Monday, February 4, 2008

Top Sponsoring Cues

How can you tell if someone is destined to be a candle consultant just like you?
10-3-2 includes finding two sponsorship leads at every show. Seem far fetched to you? First, remember that that is a GOAL, not a rule. Second, there are a few things to look out for at each and every show. (Grace presented this at Success Express and has provided this list - thanks, Grace!)
  • Fall in love with the candles and accessories as they enter the room.
  • Listen intently to your presentation.
  • Enjoy participating with the Show Cards.
  • Comment enthusiastically and offer advice.
  • Complain about their jobs or being home.
  • Ask questions about your job/business.
  • Mention others they know who love the candles and accessorising their homes.
  • Love the products, but indicate that finances are tight.
  • Call to replenish supplies within a week of receiving their order.
Tip: Don't ask your guests if they want to be a Consultant. That's a Yes or No question... too easy for them to gloss over. Make them think a little. After finding out what they do, or how they liked the show, or hearing what their financial situation is, you might ask them, "Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to sit down with me sometime in the next week to discuss the Consulting opportunity for yourself?"
To be successful from there, go read the Overcoming Objections chapter in the Consultant Guide. It's awesome!

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