Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 Steps to Increasing Your Guests Per Show

Hi. One thing we can really work on with our hostess coaching is improving guest attendance. It's simple to measure; we can easily see how many guests on average we have per show. Once you know what your average guests per show is, how can you improve the number?

Do you even know what the target is?

Any PartyLite consultant should be able to tell you that the target is 10 guests. That's a standard part of 10-3-2 training. So how do you fill up 10 chairs?

It's All About Hostess Coaching
  1. Do you share your goal of 10 guests per show with your hosts? You should. That's really step one. It's also the only goal I really share with my hosts. I figure the 3 bookings and the 2 leads at each show are my responsibility, but the 10 guests... well, she really has to be the one to achieve that. But she's not alone. Let her know the target. If it's less that's okay, if it's more that's okay, but the target is 10.
  2. Give her a Hostess Envelope and run through the sections. Ask her to use it to keep track of who she's invited.
  3. Walk her through how to develop a FRANK list. If she only invites friends or only invites neighbours, the chances of getting 10 guests is reduced. If she involves all 5 areas, she is much more likely to achieve the target.
  4. Provide her with enough invitations/reminder cards and offer to provide more if she needs them. (I provide 20 to start.)
  5. Write an email invitation for her. She can modify it if she wants, but it's a good way to support her.
  6. Do not encourage her to use Facebook to get people excited about the party.
  7. Do encourage her to call and personally invite her guests.
  8. Ask her if she enjoyed the show she went to and find out what she liked. Suggest that she share that information with people as she invites them because a PartyLite show is fun, relaxing, and not a hard sales event. People like that.
  9. Call her two days before the show to remind her to send reminders.
  10. Encourage her to ask for her guests to bring a friend. You might offer to give a free candle to every person who brings a friend your host doesn't know. (Of course, give one to the friend, too.)
So there you go... 10 ideas on how to improve your guest attendance. Last month we had an average on only 5.9 guests per show but a guest average spend of $88.72. Imagine if you could improve your guest average by 1, you would have $88.00 more in sales at every show. If you can get to an average of 10, you'd have an $880 show average. That's working smarter!

Do you have any tips to add to my list? Feel free to comment here. I love your input!

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