Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that PartyLite Australia does not send informational emails to Consultants? It just doesn't. So you need resources to get information about your business. That's easy....

Unit Leader

One role of the Unit Leader in PartyLite is to communicate all important information to the Consultants in her Unit. So when your Unit Leader writes to you... you probably need to read the email. In fact, when your Unit Leader writes to you, the information is probably incredibly important and time critical.

Consultant Business Centre (CBC) - my.partylite.com

The CBC is another really important source of information. It seems almost everyday something changes on the home page of the CBC. Today, for example, Jenny Messenger posted an update on the Children's Hospital Foundation. Yesterday, PartyLite announced a great promotion to help motivate your hosts to have 10 guests at each show. And everyday, the Product Hotline is updated.

Only active consultants can log into the CBC. If you have been inactive and can't log in, just call your Unit Leader.

Your Consultant Guide

Obviously a guide won't have "timely" information in it, but it does have enormous amounts of information critical to your business. The disk comes in your Starter Kit. Pop it into your computer and poke around for awhile. If you prefer to read it in paper form, buy a hard copy in your next Consultant order. The $30 fee gets you every page, double sided, and a nice, branded binder. I use mine every week to answer a question or to motivate myself. Buy some dividers, get out some Post-it notes and use it. Don't try to keep it tidy - get it dirty!

I think the printed Consultant Guide is so important that, starting this year, I will give all new Rainbows who invest in the printed guide their $30 investment back if they qualify in their first business month ($2000 in sales).

Your Unit Leader, the CBC and your Consultant Guide... three keys to your success.

Wendy Lloyd Curley - Independent PartyLite Consultant and Senior Unit Leader
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