Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day!

Well, here it is. May 2008. PartyLite Australia has been around for six whole years. The specials are fabulous. We all get spoiled: guests (with cheap votives), hosts (with a nice gift), and active consultants (with an extra 6 percent commission). How awesome is that?!?

What are your goals in May? Will you be active (min $900 in sales) and get the extra 6%? Will you bonus? Will you make enough money to buy a new outfit? To pay for a new heater? To go on a mini-holiday? To save up for Christmas? Will you sponsor a new Consultant this month? Will you offer the opportunity to more people?

Here are my goals:
  • Double Bonus (Sell $5,600)
  • 2 Starter Shows
  • 100 Customer Calls
  • 12 Visits to Curves
  • 12 Hours of Guitar Practice (geez, I'll be good)
  • Complete My 2006/2007 Taxes (oops!)
  • Save for Our New Kitchen (to be installed in June/July)
  • Lose 5 Kilos
What are your goals? Write them down. Make them happen.

Supporting you! WLC.

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