Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free Six Show Trial

Hello. At the Annual Conference earlier this month, I listened intently as successful people shared their successful activities with everyone. Words are so important. I'd like to share the words I found most exhilarating.

"Our Free Six Show Trial"

WOW! Those words are powerful to me. They capture the element of no monetary investment and they overcome feelings of long-term commitment by limiting the effort to six shows.

"If you've been looking for an opportunity to make some extra money, but
don't know if the party plan business is for you, just try our free six show
trial. Host a show where I present, and organise 6 shows for yourself. If you
find you don't like the business after the six shows, simply let me know and
I'll work with you to transition your customers to another consultant. Whether
you stay or go, you get to keep the starter kit. Watch what I do today. It's
fun, easy, and free to start with our six show trial."

And that's all there is to it. Using this introduction, I actually see multiple people nodding at the prospect. Those are my leads. I then do the show, learn more about them, and as I take their order, I invite them to meet me for an information appointment later.

At the information appointment I read the 10 Reasons to Discover PartyLite brochure to them. Yes, literally. I read it to them. I also bring a New Consultant Agreement with me and hand it to them once I get to the back cover. It's the first step listed, so I offer for them to sign it.

"Why not?"

That's what I've heard from a few people I've talked to. Now I that feels good.

Be confident. Be proud. Be generous. Be strong. You simply need to be consistent and persistent. You can do it!

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