Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Great ideas!

After you put in a show online, print the Show Order Summary. Check back on the CBC to see when the order ships and call your host to let them know that it should arrive soon. Call the host a couple of days later to confirm receipt and to ask about deliveries to guests.

Take notes about each of these steps on the Show Order Summary.

Then, the week after, call each of the guests to ask them how they are doing, to check if they've gotten their order, to ask them if they are burning the candles, to see if they've even unpacked the items, to see if the person they gave a gift to was happy.
  • If they haven't gotten their order yet, let them know that the host has it!
  • If they need assistance or a replacement order, fix the issue immediately.
  • If they booked a show, confirm the date. Ask if they need anything else to get ready.
  • If they are looking forward to the next party, confirm the dates you booked with others.
  • If they are burning their candles, make sure they know they can call you for more.
  • If they aren't, remind them that the candles look and smell best when they are lit!
  • If they are happy and don't want anything else, thank them for their order, tell them that you are just a phone call away, and let them know you'll keep in touch.
Take notes about all of this on the Show Order Summary. All of the contact information is right there.

There's no need to be pushy. Just let them know that you have a busy calendar and if they want to book a show in the future, it's best to put it into your calendar sooner rather than later.

If they tell you that they don't want to have one now, but they say that they do (or might) want to have one in a few months time - WRITE THAT DOWN. Send them a confirmation email saying that you'll be in touch to schedule the future show. Then go add that follow-up action to your to do list.
Follow up is what this business takes.
Does it take long? No. Will it build your business? Yes. Will you make more money? Guaranteed!

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