Monday, December 17, 2007

Shows in January and a New Catalog in February!

Hello. I have done a bit of catching up on a few blogs today. Rather than put them all in one, I've separated them. Hope you will take a minute (or ten) to read through.

Shows in January

How many shows do you have scheduled in January? I have six. One is a starter show. (Yay!)

I'm about to send each of the six hosts a holiday card. Just to say Merry Christmas and to tell them I'm looking forward to their show. I will mention the date and time specifically. I will also include a copy of the discontinued items.

I also have a few hosts who have a $250 certificate coming to them if they have a $500 show in January. If they haven't booked a party, I'm going to write each of them, too. Instead of just a card, I'm going to send them order forms. That way they can take orders and have a "book party" if they want to.

New Catalog in February

Please, please, please take advantage of two upcoming events to help boost your business in February.

Success Express Training

  • Saturday, February 2nd

This is great training available to all Consultants. Even if you are in Canberra or Newcastle, I highly recommend that you make a day trip out of this and be in Sydney for this training. You'll get to see the new product range, get very valuable training (how to get bookings, sponsorship, how to pack light for a show, etc.), and you'll get to meet other Consultants.

Autumn Product Launch

  • February 7th, Sydney
  • February 8th, Cardiff
  • February 9th, Orange
  • February 10th, Wollongong
  • February 11th, Canberra

This is a customer event. You are the hosts! If you participated in the Candlelight Night earlier this year, this will be similar to that, but we will NOT focus the agenda on new people joining PartyLite. We will focus on the new products. You really do need to come to this and to actively participate by inviting your clients to come. I will send out all the information as it comes to me. You can start to tell people about the date NOW. Confirmed locations will be sent out soon. Invitations will be available, too (small fee, I think).

We will be discussing our participation and making an action plan for the Product Launch at our next Unit Meeting on Wednesday, January 23rd.

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