Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Goes Around...

Hello! In May, I earned $4,347.50. Yay for me, but why am I telling you this?

Fulfilling a Promise

You might remember that in March and April, when I knew I needed shows in May because of my travels, I promised to give 10 percent of my earnings to the McGrath Foundation. Since my friend Lisa passed away, I have been a big supporter of any organisation that benefits people and families affected with breast cancer or any group that works to get us closer to a cure. I figured I could do a good thing and fill up my calendar.

So I am exposing my income to you and the world, so that I can shout from the rooftops that I have sent the McGrath Foundation a donation for $434.75. I've never donated that much to a single organisation at one time. It feels great!

Food For Thought

For those who think PartyLite is only a hobby, I have news for you: you can and will make lots of money at PartyLite if you follow your leader. It might not happen overnight, but it can happen quickly. Over time, if you just keep your store open, your business will grow if you simply follow your leader. Do shows, make calls, offer the opportunity, and give great customer service and you will build yourself a great little business.

Imagine what $1,000 a month would do for you. Now imagine what $4,000 a month would do for you. What about $10,000 a month? The best part is that there is no limit. The other best part is that you don't have to give up anything else to do this. Your family can remain a priority. Your other job can remain a priority. Spending time with your friends can remain a priority. Do PartyLite when you want to.

Be Unselfish!

This is not about me, and growing your own business is not all about you. It's all about unselfishly sharing our great products, our incredible hostess benefits, and our unlimited, flexible, free, fun, amazing consultant opportunity. Give it all away with passion. Share all of what you already have.

Now is always the time to talk about the business opportunity. Always aim to bring a guest to your Unit Meeting and let them see the camaraderie, the training, the rewards, the recognition, and the benefits of being with PartyLite!

And when you can, give a little. 'Cause what goes around....

Happy Burning! WLC.

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