Monday, May 19, 2008

Ultimate Customer Service

An Excerpt from our Share and Succeed Training

This training was written by Eliana and presented by me. I'd like to encourage every one of you to develop some sort of system for making customer calls. You'll see one example in this article. Just do it... I KNOW your business will flourish.

The Cream of the Busienss: Customer Service!

We spend a lot of our time booking and doing Shows, which is a great way to meet customers and also reacquaint with old Customer. But our business could be in a stronger position purely by continuing to build the relationship with our Customers and servicing them. Remember direct selling is about selling Direct to the Customer not selling Direct to the Customer at your show alone.

Let me share a story with you. We have a Unit Leader who was going to be in bed for at least one month of her business due to illness. Understandably, she was concerned about her Personal Sales and her business. She challenged herself to do some Customer Care calls whilst she was in bed. By just simply ringing a couple of customers a day, she did over $1500 worth of sales from her bedside.

Who would like at least $1000 worth of outside orders come in each and every month?

The first thing we need to ask ourselves is, "Would your Customers appreciate Ultimate Customer Service?" I think most of us here today do appreciate in our busy lives some old fashion service.

What we need is simple systems that will help us have time to connect with our Customers.

Develop Your Follow Up Folder

  1. Get yourself a simple folder with Jan – Dec tabs in it. The set up will cost you about $4.00.

  2. How many customers do you currently have? Some of you have hundreds of Customers – let's concentrate on your customers that have purchased from you this year.

  3. Most of our Customers' wax products would probably last them about 2 months before they need to purchase others. So, let's build our folder around a 2-month time frame.

  4. We are currently in the month of May. So the May tab will be the first tab. What I would like you to do just after you process your show is photocopy each customers order form. This will allow you to keep your show orders together as a Show.

  5. Customer orders that you have in May will need to receive a call from you in July. So take each of those Customer orders and attach a blank piece of paper to them for notes and pop these under the July tab. Do this throughout the month.

  6. Then go back to the April Customers and place their copied order under the June tab.

  7. Put your March, February, and January customers under the May tab. (DON’T be too adventurous first up. Let's get this years customers and VIPs Customers serviced first.)

  8. Then what you do each and every month is open the current monthly tab, and they are the Customer service calls for the month. EASY.

  9. As your are speaking with your Customers each month you deal with your follow-ups straight away. For example if I was speaking with Tanya in May and she was fine at the moment with all her products I would say to her “Would you like me to give you another call in July?" If she says yes, I would take her order and pop it under the July tab straight away.

  10. Don’t forget to write any notes that you may need to on her order form or on the paper attached to her order form.

Simple up to date and accurate information at your finger tips.

This is a continuous system so in November you will start your new folder for 2009 starting with the January tab.

Your goals are to empty the tab before the end of the month, give your Customers Ultimate Customer Service, earn more income, and have happier Customers.

Very simple! Just set yourself a daily agenda to phone 3-5 Customers each and every day. Of course, when you first start there may be a little catch up happening. Don't stress about it, just get on the phone.

The most exciting thing is that this system works, it’s cheap and you are able to share this system with every new Consultant to help him or her build his or her business. The other thing that will happen when you are regularly speaking with your Customers is that you will also be booking more Shows and more sponsoring appointments. BONUS.

Let's challenge ourselves to start a follow up folder immediately. Keep a track on your sales that are purely from Customer Service calls. Let me know how you go, because I know that there will be a lot of Wow stories from this wonderful service.

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