Monday, November 2, 2009

What Will You Achieve in November?

OK candle consultants, it's November! At the end of this month, which statements do you want to be true?
  1. I submited enough to be active.
  2. I called my clients from October and made sure they were happy.
  3. I bonused.
  4. I hosted a home show for over $550.
  5. I took November off.
  6. I took my PartyLite business seriously and it changed my outcomes for the better.
  7. I attended the Rainbows and Sparklers Unit Meeting at Ange's on Wednesday, November 25th.
  8. I did what I usually do and I got the results I expected.
  9. I sold more this month than I've ever sold in a month before.
  10. I made $1000 to buy presents for my family for Christmas.
  11. I brought three people to Wendy's Monday Info Nights and two of them booked starter shows.
Me? I will achieve 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, and 11.

How do I know I will achieve them? Why aren't I saying that I'll try to achieve them? After all, it's only November 2, so how could I possibly know that I will achieve them?

Do you believe I'll achieve them?

I bet you do. I bet you believe in me. You know that I set goals and then work to achieve them.

If I were to miss my goals, I could have plenty of excuses on the ready for not achieving them. I'm going on a week long vacation that is taking 2 weekends out of my available November dates. I have 2 gigs on Saturday nights. I have housework and shopping and rehearsals and practice and workouts and new consultant training and Copper's physical therapy (my dog who is rehabilitating from being hit by a car in late August) and, and, and....

But I choose to plan around those things. To know that they will be happening. To work my PartyLite business into my life.

You have a busy life, too. So pick a few statements from my list above and make them fit into your life this month. Or make up your own. You will do it if you set the goal and then do it. Just don't try to do it. Make it happen.

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