Thursday, December 4, 2008

PartyLite Australia Has a New Website!

Hello. The new-look website has been launched at I couldn't help myself, so I looked up my name and my postcode to see if it found me and, guess what? It did!

The new site is beautiful. I will be promoting it at my shows and in my emails. This launch gives you something else to tell your clients when you make your customer calls.

Rainbows and Candles Dot Com

You might also notice that the website for this blog has been streamlined. The new address is No need for the www at the beginning and no additional blogspot in the address. Now it's easier than ever for you to let potential consultants know about this as a resource if they join.

Why doesn't PartyLite let us take online orders?

Clients ask me this. So do Consultants sometimes. Though you might think it would be a convenient way for clients to order, it completely bypasses the most important part of your business... YOU! From the website:

All of Our Business Is Personal. We offer our products only through PartyLite Consultants and catalogues. That means our Hostesses and Guests receive personal service and the opportunity to build a lasting relationship. You certainly never see that in a retail store!

So be the difference. The next time you are at a show, let everyone know that you want to be their candle lady. Tell them that the website is there so they can find you. And set yourself up for success... tell that you will call to make sure they are happy.

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