Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Organised

One of my favourite strategies of late is the Daily Action Plan promoted by Eliana. It is simple and achievable. I probably don't have it exactly right, but here is my synopsis:
  1. Call a client
  2. Call a host
  3. Call a lead
  4. Call a consultant (someone in your downline)
  5. Read a book (not the whole thing, obviously)

For most consultants, this daily action plan could be modified to this:
  1. Call a client
  2. Call a host
  3. Call a lead
  4. Call or write to your upline
  5. Read a book
Four calls and some personal development. That's pretty simple. Maybe it'll work for you.

How am I getting organised?

Today I took some time to organise my office and my schedule around daily, weekly, monthly, and ad hoc activities. Everything in June and July has been diarised, but I used big chunks of time so that I could be a little bit flexible while still giving myself some much-needed discipline. The goal was to enable me to MAKE THAT CALL five days a week. After all, this is my job. If the plan works well, I'll do it for the rest of the year.

I did have one major breakthrough in my thinking as I set up this system. Let's say that I wanted to spend one hour making client phone calls. In the past, that process has been pretty labour intensive. That's because I would pick a name, look them up on the CBC, see what they've ordered before, decide what to call them about, and then call. It's called procrastination and I was really good at it.

My breakthrough in thinking is realising that all of that prework is important and should happen, but that I can do it as an administrative task to get ready for my calls. Then, when it's time to make the calls, I'm ready. The hour of calls is nothing but an hour of calls.

Even for a daily action plan that breakthrough works. If you are going to make four calls today, who will you call? Why will you call them? What is their number? And what actions will you have once the calls are done? That's the prework.

So, how to get organised? Each night, make a list for your daily calls the next day and do a little research so you are prepared to make those calls. Divide and conquer.

Getting organised... it's a breakthrough!

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