Friday, May 12, 2017

OBSERVATIONS: Watch a Party and Learn Heaps

How to do a party observation.

  1. Tell a group of consultants that you are available to do an observation on a specific day/night. Ask who has a party that day/night.
  2. Accept the offer NO MATTER WHERE the party is.... Pretend the host is yours and you have to go to her place to do the party.... 
  3. Join the other consultant for the ride if you can. Get to the venue at the same time if you can't. 
  4. Read the attached Party Observation Notes BEFORE going to the party so that you know what you're looking for.... 
  5. Bring the Party Observation Notes with you and fill them out as the party goes. Don't help the other consultant - observe the other consultant. Do chat and engage with the other guests as appropriate, but remember that you are there to learn. So watch and listen more than you chat. :)
  6. Watch what the consultant does and says before the "official" party structure begins - how does s/he interact with the host, the arriving guests, the other people in the house.
  7. Watch how the consultant conducts Part 1, 2, and 3 of the party.
  8. Come close and watch how the consultant takes orders after the "official" party structure is complete - how does s/he watch what is going on and guide the guests with their orders? 
  9. Have a debrief session with the consultant after the party. If it's late, you can do that the next day, but it's great to give and receive feedback and to ask and answer questions.
  10. Share your experience with your sponsor and leader and with the rest of the team on Facebook. Let people know what you learned.
  11. And most of all - HAVE FUN!

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