Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meetings, Training, and Recognition

Hi. I realise some of the newer consultants (especially those new to party plan) might not be aware of what our different meetings actually are. Here is a little overview.

New Consultant Training (NCT) - a 10 step process the way I recommend it....
  1. 2 hour orientation with Wendy (in person, phone, or via Skype)
  2. Show observation #1
  3. Show observation #2
  4. Reading the catalogue and the consultant guide
  5. Show #1 and debrief
  6. Show #2 and debrief
  7. Show #3 and debrief
  8. Show #4 and debrief
  9. Show #5 and debrief
  10. Show #6 and debrief
Rainbows Unit Meetings - All consultants in my unit are invited to attend (and to invite guests to attend) a monthly two hour meeting at my house. Usually I hold 10 per year. (I do occasional Skype and teleconference alternatives for remote Rainbows.) Unit meetings are a great way to stay motivated, keep up with training and promotions, and to get ideas from other Consultants.
  1. January Kick Off
  2. February
  3. March
  4. May
  5. June
  6. July Post Conference
  7. August
  8. September
  9. November
  10. December Holiday Party
Believe Region Meetings - These are meetings where a group of Units in a Region get together to celebrate, train, and motivate each other. All of the Unit Leaders work with the Regional Leader to organise, promote, and present at a Regional. The friendly competition, inspired networking, and cross-pollinating of ideas makes a Regional exciting and effective.
  1. January
  2. April
  3. July (combined with conference)
  4. October
Conference - the big annual event where all Consultants, Unite, Regions, and guests get an amazing, in-depth view of PartyLite. Conference has such an impact that it can literally change your life. This should be a high priority for all Consultants to attend.

At the orientation session, I always let new Consultants know that I'd rather have them say no to a show than to miss a meeting. I truly believe this. A meeting will benefit you in the long run. Put your personal priorities into your calendar first and then put your meetings in. Fit your shows around those two things and you'll be set up for success.

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