Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekly Goals

Our specials and our profit plan emphasize monthly plans and end of month deadlines. As a result, I think we slack off a bit at the beginning of each month because we think we have heaps of time left.... I know I do.

So starting now, I'm setting weekly goals and work to weekly and even daily plans.

Next week my goals are to do 2-3 shows, to hold 2-3 information appointments, to contact 10 consultants on my team, to keep track of my business income and expenditures, and to contact all my clients who took delivery of their items this week.

You can see that these goals now enable me to make a to do list. I think it'll drive my business forward more than monthly goals.

What are your weekly goals? Don't have any? Well, maybe that's goal #1. Get to it....

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