Monday, December 17, 2007

How to Email Your Clients Nice Looking Order Summaries

After you have submitted the order, you get an order summary that looks pretty nice when you print it. You have two options.

  • One, you can print it and send it via snail mail to your client. This is a nice touch. You can include a thank you note and some instructions for the host. This is what Ange does.
  • Two, you can email the Order Summary to your host. This is generally what I do.

In order to send your host the Order Summary in a nice format, you need to create a pdf (Portable Document Format) of the document. This is easy. Here's how.

  1. Install pdf writing software. You might already have Adobe Acrobat Professional products. Not the reader. You need the writer. If you don't have it already here is a free version of it.
  2. Process your order as usual. Then at the end. Hit Print Summary. Select the pdf printer as your printer. Then select a folder, name the file, and hit print. The file will be "printed" to a pdf.
  3. Email the new file to your client. Just attach the newly created pdf document.

That's it. Your client will be able to see the nice pretty format that you can get on the CBC.

Please comment to let me know how this is working for you. Are my instructions clear?

Have a great day. Make one customer call... Go on!

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