Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I absolutely LOVE getting questions from new consultants and one of the newest members of the team just asked such great ones that I thought I'd share them (and the answers) with you.

Dear Wendy,
I would like to ask people about their interest in booking parties using facebook and with a letterbox drop, but I am not sure about the legalities and guidelines surrounding this. I have looked at the literature online and I note there is an application form for this but not sure when it needs to be utilised.

Facebook – There are social Media Guidelines on the CBC under Consultant Guide > Advertising > Advertising >Advertising Guidelines AND Advertising & Social Media Policy - Clarifications

Letterbox drops – There are lots of ways to do these and you don’t need permission to do so. Just don’t use PartyLite images or logo and always say “Independent PartyLite Consultant” if you mention PartyLite at all.

Advertising Forms – Free to fill out and send in, so worth it whenever you are going out where others might be (Chicks at the Flicks, fetes, expos, print ads, etc.). I love PartyLite’s support when I’m doing marketing. They let me know if I’m breaking the rules before I spend money. They also have good advice.

I am also looking to do some fundraising type parties. Are there any restrictions with these? I know Jan has done some and has been running them like a normal party or outside orders so just wanted to clarify that is how i would do it too.

Well, you can fundraise anyway you want to. I find normal parties are great, but most charities wand cold hard cash and I like to keep my commission. So I offer to do a fundraiser by letting the host donate the host benefits to be a raffle prize. I give the raffle prize to the host and let them sell raffle tickets to raise money for the organisation. I do this a lot and have been very successful. Win-win-win.

In regards to the brite start program, is each month dependent on the before month target being met? for example, can month two rewards be received if month one wasn't?

Each month is separate. You can achieve any or all in any order

On a different note, I have a customer that would like to order the brighter world trio but I am not sure if you receive all 3 of those different fragrances or you get 3 of one type. can you please clarify this. Thanks.

On page 37 of the catalogue it specifies the three fragrances: Vanilla Black Pepper, Cinnamon Orange, and Lavender Verbena.

Finally......I would love to come watch one of your parties if possible

Yippee! I have one on Thursday, April 28th and one on Friday, April 29th and I’d LOVE to have you come with me. Please let me know which one is good for you. We would meet here at my place and go together.

Great questions. Hope I helped. X WLC.