Thursday, March 8, 2012

Results and Actions: Week 1

Here is my weekly update on my progress. This is more for me than for you. I've been honest. :)

Goal: Have 10 shows
Status: Now have 7 booked in March (2 complete, 5 to go). Still want 3 more. I did follow-up on the 5 potential parties discussed last week at my networking group. Booked 1 for a show in April and 2 for shows in May. Got an order from one. Still waiting for a date back from another. Great result.
Actions: Follow up with hosts who postponed in January and February, follow-up with people I've sent information to, book a home show.

Goal: Lose 4 kilos
Status: Oops, didn't weigh in last week, so I can't report results. Did shop for food and cook at home, did watch my portions, did write down what I eat and drink (that helps a lot), drink lots of water.
Actions: Weigh myself in the morning. Add yoga to my diary for Wednesdays, add group fitness 2x other times per week, watch my portions, write down what I eat and drink, drink lots of water. Keep cooking at home.

Goal: Hold 8 latte appointments
Status: Still only have 1. Did offer the business opportunity to my Saturday host and to one of her guests. Have sorted heaps of door prize slips and should have an easy time making a list.
Actions: Make a list of people who told me they might be interested this year (look on door prize slips for my notes), call (don't email) each one, invite people to my Unit Meeting, follow up with excellent candidates after a show and offer them a free coffee for 20 minutes of their time.

Goal: Practice my guitar for 3 minutes everyday
Status: Getting better, Wendy. Didn't play everyday, but the guitars are organised and one is permanently plugged in and ready to go. Easy to pick it up.
Actions: Keep it up.

Goal: Follow-up every lead
Status: Cleaned office. Yay! Even used my label making machine.
Actions: Organise a way to capture business cards (my husband says there's an App for that), referral slips, sms, emails, and facebook requests for information/orders, use Outlook to capture next steps required. I've got this started. Expect more progress this week.

Goal: Complete my 2011 taxes
Status: Cleaned office. Yay! Have one drawer with 2010/2011 and one with 2011/2012. Ready for next step... Excel. Made appointment with Accountant for March 15 (a full one week early).
Actions: Collate 2010/2011 receipts into Excel file on Friday. Before EOM, do through February 2012 to be ready for 2012 taxes in July.

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