Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy, Independent Wendy

Every now and then I read an article and think to myself, "I HAVE to share that with the Rainbows!" Today, I read one of those articles.

Now, I know PartyLite isn't a career choice for everyone. Some of you happily fit PartyLite into your lives around other careers, from health care to fast moving consumer goods to head of your household, and everything in between. But for me, I've made PartyLite my career choice because it offers me exactly what I need in terms of flexibility.
  • I can meet with people during the day without "taking time off of work." People like the kitchen remodeling man who came by this morning to do a final measure. Alan had to take a hour off work; I just had to get out of bed. :)
  • I take every single holiday I want to. My friends and I want to go camping, so we've scheduled it for April 20-22. I didn't have to ask anyone for Monday and Tuesday off, I just took 'em. Oh, and I'm going to Thailand, Italy, and possibly to the US of A. Not asking anyone - just doing it.
  • I work out when the sun's out. I walk the bay, or around Chiswick, or I go to Curves. But I don't get up in the dark to do it "before work." And I don't have to leave work in a rush at 5:00 to get home, workout, and then cook dinner. Nope. I just eat brekky and then go for a walk. Nice.
  • I shop during the week. There is nothing better than doing your grocery shopping while everyone else is at work. Seriously, this is awesome. I also don't have to wonder about the mail or the bank being open, because I can get there whenever I want.
  • I sing in 3 bands, go to weddings, parties, dinners, and Swans games, see lots of live music, and generally try to live every day exactly the way I want to. Candles, music and wine. I throw a little marketing in the mix and I'm a happy chappy. :)

Do I work hard? Well, I do make my phone calls and I do place my orders quickly, and I do mail out packs almost every day. I don't deliver often, but this week I have one delivery to make. I think about you guys and I try to give you the support you need without being intrusive. Truth is that I like all of you, so that part of my job is easy. In fact, it's all easy. I don't think I work hard at all, but I do work.

Here is the article that started my thinking about all of this: From Solo to Employed. I sure do love my job. Hope you do, too! WLC.

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