Friday, July 11, 2008

$100 shopping spree plus more

What's Wendy Say?

Hi. This is part 2 in a series. I use the show cards at almost every show I do. Even if the clients have had shows before, I use the cards and ask my repeat customers to help me explain what the cards mean. If they get it really right, I give them a tealight.

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$100 shopping spree plus more

This card is all about you. Jenny is the host of this show, so she gets all of the benefits I’m about to describe. But you can get them all too. If you’re having fun here tonight, then you should consider hosting a show. PartyLite is very generous to the people who invite us into their homes and introduce us to their friends and family. The entire catalogue is available to you.

First of all, the magic number is 400. When we hit $400 on sales your show qualifies for everything I’m about to describe. My personal show average is between $600 and $700 anyway, so as long as you have 8-12 guests over, you’re bound to get all of this.

The $100 shopping spree refers to the 20% product credit you get as a host. So, for example, a $500 show would give you $100 in free products.

The first plus is that I have $50 booking vouchers that I will give to anyone who books a party with me tonight. So you can add that straight to the 20% - that's $150 in free products. Have you seen some things in the catalogue that you would want for free? I bet you have.

I never expect anyone to buy everything they like in the catalogue all at once. This takes time. I want you to think about where you will put things in your house. Burn our candles and fall in love with them. Then at the next show, you add to your collection. It’s likely that 2-3 of you will want to have another show, so all of you will have a chance to buy more.

OK, so now, so far, the host has gotten about $150 for free.

There is more. We have specials every month just for our hosts. Here are the specials for this month and here are the specials for next month. (Discuss/demonstrate specials.)

And, finally, for every $400 in sales, our hosts are eligible to buy one more at 30% off. So, as a host, if you don’t get everything you want for free, you get a great discount.

So do consider booking a show. I promise that every show is a little bit different, I demonstrate different products at every show, and I promise to make it fun, light, and informative. I've got my diary and we can discuss dates when you place your order with me.

Series Recap

$100 a Night, 2 Nights a Week, Fun, Easy and Free
$100 Shopping Spree Plus More 
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