Friday, June 25, 2010

July Focus

At our Unit Meeting this week, we talked about things we should keep doing, things we should think about, and things we should stop doing in our business. Here is a list of the ideas we brainstormed:

GREEN LIGHT - What we're good at:

Calling customers
Using the call tracker
Being creative
Burning candles

YELLOW LIGHT - What we're unsure about:

How to pack up quicker
What to take to shows
How to talk to guests as they arrive – breaking the ice
How to deal with “No”
Being persistent versus being pushy
How to address price

RED LIGHT - Things we’ll stop doing:

Giving away too much
Stressing about things we can’t control
Talking too much

This month I will post articles about each of these topics to help us all. If you would like to send me your own input to these topics, I will be happy to include your ideas in the posts. You can send your input to wendy @ Thanks. WLC.

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