Monday, February 4, 2008

What Women Want

At Success Express, I had the priviledge of sharing some market analysis with you about our primary target market: women. Research has been conducted and the analysis revealed that we should approach women differently based on a fairly simple age demographic. While not everyone will fit into these categories at the exact ages specified, and some women won't fit into them at all, taking the recommendations to heart should improve our effectiveness when selling to or sponsoring different women.

The Socialite ~ 18 to 28 Years
  • Self-focussed & ambitious, driven by friends, family & fun, internet savvy
  • Key points they consider: Looks, Trends, Value for money
  • What are they looking for in a career? They want to advance quickly, be in control, travel

The Independent Princess ~ 28 to 35 Years

  • High earners, big spenders - spend 121% of their income, inner circle is paramount
  • Key points they consider: 30% own digital cameras, 8% own 2 credit cards, feminine, like cutting edge technology and design
  • What are they looking for in a career? They want to design and work their own hours, receive a good income, and have a flexible career.

Family First ~ 35 to 49 Years

  • Married, has an average of two children, spends a lot of time stressing, has ‘super woman syndrome’, has a serious lack of time, is still trying to enjoy life
  • Key points they consider: Is budget conscious, has little time for personal indulgences but still enjoys them, 62% of family first are on a diet, 50% of family first eat take-away twice a week
  • What are they looking for in a career? Value for money, comfort and durable, something for herself, flexible hours, work from home, meet new people, and support from head office/management.

Young at Heart ~ 50+ Years

  • Rejects old lady stereotypes, wants a full schedule
  • Key points they consider: 2 times more likely to be involved in a charity, 14% have tried recreational drug, they need a reason to buy
  • Reason for business involvement: easy pocket money, social, learn new skills, easy

Sponsoring & the Importance of Knowing What Women Want

Now that you know these categories, when you are planting sponsorship seeds or discussing the business opportunity 1:1, you can think about the different ways you should approach the Socialite, the Independent Princess, the Family First woman, or the Young at Heart.

For women, people are the most interesting and important element of any situation.

Research Source: Splash Consulting Group
Further Reading (really good article):

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