Booking gifts - You are responsible for keeping track of the booking gifts a hostess has earned. Don't make her call you to ask where it is. You call her and let her know the progress she's made. Action: I'm going to write it in my diary 60 days after each show to call the host and let them know.

Replacement orders - READ Section 14, page 14-16. Really, go get your manual and READ those pages. Let all of your guests know that they should contact the host immediately to report any issues with their order. Get the new product to the customer right away by submitting a replacement order. The replacements will be sent quickly and without question. Get the other products at your convenience and bring them to me with the pink slip at the next Unit Meeting.

Returns - Even in the best of worlds, returns are occasionally going to happen. The customer may even change her mind even before the order is delivered. She's allowed to - that's the law. What you need to know is that returns impact the product credit that had been earned by your host and they also impact the commission you earned. Sadly, they also might impact rewards you thought you had earned. Just be aware of that. If it happens, put on a happy face, talk openly to your host about the implications, and get through it.

Order processing - It simply isn't fair to anyone for you to delay putting an order into the system. Unless every buying guest at the show knows that you will be delaying the order entry, they will expect to get their goods within 5-10 business days of the show. Be clear with the whole group that you will process the show once you receive all payments. Work with the host to get all payments on the day. Call people if you are delayed. It's only right.

Deliveries - Make sure your host is aware of who gets what. Either give her a copy of each order form or send her the order summary once you place the order. Importantly, make sure she knows that it is her responsibility to get the goods out to her guests. I let my hosts know that they get 20 percent product credit in return for the food, drinks, and deliveries. I also let the guests know that the order will come to the host and that she will get the orders to them. Action: Call your hosts once the order has been shipped, go through the process for them, make sure they have everything they need, and remind them to tell their guests that the order has arrived.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Don't Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill
When the funds are low and the debts are high
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns
As every one of us sometimes learns
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won, had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit
It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit.

Author Unknown

Sunday, September 16, 2007

We had a very successful Share & Succeed training on Saturday. Here are some notes from my presentation on Sponsorship.

Sponsorship versus leadership

Sponsorship is for every Consultant in PartyLite. You do not need to be a Leader to sponsor someone. In fact, you do not even need to aspire to leadership to sponsor someone. Until you are a leader, I recommend that you use your Unit Leader to assist you significantly in the recruitment of new consultants. You are not alone. In fact, it is your Leader’s responsibility.

Leadership may be something you aspire to achieve. This is great. Your Unit Leader can assist you in setting goals and a plan to achieve them. PartyLite also offers training for Future Leaders. Leadership is more than sponsorship.

Understanding the difference may be the break you are looking for. As your team grows, you will get leadership training to prepare you to lead your own team. Until that happens – use your Leader.

Consultant Guide

Section 7 of the Consultant Guide is a critical part to understanding and preparing for sponsoring. Take 30 minutes to read it and to think about how to integrate it into your shows and your conversations.

My personal commercial

I discovered PartyLite in 1996 when I was living in Denver, Colorado. My hairdresser asked me if I wanted to come to a candle party. I asked her if I needed to bring a candle. She laughed and said, “No, you just need to bring your Visa card.”

Since then, I’ve been hooked.

I became a Consultant myself in June 2005 and I am now a Leader of a great and growing team of smart, successful women. My enthusiasm for my little candle business has done nothing but grow. I go to parties. I tell people about the best candles in the world. I have fun, eat their food, drink their wine, and get paid. I work when I want to. I work part time from home – even with my Leadership commitments, I still only work about 20 hours a week. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me. I control it all. If any one here today likes some of the choices that I have shared with you, and you think that it would make a difference to your lifestyle as well, then please come and talk with me later and we can set up a time to have a chat.

Planting seeds

Planting seeds is useless unless you are prepared to provide sunlight (directly offer the opportunity), water (answer their questions), pull weeds (overcome their objections), and harvest (sign ‘em up).

Directly offer the opportunity to each person – especially to your hostess who has just had a $500+ show. Don’t ask if they are interested? Ask them what they like about your job. Tell them there are meetings each month where they can learn more. Offer to introduce them to your Unit Leader to answer any questions they have. Give your Unit Leader the name and number of two people at each show who want more information or who seem like good potential consultants (personality).

Answer their questions – Ask them what questions they have about the Discover PartyLite brochure. Phone call, in person, with your Unit Leader, and/or at your next Unit Meeting.

Overcome their objections – Feel, felt, found – use either your experience or another Consultant’s to honestly share how the same objection was overcome.

Sign ‘em up – Until you’re ready, here’s what your Unit Leader will help you do: ask them if there is any reason why they wouldn’t be able to give it a go. Help them write out their FRANK list. Give them some help setting up their first six shows, and get the contract signed.

Sponsoring is a verb

Think of sponsoring as an activity. Look for Consultants. Invite people to do what you do. Recommend people to the company. Like a visitor to a country club, you are signing them in.

Start them right

The first six shows of a new Consultant are critical to her success as a Consultant. Don’t underestimate the positive impact of doing six shows, getting bookings from each show, and getting commissions from six shows. If your new Consultant can see a financial impact from her efforts, he or she will be much more likely to succeed. BriteStart is a good motivator. Help your Unit Leader by consistently supporting the importance of getting six shows into a new Consultant’s diary

Tuesday, September 04, 2007
It'll be just like starting over....

Those words by John Lennon can be used every day. Everyday we can re-start. We can re-invigorate. We can re-build.

Have things stalled? Are you inactive? Do you want to begin again?

Can I offer you a helping hand?

Basically, to get going again, you simply need to start again. Here are five steps to get started:

Read section 2 and 3 of the consultant guidelines – Section 2 will inspire you to set goals and act, Section 3 will be a great refresher on a show.

Get your own calendar organized for now through Christmas – know when you have personal things to do, when you work, when the kids have activities you can’t miss, mark them all down. You need to know when you can do shows.

Host a show at your house this month. Set the date.

Write out your FRANK list (again). Seriously, sit down and write down every person you can think of – Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbours, and Kids Friends. Invite at least 30 people to your show. Don’t just email them. Email them, post them a postcard invite AND then call them each to give them a boost. If they can’t make it, let them know that they can order from you and you will add it to that show. Make sure they know that there are great host benefits if they will book a show with you.

Christmas is coming.... Great informal shopping! Don’t pressure them, but be ready with dates if they are interested. If they want to think about it – ask them if you can call back in a few days. (Definitely call them back!)

Call each of the customers you have served already (get out the door prize slips from shows past) and let them know that you’ve been on a bit of a break, but you’re back. If they need any candles, remind them of how to get in touch with you. If they have them, make sure you have their email addresses. If they haven’t been burning their candles (and therefore don’t need more) remind them that candles look best, and smell better, and make their home look nice, when they’re lit.

Just make 3-4 calls per day.

Our next Unit Meeting isn’t until October 24. In the meantime, you can call me anytime or you can schedule a weekly/fortnightly call with me if you want. At those calls, I’ll see how you’re doing and offer advice on moving forward.

I hope this helps. I could add more, but I want to keep it simple.

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Client Services

Hi. Today I called 4 clients.

One loves her stuff and has only burned it once, but the smell in her home is beautiful. I bet she lights it again tonight.

Two wants to do a show in November. I told her my November is already starting to fill up, so we'd better get a date picked out that works for her. We booked November 17th. I'll send her a host pack in October. Two also received some square votives that were cracked and the wicks were too short. I told her I'd get that fixed right away. She loved that.

Three passed around the catalog at her work and got feedback that the products were too expensive. I asked her if she agreed and she doesn't. She decided she won't book a show now, but she understands the power of the demonstration. She hasn't checked her email yet, but is looking forward to reading Candle Connections.

Four was the host of the lady with the square votives. I called to let her know I was taking care of it. She asked if she could put the catalogs out at her school. I said sure, and let her know that a demonstration is more powerful. I also let her know that in September we have 30% product credit. She is thinking about having another show. She hasn't checked her email yet, but is looking forward to reading Candle Connections. I'll call her again next week....

So I'll put in a Replacement Order now and be done for the day. My calls for tomorrow are organised. Think I'll go do something for me ....

Whatever it Takes

Here is an inspirational poem for you to devour and internalise. Just do it! Whatever it takes....

I have an ambition to reach for the top
I’ve set my sights high to pursue it
Until I achieve it, my efforts won’t stop
Whatever it takes, I will do it

I have no delusions success will be swift
Or obstacles do not bestrew it
I’ve plenty of time – over hurdles I’ll lift
Whatever it takes, I will do it

There may come a time when my climb will be slow
I’ll have to regroup and renew it
I’ll learn from mistakes and employ all I know
Whatever it takes, I will do it

There is no restriction on what I’ll achieve
Glass ceiling or not, I’ll break through it
For nothing can sway me because I believe
Whatever it takes I will do it

There is one exception that I will not break
I won’t use deceipt to get to it
What good is success if our souls we forsake?
If that’s what it takes, I won’t do it

In fact if you want, I can take you along
Our efforts combined placed into it
For working together we’ll be twice as strong
We know what it takes,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Anything Is Possible

If there was ever a time to dare,
to make a difference,
to embark on something worth doing,


Not for any grand cause, necessarily...
but for something that tugs at your heart,
something that's your inspiration,
something that's your dream.

You owe it to yourself
to make your days here count.


Know, though, that things worth doing
seldom come easy.
There will be good days.
And there will be bad days.

There will be times when you want to turn around,
pack it up,
and call it quits.

Those times tell you
that you are pushing yourself,
that you are not afraid to learn by trying.


Because with an idea,
and the right tools,
you can do great things.

Let your instincts,
your intellect,
and your heart,
guide you.


Believe in the incredible power of the human mind.
Of doing something that makes a difference.
Of working hard.
Of laughing and hoping.
Of lazy afternoons.
Of lasting friends.
Of all the things that will cross your path this year.

The start of something new
brings the hope of something great,

Author Unknown

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Fast Track to Leadership!

There are only 12 places for this event. What a great way for you to learn and grow into leadership. What are your goals? Mine are to earn money, be successful, go to Thailand and MORE. You need to RSVP to me asap. The first 12 consultants to commit to this event are in - the next "fast track" won't be until 2008.

Session Outline

Session 1 - Team Leader - what is it? What does it mean? What's in it for me? How do you sponsor? How to generate & identify leads everywhere. How to follow up - what to say! The plan! Latte appointments.

Session 2 - Holding a starter show. Effectively issuing a kit. Submitting the starter show. Paperwork. Training a new consultant - who & how. Tracking yours and your new consultants success. Keeping your team leader status.Session 3 - Where are you? Looking ahead! What's in it for me in the long run! Encouraging others to sponsor! Myths vs realities. Recognition.

Session 3 will also allow you to invite those prospective leads that you have identified in your journey to attend an information session that will be held from 1.30 pm to 3pm.

There will be giveaways, raffles and recognition for those who PARTICIPATE in the journey to Team Leader. Be in it!


Three Sessions: the 25th of August, the 29th of September, and the 3rd of November Where: Cumberland Community Club, Civic Ave, Pendle HillTime for each session: 10AM - 5PM Cost: $40 PER SESSION to cover lunch, tea & coffee, literature and training materials Qualifications
Must have 4 shows booked from 25th August - 29th September, Strong desire to start sponsoring, become a Team Leader or above, Must be willing to share ideas, thoughts and participate in activities, Must commit to attend all three sessions, Must be willing to attempt the challenges set at each session

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Make Thousands Before Christmas

Want to start your own PartyLite Business and make thousands of dollars before Christmas?

Here is my recommendation.

Review your activities for August and September and write down everything you need to do for home, school, family and you. After you do that, highlight the days that you are available to do a show. Keep that information with you. Have it in a format that you can show other people.Throughout July, tell people you are going to become a consultant. Ask them if they want to have a show for you in August or September to get you started. Use your availability calendar and schedule those shows. Minimum 6 – maximum is up to you….. As you sign up your first six, send me their name, address, show date, and time – I will send them a hostess envelope, invitations, a brochure, a catalog, and a note thanking them for getting you started.Throughout July, tell people you are going to become a consultant. Ask them if they want to place an order to add to your Starter Show. Get as many orders as you can – Collect money or credit card info (Visa/Mastercard only) as you go. Let them know you will submit the order the first week of August and that it will be delivered to you 5-10 days later. (You and I need to schedule your Starter Show - just call me.)Come to our Unit Meeting in Five Dock on Wednesday, July 25 to meet the team, talk about the business, and get some good information and training. After you do your first six shows, you’ll be well on your way to a great little side business. And you’ll make a good amount of money as the Christmas season approaches.

How much do you make? 22% of sales OR 28% of sales if you sell $2800 or more in one calendar month. You can buy anything for 1/3rd off, you can buy all hostess specials at the hostess special price (usually 50% off), you can buy wax at 40% off, and in your first three full months, you can earn gift certificates and free products for your kit.

For your starter show, you need $500 minimum to get the kit, but for every dollar over $500, you get product credit. So if you have a $600 show, you get the kit AND $100 in free products. If you have a $900 show, you get the kit and $400 in free products.

Hope this helps. If it all sounds like something you want to do, I’ll mail you a Starting with Success booklet and a copy of the Consultant Agreement. Regardless, I’ll send you a stack of order forms for your Starter Show. Let me know what you think. No pressure, just opportunity!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Rainbows Keep Falling on My Head!

Our team is growing and growing.


Because the opportunity is superb. Because the product is second to none. Because it's easy to join. Because it's YOUR business.

Welcome to Teresa, Linda, and Sarah.

Teresa had her first solo show on Friday night. Guess what? She sponsored! Her very first show was a starter show for Linda. Fantastic! Congratulations to you both!

Sarah came to a show two weeks ago and immediately thought the opportunity was too good to miss. She came to our Unit Meeting and will be having her starter show in July.

Set Goals

I recommend that you set monetary goals for yourself each month. Here are a few examples (I've assumed show averages of $500-$600):

I will make $500 this month. (So you need to have compensatable sales of ~$2300 - which is 4-5 shows.)

I will bonus this month. (So you need to have compensatable sales of ~$2800 - which is 5-6 shows.) This is my goal - WLC.

I will be active this month. (So you need to have compensatable sales of ~$900 - which is 2 shows.)

I will break a record this month (So you need to have compensatable sales of ~$15,429 - which is 26-30 shows.)

Take Action

If you do set a goal - you need to ACT to achieve it. Here are some ideas:

I will organise my calendar for July and August and make sure I know when I am available and when I am not.

I will call (not email) five people every week (one call per day) to tell them about my candle business and to see if they want to (1) see a cataolg, (2) host a show, or (3) place an order.I will host a party at my house on this date (set a date - tell people - coach yourself).

I will contact all my past clients and ask them how they are and if they need more candles.

I will call the people I've met in the past 3 months who said they might want to have a show.

Set goals and take action. That's the best way to keep your candle business humming along.

Do you have a little story or idea to share with the team. Please post it here. Share your ideas. Talk to you soon! WLC.

Friday, May 18, 2007
What Do I Bring to Candle Parties?

Hello. I've just finished getting ready for a party tonight. I bring all of the stuff with me to work and go straight to the party from work. You might want to use this as a checklist.

Things I Always Bring: Diary, Pens, Guest Gifts*, Host Gift*, Door Prize, Scissors, Spare Votives (12), Spare Tealights (12), Change, Scent Pots, Velour Cloth

*Optional to provide guest and host gifts - I do - some don't - it is completely up to you. I have a $5 limit and a personal rule that it must be PL products.

Literature I Always Bring (Labeled where appropriate): Order Forms, Door Prize Slips, Guest Specials, Host Specials, Catalogs, Discover PL Brochures (4), Copy of Consultant Agreement, Live By Candlelight Cards, 30 Postcard Invitations, Show Cards

Products I Always Bring: Used Pillar (I light it first when I arrive), New Pillar, Flat as a Pancake Pillar (to prove the point), Ball Candle, Square Votive, Taper, Unwind Linen Spray, Revitalise Pulse Point Cream, Mirror, Peglight, Snuffer

My Perfect 10: Something to Wow Them (e.g. Global Fusion Hurricane), Booking Gift (e.g. Garden Lites AM Warmer), A Hostess Special (If I have one), A Starter Pack Item (Quad Prism), A Starter Pack Item (Iced Crystal Trio), A Well Being Pillar Holder & Pillar, A Well Being Votive Holder, Scroll Sconce (and I try very hard to put it up somewhere before people arrive), Quad Prism Pedestal (shows versatility and is beautiful), Thai Inspiration Pillar Sleeve

Friday, May 04, 2007
WLC's Sponsoring Hints

First of all, don’t feel like you have to be entrenched in PL to offer other people the opportunity to become Consultants. Even if you are a very part time Consultant, brand spanking new, or intermittently involved, you might be speaking to a future Leader. Remember, you won’t be their boss, you’ll just be their Sponsor, their Leader, their guide to success.

So next, here are a few of the hints I told people about at my Sponsoring training session a few weeks ago.

Use Show Cards. I think they help demonstrate that you don’t have to memorise a presentation – with cue cards, people are able to confidently deliver a presentation.

Invite Other Consultants/Potential Consultants to Your Shows. This helps the other consultants, it shows your guests that there are other people in the business, it plants a seed in the guests' and host's minds that they could easily watch and learn, too.

Talk About How PL is Young. I ask people to imagine if they had gotten into Tupperware or Avon in their early stages how rich they might be today. PL is still relatively new and unknown in Australia and there is a lot of opportunity. This won't be true forever - use it now!

Pack Light. Make each show a subset of your kit – don’t bring everything (ask me about the Top 10 to learn how to pack). If you bring too much it will make your job look too hard – let them see an easy set-up and take down. Great for you – good seed for them.

Tell Your Story. At each show, start by telling your personal story - how you discovered PL and why you joined. Was it the quality of the products? Was it the free stuff? Was it the no pressure opportunity to make money? Other people want those things, too.

Once you have a lead, a bite, a nibble, here are a few hints from me to you.

Simplicity Sells. In addition to the Discover PL brochure, bring a copy of a Consultant Agreement to shows. If people are interested, you can show them how simple it is and so they can take it with them to start figuring out who their first six hosts might be.

Take the pressure off of YOU. Don’t think of new consultants as your employees. This is their business. You will provide support, but it is up to them to grab a hold of the opportunity. Take the pressure off THEM. I don’t pressure anyone (least I don’t think I do). To sponsor people, I consistently explain the opportunity, but I also consistently let them know that the decision is theirs.

Take the pressure off THEM. It took almost 2 years before I really got into the business in a serious way. I was a good consultant even when I wasn’t consistently delivering sales.

Nothing to lose. There really is nothing to lose by trying PL. The six shows enable them to try it out. They will either get hooked and take off, will get started and make some money, or maybe they'll find it's not for them. They won't know unless they try.

Ex-Party Plan People. If they’ve done party plan (direct home sales) before – they might be open to considering PL if they know what the differences are. (Because party plans are NOT the same!) Here are some of our special features. Point them out.

No Investment

Online Ordering

Great Literature – professional and supportive

Attractive Hostess Program – easier to get bookings

Training and Support (you work for yourself, not by yourself)

No Shipping Costs for Hosts – easier to get bookings

No Deliveries for Consultants

Once you have a person interested, if you need help, call me, and you’ll have help answering their questions and getting them involved.

Friday, April 27, 2007
Multiple Bookings

The following are some notes about getting Multiple Bookings from our recent training. Amanda gave a great presentation with heaps of ideas. There are HEAPS of ideas here - some will feel right, others won't - I hope some help you. Booking Success! AND Sponsoring Seed! (To the hostess) Here I've got 6 votive roses and each one of them is especially important to you, because at ANY point during tonight's show that anyone here (turning toward the crowd) decides that they are enjoying themselves A LOT and are envious of all the goodies you're getting tonight that they want to schedule their own show then you get to give them one of these roses. It's their's to keep and when they take one it lets me know that when shopping time begins I'll need to date their show.

The first one (handing it to her), when taken, represents this months hostess specials that you will be able to choose from. PLUS all the other benefits you get as a hostess such as up to 20% product credit and % items.

The 2nd, thru 5th roses represent the various booking gifts that hostesses can choose from after those shows have held. (I show a booking gift at that point.)

Now the 6th and last rose is the MOST important because it's what I call the "Rose That Forever Blooms". When the 6th rose is taken tonight, that means you have now attained 6 bookings from your show, and you can earn yourself over $840 CASH in your first 2 weeks by becoming a consultant and using your show tonight as a starter show. The 6th rose continues to bloom as you continually make money with your new career.

I'll explain how awesome those roses can be for you later on as I present these beautiful products, the Hostess opportunity and the Income Opportunity but for now you hold onto those and as they disappear know that you are earning yourself some AWESOME stuff :(Turning toward the crowd again) Remember at ANY point tonight you decide YOU want to have a show of YOUR own, just come on over and grab one of those roses from (hostess), I'm sure now that I've explained how it benefits her, she'll be more than happy to give you one.

After using the showcard encourage your guest to take a rose. You may think you are being pushy but your not it’s just scary to take a step out of your comfort zone.
When All Else Fails….So you’ve tried everything during the show and order time - what to do if you don’t get a booking- I always make a point when wrapping it up to ask the group:

Ladies have you all enjoyed yourselves today? Who would love to come to another show?

This allows that if I don’t have a booking for me to say, "Ladies you all said you enjoyed yourselves and would like to come to another show but no one has booked. Well it looks like it will have to be me! I would really enjoy having you over at my house. We’ll make it a fun mystery hostess party and I’ll put all the names of people in a hat and draw a name to receive the hostess benefits that night. Would you prefer a Mon or Tue night in May?" Always have a date in your calendar ready. Believe me they will come just to check out were you live. Encourage them with a small gift (votive rose) if they bring a friend.

Hostess Coaching

Hostess coaching plays a big part in ensuring you get bookings from your shows, work with your hostess, which booking gift does she want bribe her with a mystery gift for every booking she has before you arrive this makes your job easier and benefits her as well. Your hostess will know which of her friends will book a show.

Rebook Your Hostess

Why not rebook your hostess? I rebook all of my hostess’s and run a VIP hostess rewards program that works like this. Jan they have their $250 voucher and end of catalogue party I get them all excited about the new catalogue release they are already over the moon about the minimum $350 free product that they are receiving.

They then have 2007 show - I now offer them the rewards program if they rebook with me now for spring summer and holiday catalogues they receive a ticket for every $100 in show sales they also receive a bonus 5 tickets for every booking that comes from their show. At the end of the year I host a VIP mystery xmas party all hostess receive a xmas gift from me they also get a chance to do some last minute shopping b4 xmas (payment on the day) then I have a some draws I use products that are being discontinued for prizes but to draw them in you need a major prize this could be something you have brought at conference shop but as these hostess’s have help you develop a successful business I always have WOW piece. But more importantly this hostess has had 4 bookings with you! And you have earn a $560 (based on bonusing and a $500 show average) from each of these hostess’s.

Lucky Door Slips/Wish List

Lucky door slips if you don’t take your own orders make sure you check these to see if someone has ticked that they would like a show that has not booked on the night.

Hostess Stacking

Hostess stacking creates a visual for the guest I like to stack a pervious hostess as well as the current hostess this really creates excitement or alternately you could have some stars with free and % marked on them and place them on product on your display.

Book to Look

Before the show make a few "book to look" envelopes. In each have a coupon for free candle, 20% off coupon item, 1/2 item of their choice, $25 gift certificate, or what ever you would like to give away. Give each guest an envelope and tell her not to open it until you say. After you tell everyone about the hostess benefits, let them know that the envelopes are a game and the only way you can open them is to book a show. This seems to work great, because it will drive them crazy wondering what is inside. (Let them open them now, but tell them that they get to cash it in at their show.)

For those of you who keep products on hand here is a great idea. If you have a hostess that works or just does not have the time to have an in home show offer her a basket party! Get a large basket, and get together everything you have on had that you want to get rid of. Put each item in cellophane nicely and place a small price tag on it. Give the hostess the basket and give her the hostess benefits accordingly. (This is a great way to get rid of overstock!) Or you can put current stock and the fragrance sampler inside this is also something that you could leave at your hairdressers or the teachers lunchroom etc follow up with a thank you to each guest that purchases something and talk to them about hosting a show. An added bonus to this is that because they have brought out of the basket and paid you can actually purchase new products with the money you make.

While taking orders at the show, stop half way through and announce to everyone at the show, "So far (hostess) has $$$ in sales. So far she is going to receive $$$ in free product, plus ___ items at half price, etc. But if she has at least one booking within 30 days she will receive $$$ in free product!!!” Additional bookings will earn her booking a gift. Sharing the excitement and the difference in free product with bookings as compared to no bookings makes all the difference in the world! It also gets new hostesses excited for their show because they see how easy it really is to go on a shopping spree!

Bribe ‘Em

At your show tell everyone that if they can give you a list of their friends that might enjoy the products (min of 5-10) that he or she can take 10% off her order. This is a great way to get in touch with others and possibly get bookings.


Tim Tam challenge- this is quick easy and fun give each guest a blank sheet of paper ask her to write the name of her favorite biscuits in the center and then on each finger the name of a friend that they think would love but wasn’t at today’s show, they have just created a guest list, let them know if they book a show that you’ll bring their favorite biscuits.

Most importantly create a desire, make your shows fun and guest will not be able to resist booking.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Candle Biz Update

Hi. I just wanted to say hello and to let you know a few things.

For your diary - Our next Unit Meeting will be at Eliana’s house at 7:30 pm on May 23rd. Unit meetings provide training, recognition, and consultant networking. You are also allowed to invite potential new consultants to come and listen in (a great date to have handy if people are on the fence). You can also check out stock that you don’t have (Eliana has lots of items that you might not have). And finally, you should bring your return items with the accompanying Replacement Order Forms.

For your diary – I do hope you will consider coming to conference in Melbourne July 19-21. Put it into your calendar just in case. It is an investment of time and money, but at the Conference you will learn how to Build Your Business and Make More Money – because that’s what it’s all about. Conference was a great way for me to get started two years ago. In addition to the training, and exposure to the Spring/Summer and Holiday Catalogs, you do also get some free products. It’s fun, too. Very inspiring.

Bookings - Set yourself a goal each month. My goal is to have one show per week. It’s still part time. Because I have a high show average (I coach my hostesses pretty well), I figure I will be able to bonus (i.e. sell $2800 in each month) as long as I do at least 5 shows per month. You might want to do more. You might want to do less. At a minimum, I’d recommend having 2 shows per month. People do postpone shows, so it’s good to have a few more than your minimum in your diary. I’m happy to help you set up your goals. Also, if I know what you want, I can help you get there without pushing you too hard. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.

Sponsoring - If you need any help sponsoring new consultants, I’ll help you. Don’t be afraid to offer someone else the opportunity to join – if they do want to learn more, and you feel uncomfortable, just call me.

Open Invitation – You are welcome to join me at any of my shows to watch how I present. One person per show (so we don’t overwhelm the hostess). Just let me know if you’re interested. You might want to see other people, too. It’s good to watch. You don’t need to help. Just observe and take notes.

I guess that’ll do for now. Thanks for reading – I hope it helps you. Let me know.

Saturday, March 31, 2007
The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me!

Hello. Candle update time!

Well, I didn’t bonus in March, but I did get over $1100 in sales which still keeps me active and out there. All good. I have decided that I will bonus in April – offering 30% product credit will make it really easy to pick up 2 more shows. I have only 4 shows scheduled right now, but this weekend I’ll put in a little effort to get 2 more. I’ll also reconfirm the shows I’ve got and coach the hostess to make them big ones!

We have two new people on the team:

Welcome to Donna - who had her $800 starter show on Thursday night and then took orders for another $350 in products on Friday. What a great start! Donna is a busy marketing exec with wedding plans this year.

Welcome to Angel - I’m about to go to Angel’s house for her starter show! Very exciting. Angel is a new mum to 11 month old daughter, Charlie!

I’ve finally decided on a name for my future unit. My team will be called the Rainbows. I like the colours, the imagery, the pot of gold, and the Kermit the Frog song, Rainbow Connections. My goal is to be promoted to Unit Leader on May 1st!

All for now - see ya!

Monday, March 12, 2007
Candle Biz

Hi everyone! FYI - I'm going to use this blog for some candle business, too! I'm the leader of a team of consultants now and this is a great way for me to keep in touch with them. You can stay up on what my little biz is up to, too!

G'day team!

Yesterday I made 12 candle calls. Rebecca to reschedule and discuss becoming a consultant. Donna to schedule and to answer her questions about becoming a consultant. Marcia to reschedule. Sharon to confirm date and check on progress. Lyn to confirm date and check on progress. Lynda to confirm that I did submit her replacement order and that I’ll recover the damaged item at the next party. Michelle to see if she wants a party (she was at a show in November). Caroline to make sure her order was received, complete, and distributed – it was, so now I can call her guests to say hi. Janine to ask how things are going as a new consultant. Libby to confirm receipt of her goodies. Marisa to thank her for the show on Friday and to confirm that I need her order on Monday – the house was still filled with people when I left. And Kerry, to see if she wants a party – she had a really successful show for a Kitchen Tea last November.

Anyway – it took me about an hour and a half to make the calls. I didn’t get through to everyone, but I left messages if they didn’t answer. I just needed to sit down and do it. It felt good actually. Like a weight off my shoulders.

Here are the phone call hints we got at our February Unit Meeting: Have your diary there and ready, Have a script – know what you’re going to saySet a goal – how many calls are you going to make – or how many shows are you going to get, Motivate yourself – it’s not always your favourite thing – I don’t mind it, it’s just that I procrastinate - pump yourself up and just do it, Smile while you’re talking – they can feel it, Ask for a referral - do they have a friend who is a candle freak? Meet that person!, Leave a message – don’t hang up – let them know you called and that you’ll call back – then they are expecting your call, Follow up – my calls resulted in 2 mailouts and 5 calls back – the mail is ready now and the calls will happen this arvoEmail a summary of what was decidedA, ssume everybody loves candles!

If you submit four (4) $500 shows in March, you will go into the draw to win one of three free registrations to the PartyLite Conference in July. Unfortunately, my first show didn’t make it to $500, but I’m working on the others. What about you? Let's challenge ourselves - go get one more show on your calendar for March – there’s plenty of time! See ya!

Saturday, February 10, 2007
Candles: Lucky Elephants

Hi. The company that makes the candles and accessories I sell has created an elephant pair for tealights. They are Thai inspired, "traditional design" and have curled trunks. Curled trunks! The devil, you say!

Immediately I was curious (and worried) about the superstition of the raised trunk being "lucky" (for an example of a "lucky elephant" see the beautiful gold elephant image I found on the internet).

Surely if these trunks weren't raised, someone would ask me if these were "unlucky" elephants. I thought I should find out myself.

So I Googled "Lucky Elephant" and learned that the lucky elephant myth was created by... you'll never guess... the Americans (we Americans like to put our stamp on everything in some way). Here's some of the info I found*:

The origins of the lucky elephant charm can be found in the Hindu religion of India.

The American lucky elephant craze started in the early to mid 20th century.
American fascination with the lucky elephant-god of India and the white elephants of Thailand combined in the form of the ubiquitous lucky elephant knick-knack.
In "typical American fashion," it was decreed that only those elephant figurines with their trunks upraised were lucky. This "trunk up" belief has no apparent origin in Africa, India, or South East Asia where elephants are native.


Armed with this information, I feel confident that I can now sell the cute little Thai inspired elephants to my clients without hesitation. After all, if I can't make fun of American marketing and brainwashing, who can?