Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wrap it Up!

What's Wendy Say?

This is the third in a series about what I say for the different cards.

This card reminds me to cover three things with you. The first one is that candles make great presents. And I think it's important to remember that men enjoy candles too. Women enjoy candle parties, but men love candles. :) So as you flip through the catalogue, think about upcoming events like housewarmings, birthdays, showers, BBQs, Christmas, christenings, and the like. I bet you can find something unique, special, and long lasting that they'll love.

Second, I like to make sure I always cover our product guarantee. PartyLite offers a 90 day guarantee on everything. Even if you just change your mind. If anything is broken, damaged, or defective, please call me and I'll get a new one to you right away. If you select something and when it arrives, you decide that it's just not right, call me and I'll exchange it for something that you prefer. Or I'll even give you your money back. I want you to be 100% happy. So please contact me if that's not the case. Just remember, we have 90 days.

And third, I'd like to cover my ordering process. I take orders tonight, I take payments tonight, and I'll put the show into our online system tomorrow. Then in 2-3 weeks, the order will be delivered to your host. She then gets to open up the boxes, look at all of the cool things that you've ordered, and pick out what she wants... just kidding! But she does divide up the order and then you can organise pick up or delivery from her.

So that's the "Wrap it Up" card. Any questions? OK... who's next?

Series Recap

$100 a Night, 2 Nights a Week, Fun, Easy and Free
$100 Shopping Spree Plus More 
Wrap It Up!

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