Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Setting Delivery Expectations

Whatever you do... don’t expect to receive orders quickly.

Sometimes we are spoiled with a speedy delivery and then we start to expect to get the same delivery speed all the time. But it takes time to pick orders, time to box them, time to get them to Australia Post, and time for Australia Post to dispatch them to couriers.
  • Sometimes PartyLite receives over 1000 orders in one day.
  • Sometimes it takes a few days for the boxes to get to the destination even after the box leaves PartyLite.
  • Sometimes boxes in the same order get separated and arrive at on different days.
We all need to expect a 10 business day delivery time and be happily surprised when the products are delivered faster. If you set expectations (yours and your clients) for the norm, everyone will be delighted when we beat their expectations.

And that's platinum customer service.

1 comment:

  1. OK - this was an amazing experience. I collected $374.00 in orders (so far, still one day to go), touched base with almost everyone from the party, and booked a show in February. WOW!